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 Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)

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PostSubject: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:41 pm

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career? (1500 words)
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Karren D. Adarna


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:00 am

Research is the result of advancing knowledge created in the past. There are people from all walks of life that contribute to gathered information. Research is the process of gathering information for the purpose of initiating, modifying or terminating a particular investment or group of investments. It is said to be an organized and systematic way of finding answers to questions.

I think my answer will not only limit in the role of research topic alone but also to the overall role of research itself. As the way I understand it, doing research is really NOT an easy job, from the first up to the last step, research requires much of me; my dedication, my time, my knowledge, my hard work, all of me. As for now, I am still on my way to the first step and I realized, this would really never be an easy one for me. Last year, when I was still in third year, I’ve witness how hard it were for my friends who are doing research. There were times when sleeping was the last thing in their priorities. And I have asked myself, would I be able to do what they are doing? But the real point that I wanted to figure out is the question, will I ever survive? In the first place, why do we need to do this research thing? Now, I am here, taking the subject Methods of Research, still trying to find a good research topic. But now, I am already oriented with its importance for me as a student, and for the world as a whole.

What is the role of research topic or the research itself in deciding my future career? We will find out later. But I think, it would really important considering that I will never ever have a career if I will not graduate because I was not able to submit it..He.he..Kidding aside, I will elaborate first the hardships that I have gone through in searching for a good topic. Well, the truth is, I haven’t really really given up my VERY best to this matter. I am honest you see. Well, actually, I have given my best, it is just not the VERY best, and there is a difference between the two. Hehe. Anyway, hardship, yes. I really find it hard to look and think for a topic. No matter how hard I told myself that I can do it and I just have to work hard, there are just times that I feel I’m losing hope. And I will tell you. The first problem is that I don’t excel in my course. I mean, I’m not the one who can do extreme programs, systems or software. I am not an artist either. I can just do little programs and that’s all. And for this, I find it hard to find for a topic especially that it is technical. Second, I am lazy. I am only inspired and reminded when our professor will give us a sermon, but after that, everything will just slip out of my mind. Third, I lacked self-discipline. I go to internet café to search and read more information that might help me decide a good topic but when I’m there already, I end up playing my farm town, pet and restaurant in facebook. You see, it seemed hopeless after all. He he. I am really the problem. But I am an IT student, a graduating IT student, and I suppose to make research, not only for the sake of submission, but for me as a student; that I am able to produce an output or contribution of my learning here in school and share it to the world of Information Technology.

The role research and my research topic in deciding my future career is very significant. It will decide where I am going, what kind of job will I’m going to have what kind of person/employee I am going to be and as a whole, what kind of life I am going to take. Why do I say so? If my research topic is good and interesting and my research as a whole is impressive, it reflects me. That means I am able and capable and that would add to my confidence. If my research is in the boundary of acceptable but nit impressive, it means I am just in average and there is also an average chance of succeeding in my career. I may have a good job, and I may not have as well. If my research is poor, then I might also be poor in the future. I didn’t say this is final and constant, but we decide the future by today.

In terms of the contribution of my research in the field of Information Technology, it might also be a help. As we all know, we conduct research to be able to come up with new information and discover new things. That will help in the future. Therefore, it is me who will benefit the research that I will be doing. My topic will also identify my specialty, at what point I may perform better. How it is done will tell how I think toward it. A research study is the complete in-depth analysis on a specific area. It is considered extremely important in various fields. For example, business research study can be very useful in analyzing the market and demand for the new product. Companies which conduct research studies before investing in any business can always reduce their risks and uncertainties. Research study can also give food for thought to the new researchers. Moreover, from educational perspective, a research study can enhance the critical and analytical thinking of the students, therefore, in most of the institutions small research studies are made as essential component of the syllabus.

In conclusion research is very vital to my everyday decision making and even in the future. It arms me from wrong information and save time and money. It is important to my success as I take on life's challenges and career decisions making.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:20 am

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career? (1500 words)

It’s been awhile since formulating research topics is an issue. Everyone is struggling to come up with something wonderful but interesting. It was never easy and it is impossible for us to come up with something excellent because we do not have enough resources.

Now, I haven’t seen a problem yet, that however complicated, which when looked at in the right way won’t become more complicated. Where can I find one? That is the biggest question now. In research, the horizon draws back as we advance and as the power of patience weakens with age, the urgency of the pursuit grows more intense. It really requires a very unusual mind to undertake any analysis, I think. But I also believe that man can learn nothing except by going from the known to unknown. I know deep within me that it is not hard to think of a good research topics as long as I take them wholeheartedly.

According to Theobald Smith, research is fundamentally a state of mind involving continual reexamination of the doctrines and axioms upon which current thought and action are based. It is, therefore, critical of existing practices. The paper will no doubt be found interesting by those who take interest in it right? But research topic takes the biggest role before coming up with a research title because it will serve as the foundation of what will be within.
For me, the role of research topic in deciding my future career is either going exactly to what is planned or to what is not. Yes it identifies one’s career in the future. But it can also be nothing. Doing a research is just like doing something you want to turn out. It needs a lot from the researcher, much from its effort, strength and interest. But sometimes it leads to nothing. Even though one had read lots of literature regarding its topic, it won’t make any help if the interest is not there.

We don’t hold the future, as what is written. No one knows what will exactly happen tomorrow. We simply can’t foretell our future. Research alone could not give an assurance on what will happen in the future. But with regards to the knowledge and experienced you could gain while doing it would somehow be the way to a bright lights to future career. It is really true that there is no substitute for training and experienced.

Normally, as it is, Information Technology student’s researches are related to their field of expertise. The research topic would be a good foundation in which field I’ll be taking for my future career. They keep on saying that research is a contribution to knowledge. By simply doing research, you will not just contribute to the advancement of technology but also you are broadening you knowledge on your chosen field. Imagining a better research topic alone already helps on the way I think. What more when you are already focusing, doing experiments and even applying your research topics, right? There is no doubt that you will be more skilled and would absolutely shape you into a better IT person.
Mostly, when you are doing a research, especially for students, there will be an open door for new things. Students are not delimited to the four corners of the classroom and will no more rely on the things that the teachers usually give. Theories that we learned in school will be applied by means of using it in our research. A man who never tried to experiment in life is a fool. Just the same with doing research, things will turn out effectively if it is experienced through a different way.

Essentially, the role of research topic to one’s future career focuses only on improving one’s knowledge, a knowledge that could be an edge in finding a career. In the process of doing your research you need to observe things as they are, without falsifying observations to accord with some preconceived world view. By this, you attempt to develop broad imaginations that will soon become part of our understanding of the natural world. We have lots of incredible capacity and disciplines can differ greatly in terms of subject matter and the possible ways of studying our subject matters.

On the other hand, research has been called good business, a necessity, a gamble, a game. When you haven’t got the money, you have to think. Researches persuade one’s point of view because of its contributions. With regards to technology, research has been useful in making life convenient and of quality. With the idea of receiving much financial gains, I personally find it significant when it comes to deciding my future career.

When we are in a business world especially in the field of information technology, our knowledge and wonderful ideas is a great contribution to the success of the organization we are working and to the society as well. It will serve as the lifeblood of the company because it enables them to get the most out of their people and also learn from the people outside work.

They also said that research is a state of mind. Maybe it is or maybe it’s not. No one knows right? It really depends on the person who does the research. Because in some instances, they were just oblige to do it since it is considered as part of the curriculum. Some students don’t like doing paper works and find it a burden to do such things. Some also do have interest but don’t have the resources and some have ways in order for them to complete the research.

To sum it all up, since I’ve said too much already, the role of research topic in deciding my future career is not exactly the thing that will lead you to success. Contribution of the researcher has a great part in it. Without her interest, acquiring knowledge would be difficult. Yes, research topics can help us define our strength. We will be expose to a world, a world that will also become our world in the near future. It can help us land a job through the insights and ideas we gained in the process of conducting a research. It helps us to be competitive.
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ermilyn anne magaway


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PostSubject: assignment 4   Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:19 am

Everybody will say we are responsible for own future. We are the one who will decide what path to take and maybe in the end face the consequences in every decision we made. No one will be blame when that time comes but our own self.

Writing an essay and term papers are far different from writing a research paper, its not just an ordinary and opinionated idea but you need to have resources and valid documentations that will support your topic and research.

As I am taking my degree course (BSCS), I was able to encounter different aspect of hardships, right now I am taking up my Research methods, SAD2 and SE2 and its very hard much harder than SAD1 and SE1, for we have to squeeze all the ideas we have in order to fulfill what we have started last semester.

Research itself means HOPE, a hope for new inventions or improvements, which will help mankind in the near future. Research takes a lot of dedication to be implemented; it demands a lot of you as the developer or researcher. Just like in real life, you must be very determined to achieve whatever goals you have set in your life. Research means GATHERING of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge, this definition can be compared to building up our own future, building your future is not just setting it up because that’s what you wanted it to be, there are many factors to be considered and you need a lot of gathering; gathering your emotions, determination and be optimistic for you to be prepare for whatever consequences you may encounter, you need valid assumptions of what you should do to prevent failure as much as you could, though failures and obstacles are spices to life, but if there’s a way to prevent this then prevent it.

Research in strict scientific definition is performing a methodical study in order to prove a hypothesis or answer a specific question. In life, while you are in the way of achieving your goals and molding your future, you must have a definite answer and like to pursue. There’s no turning back once you have step the first way to success, you must be able to prove to yourself that what you have choose is the best for you. You a need lots of courage and determination for you to go on. You as the one who will molding your future, you need to ask yourself what you like and think it over and over if thats what you really like.

Research must be SYSTEMATIC and follow a series of steps and a rigid standard protocol, from the word itself, “systematic”, our life and path to take are not constant, as what the old saying goes: : life is a constant change”. Every now and then you may encounter disagreements and discouragement but its up to you on how would you handle it, if you let outside factors intrude and destroy you then there no way out in pursuing whatever you have in your heart.

Research involves a very risky and critical way of decision making and for you to decide is you need a lot of time and meditation for you to be enlightened to what you may decide in the end.

Research involves TOPIC, and topic can be best describe as your objective in life, it will serve as your bases as you go along. It will serve as the pushing you to go on and we all know, choosing a topic in research is very hard, you must think and have some resources about it to fully understand what your topic should do and who will benefit to it. You need to brainstorm whatever is possible and know all the assignment requirements. In life perception, you goal must be achievable by you and it can give an encouragement to pursue.

Decisions you make will be the foundation of your future, since you were the one who decided it and everything will follow.

I may not say that research would the basis to whatever God has install me for the future but I know definitely it will affect me as a Computer Science Student. I think research will help me improve myself, my character and the way I handle every situation and even may change the way I think of the things that surrounds me. It will make me to be a better person and student. Research will open up my mind as to what I am taking right now, its hard (absolutely!) but I know its a part of growing up and taking your responsibilities as an individual, as a person and as a student.
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hannah rhea hernandez


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:21 pm

Every object around us is a result of research. From pillows to non stick fry pans, crayons to drawing tablets, from mouse pads to computers and even barbeque flavored biscuits to chocolate wafer ones, all of these and more are the results of research. Not only tangible things like products spring from research but also in vague things such as marketing strategies, advertising ideas, commercials and many how-to functions.

Research in this age and time means searching for a theory, for testing a theory, or for solving a problem. It means that a problem exists and has been identified and that the solution of the problem is necessary or beneficial. When the police is trying to solve a crime, they need to gather evidences, witnesses and make inductive or deductive reasoning to solve the questions, why was the crime done, who did it and how was it done. All of these strategies speak of research.

Kerlinger defines research as “a systematic controlled, empirical, and critical investigation of hypothetical propositions about the presumed relations among the natural phenomena”. And looking for a research problem with such characteristics and entailed with such limitations is really complex. By limitations, I mean that the scope of the research problem that we need to do have been limited to revolve only to “Green Computing”. Though this topic is something I and my classmates are interested with, yet up to this date, all of us are besieged to think of one worthy research idea.

I have actually delayed replying to this topic since I still have no idea on what my ideal research topic is but the time has finally came that I can’t it delay anymore (te-hee). Providentially, I have an idea or two now to help me in answering the question above. But allow me to tell you about how I arrived to those ideas.

When we were told to think of an idea for a research study, I would admit that there were times that I slacked off. In times that I was trying to focus, I would face the computer and search for topics such as economic and environmental problems that is caused by computers or technology, or “green” products. Virtually, I search and read anything that is related to green IT or green computing since that is the main building block of my research study. But in searching the Internet, even with a thousand hits or topics of varying titles, authors and origins the ideas are a bit similar. E-waste management is the most popular result followed by ‘green’ datacenters or recyclable computer parts and then by computer hazards in the environment through C02 and radiation emissions. Basically, the things I read online revolves around those affairs. I even tired asking opinion from friend of mine but most of them just replied e-waste management and CO2 emissions. A friend of mine already proposed E-waste management and to say it simply, it wasn’t really received warmly by our professor, in fact he even advised that particular friend of mine to forget about E-waste and think of another idea. I can’t really blame my professor, though E-waste is existing in the “present” and interesting, it isn’t worthy to be a research topic if you just want to discuss on what it is and how to do it since it has been discussed many times and its “solution” has been demonstrated loads of times. For me, a proper research topic entails creating solution to something undiscovered and vital. If I foresee that not bring solution to my proposed problem then I would not proceed with it.

Days, turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, when I finally realized that only employing one technique (searching through the Internet) to get an idea isn’t enough. It is funny because when I thought about it, I have to “research” not only about a proper proposal for my research but also I have to “research” a technique on how to arrive to an idea. And in lou of that, I understood that research isn’t easy as it sounds, heck, finding a problem itself needs research. So as another strategy, if you may call it, I went on a Research Field Exposure. I got this idea from a show I was watching wherein the contestants went to different places to get inspiration or more specifically to design and concept for a new phone. Though there were things that they can use inside the office such as sketches of prints, color schemes and palettes of which they can base their new designs from they went outside to research and gather a fresh new perspective. One team went to an art museum and the other team went to the carnival and at the end of the day all of them delivered well, even exceeding the expectations of those who were in that business for years. I wasn’t really thinking of exceeding anyone’s expectations (though that would be nice) but I did the same strategy so as to gain a fresh new perspective and not to mention relieve my back pains and dizziness due to spending hours in front of a computer.

Doing research in that way was actually fun, like a breath fresh air. I went in every stall/store in the mall, ate ice cream and taking pictures of things I thought would bring an idea. By every stall, I meant every and any stall from bookstores wherein I spent two hours in reading computer related books (unfortunately not even one talks about green computing so later on I read astrology books nyahaha), appliance shops (wherein I tried to find features which are eco-friendly), cellphone shops (since I was also considering making a “green” application for mobile/cellphones) and even supermarkets (ideas can spurt anywhere right?!). Going to Internet shops was a must too. Observing what problems might occur in those places is relevant to my study.

At the end of the day, I gather a lot of insights and new ideas (mostly from appliance shops). From Sony’s new line of Bravia LCD HDTV comes there WE5 series and the first ever “green” TV. It has three features that made this a green TV and those are: micro-tubular HCFL backlight, a presence sensor and an energy saving switch. I really want to incorporate those features on a computer but the problem is those are patented technology, very costly and needs years to study and training of which I can’t account for in my 5 month research time limit. But then, if really given the proper funding and knowledge I would really like to research on this topic since it would certainly help the environment because (my hypothesis is) it can cut down PC power consumption to 50% just from the microtubular HCFL backlight feature alone.

From then on, I have been reading about computer backlights and this is the first time I knew that computer and TV’s use CCFL backlights but now are being replaced of LED backlights since its more energy efficient. A normal HCFL backlight is energy efficient too but it has not been tested if its suitable for computers, hopefully with this new micro tubular HCFL backlight, its integration to computers will be studied on.

Hmmm… So obviously I am getting wrapped up on my backlights affair so let us now discuss on what is the role of research topic in deciding my future career.

There’s a saying that in life how you begin or end doesn’t matter but the journey on how you get there, and this saying applies to me. The results of research studies varies, if its hardware based it, something really new, you can apply for patent and sell this technology. If its software, you can also sell it to interested parties but it its pure social research then its implementation would benefit a lot people aside from yourself. But then if in the end my end product would not be that satisfying, I wouldn’t feel down about it since what is important and more useful for myself and for my future career is what I learned and how I applied it. For me, whether or not, I formulate a research study worthy of applause or recognition what matters most is the journey on how I came to that idea and how I did it though I still target to have a significant research study that would benefit me and my environment.

Right now, I still have no concrete proposal, I already learned a lot of things. Things that I wouldn’t have the wind of if not for this research study. I got interested in a lot of topics and I am hoping I would get to formally study or work on after I graduate of which may help me on what job I would like to apply for when I graduate (which hopefully would be this year). All the things I learned is essential for my growth as a student who would later on be part of a team of It specialist. Through this, I become conscious of the fact that, true, the school teaches us a lot of things but not all the things that would make us ready when we are on the actual field and thus if we want to “be” ready for it, we must research it on our own. The Internet and the environment gives us a lot of data to work on, a lot of ideas to use, new discoveries and areas in which we can vent out all of these.

Creating a research study builds up interest in a particular field of study, and for me as an IT student it might be on programming, or on analysis or technical implementation and I believe when I graduate the impression that research left on me might direct me to an industry or career that interests me or maybe if I am lucky and my research gets known by such industries they might be the one who gets interested in me to join their team.
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Kate Mariel Dizon


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:49 pm

Let me begin by telling you the ultimate goal of Research – that is, to improve the quality of life. No matter what field, what course you are taking, all researches made in these fields lead to this ultimate goal. It is just like the saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. By knowing this ultimate goal, we have a clear sight of what we should be working towards and keep us on the right track.

Now, you are asking me the role of research in deciding my future career, but I think that there is a hidden question here – that is, why is Research included in our course curriculum in the first place? It is a common misconception that research is only for the experts or big-time professionals. This is definitely not right. True, that the research we are doing now is not really a large-scale research. I think it is just a small taste of the research done by large companies or by experts but it definitely plays an important role in preparing us for the future. Since I am taking up a course where I am or will be playing a major role in the advancement of technology, it is only right that I will be trained in the laborious task of research early on. I am genuinely interested in and fascinated by Research and I really thought that it was a good thing that I had a Research subject in as early as second year high school. I believe that having a background in research will allow me to bravely march up to companies and tell them to hire me. Pretty big-headed of me but if you think about it, having someone with a background in research is a good asset to a company. I have also read the answer of Ate Karren and well, would have to agree that without a research topic now, we probably would not have a future career. Very Happy

Anyway, this now leads us to the answer or answers to the main question – what is the role of research in deciding my future career? I have also been pondering for a long time about how to answer this question. After some deep thought, I finally came up with my answers to the question.

First- and I think this is the most critical one- is that Research identifies your interests. Remember how we are asked to do our research in something we are interested in? Well, this might just be the most important role of research in our careers. As early as now, we can identify what areas our interests lie in. and it is only then that we can know where we are supposed to go. When we identify these areas, we will have the opening to the path which we know we will not regret taking. Just by merely knowing what your interests are will open up a whole new world of ideas and opportunities for you and you can set your focus on this. Doing research in something that does not pique your interests is useless and futile, not to mention boring. Having your interests established on firm ground gives your career decisions a direction and meaning.

Research also stimulates and encourages critical and innovative thinking. Just like what is required when writing a Review of Related Literature, we are driven to really look into things and read between the lines. It plays a big role in quenching our incessant quest for better ways to live life. Thus, in order to achieve that, we are encouraged to think critically about what needs improvement and then think innovatively about how to improve that. I believe that, in our future careers in Information Technology or Computer Science, these two traits will come in handy. Not only will it make our work significant, but fun, as well.

Furthermore, research introduces us to new concepts and gives us the opportunity to test them. There is a whole world of unexplored concepts and ideas and it is only through research that we can gain access to them. However, research is not all about “new” concepts. It is also about unearthing old, outdated ideas and polishing them to come up with a shiny, seemingly new one. The prefix “re-” in “Research” is not there for nothing, you know. Very Happy If I were to define Research, I would say that is simply redefining and improving what is currently known and existing in order to take another step forward.

Another role of research in our careers is it provides us with training that will test our intellect, determination, creativity, and patience. I believe that the strict requirements of research will be very helpful in molding us into professionals who carry an aura of unrelenting determination and discipline. The good thing about research is that it demands so much from us thus, allowing us to venture and test our limits. With this, I believe we can become stronger individuals and competitive professionals. The rigid discipline needed for a successful research is the same rigid discipline needed for a successful career.

In a more practical light, and like what our professor says, there is money in research. Software developers, system analysts – these people earn relatively larger than people in other professions. However, if you are not that good in programming or technical stuff but still want to earn lots, then a career in research might be an option for you. It is amazing how much a company is willing to spend for a research project and how much they are willing to pay the person doing the research. Career-wise, research gives us room to grow. We grow not only in our attitude and discipline, but we can also grow or “step up” to the next level in our careers. I believe that having a good background in Research will allow us eventually to take off from being just the “employee” and move up the corporate ladder.

I can also see research playing a role in expanding our social network. Why? Gathering data for your research alone could allow you to meet different people who are interested in the same thing as you are. In my report about the Review of Related Literature, I said that a researcher’s network is very important. This is quite true especially if you encounter difficulties with your research and want someone to enlighten you. Your social network would definitely come in handy for this. It is not only limited to that because it also cultivates your own community and relationship with other people. Research is never a one-man team – a lot of people are involved with a single research, whether directly or indirectly.

For us in the technology field, research is a Pandora’s box of opportunities. What do you think is the cause of the rapid development of technology? Research, of course! Our increasingly demanding needs drive us to do research. Research, on the other hand, drives the improvement and advancement of everything we have now – from small gadgets to monstrous machinery and even from simple ideas to complex theories. We are the pioneers of technological advancement. Without continuous exploration in the field of research, it is impossible to improve and make technology evolve. All this taken into consideration, research allows us to become the pioneers of the future.

Research may sound like a scary thing to us now because of its high demand for our time, money, and effort but I believe that it comes with a lot of benefits for us in deciding our future career. To summarize what I wrote above, it is simply our Pandora’s box of knowledge, opportunities, and self-enlightenment.

We may also think that research is such a special thing, but I honestly think it is not at all. This is because even if we might not notice it, a simple search on Google can be considered as research so it is not really that special. However, research is multi-faceted. It excites me to think that there are a lot of problems around us that need solutions and that there many different ideas different people have to solve them. From this thought alone, I could say that Research is a rich, thriving and immortal discipline where knowledge is continuously sought after and cultivated.

You may think that what I wrote here are just pretty words made up for flattery but I have to say that they are heartfelt because I want to be a part of the group of people responsible for keeping our world on its feet. I look up to people who made successful researches and were able to contribute to the improvement of our society. Someday, I want to be the one being looked up to, too. Very Happy The career that I imagine I would have will most likely deal with finding solutions to the problems of an organization. But with research, the careers waiting for us in Information Technology or Computer Science will become a continuous uphill climb not only to solve a company’s problems alone but it will pave the way towards achieving our ultimate goal – to improve the quality of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:48 pm

A statement caught my attention while searching over the Internet. It says that sometimes finding a research problem is harder than finding a solution to the problem. To a certain extent, I was convinced but it did not stop me from get going.

As what Albert Einstein has said, “The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution which maybe merely a matter of skills.” I do agree because formulating a problem is not just formulating a problem and that is it, and not just because we are obliged to. It is very important that the research study should benefit not only the researcher but the others as well. If it is a replication of the previous study, it is also important to have some improvements with the results and solutions.

The research problem has also been considered as fuel that drives the research process simply because once the problem is formulated and approved, one can start working on it. However, the problem should be of the researcher’s interest so that he can easily work on it with all his heart. Also, the researcher will never get tired easily and gives up immediately. Nothing is impossible as long as the researcher is enthusiastic, optimistic, and is determined.

Research demands patience and perseverance from the researcher to finish the study and to succeed in the implementation no matter how many times of repetition the researcher would make. Just like in real life, one should be patient enough, should persevere and strive to achieve his goals.

To come up with a well written and a good research work, the researcher should have enough resources to provide him more information. He should think also if the research problem could be answered with scientific inquiry, if there are irresolvable ethical problems, or if the problem is theoretically or practically important. Research is not about making fiction out of fact.

Research, from the word itself means to investigate or study. If one particular problem exists, it can be resolved by way of research. For example, medical researchers are still working or studying to cure cancer illnesses. The researchers are studying the existing data and information related to their study and they are expecting to come up with a treatment. Researches are done to identify the cause of the problem, resolve the problem, and improve the solution to the problem.

To come up with a good idea, what I did is I surfed the Net, read magazines, and even on my way to school and way back, I tried to look around and kept on thinking for a possible research problem. Fortunately, one of my teammates told us her idea and presented it to the class. On that very day, we were very happy because the topic has been approved. The theme is all about green computing which has been very controversial up to now. What we are going to do is to develop a mobile application that has the following features: it alarms when the battery is full charged, and can send message to other number stored on the device that notifies the user. Through this project, we can reduce the energy consumption and reduce energy waste. It also prevents the battery from being damaged and from exploding when overly charged and can prevent fire caused by short circuit.

As what I have said, green computing issues have been very controversial and many IT professionals have been talking about these. As we noticed, the climate changes very often. We feel the extreme heat especially when we are under the sun then suddenly raindrops fall. This is because the ozone layer that protects the earth from the sun’s heat is being destroyed more gradually. From its thick layer, it becomes thinner. Computers and other computing technologies contributed most of the carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants and trees use CO2 in order to grow, however, because of its diminishing number due to construction of houses and buildings, the excessive amount of CO2 can hardly be reduced. Computing technologies also emit radiation and utilize more of the energy. That is why researches and inventions are made (e.g. CO2 calculator, energy regulator, and many others) to resolve these problems.

It is true that the research topic that we have chosen and the problem we have formulated will somehow reflects our personality and determines the amount of knowledge we have about it. It will also determine how we are as a student, as an IT student, as member of the community, as a human, and how we care for the environment or it simply answers the question, “Do we really care for the environment?” In addition, it will test how we are as analyzers in a situation that needs critical analysis, our wit based on the strategies and initiatives we make, and how we deal with the problems.

Everything that surrounds us is something that can be applied or has something to do with research. From the food that we eat, the clothes we wear, to the cosmetics and detergents that we use and even business strategies and methods, from advertisements to commercials, and many others. Research has something to do with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other Science related subjects, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Accounting and other subjects that are related to Mathematics, even English and all other subjects.

With regard to what research as a whole can do to me, even in finding a research problem, just like the things that I did, it made me see things I have not seen before, things that are new to me and things that I am not totally acquainted with. I learned a lot just looking for a problem and I know I will learn more.

Just like in real life, you have to identify what really is the problem and what are the causes of the problem. You must analyze the problem. And if the problem is very big, you can divide the problem into sub-problems However, sub-problems should be small in number and should be further delineated in order to make it easier to analyze and understand. After the problem is identified as well as the causes of the problem, it is now time to find ways on how to resolve the problem and what are the things needed to resolve the said problem.

I have been talking about problems and resolving the problems but that is Research all about. As stated, the research problem is the heart of the research process. Research can’t exist without problems just like us who can’t live without our heart. If we are all satisfied with what we are now and what we do have now, meaning there are no problems, there is nothing to improve and no inventions to create.

In a Research study, after defining the problem is the gathering and analyzing the data. There is a need for me to gather information, to learn more, to gain knowledge so that I can be able to achieve my goals in life. The information that I gained and the knowledge that I learned will be used for me to be able to resolve the problems and to resolve these problems easily and immediately.

There is also a great opportunity to well written and good research projects when acknowledged. Not only because researchers are acknowledged as well as the researches that they have made, big companies may get interested with their works and would like to buy the invention that the researcher has made or may get interested to the researcher and would like to have the researcher to work in their company.

There are really so many advantages when a research work is well written and when it is good. You are paid, you and your research are known not only locally but internationally as well. People will admire you for doing such thing and they will be encouraged also to do the same thing and to work even better. You are not only helping yourself, you are also helping the other people to make their lives easier and for saving the environment as well. That is why we are also encouraged and motivated by our professor to really work on our research projects and to work it well and even told us not to stop after submitting the papers. We are always reminded that we should not think of working the project just to be able to submit sheets of paper and just for the sake of passing the subject. This is all for us, for us to learn and gain.

This research thing will help me decide my future on what are the things that I like to happen, what I want to be and how to do it. It will also help me determine the field of my interest and as what my other classmate has said that it builds up interest in a particular field, which can then be my field of expertise. It also helps me build my personality even better.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:19 pm

In creating a full blown or a significant research, it must be said to have a good research topic, in which it was never been easy to us. Really, creating the topic alone is difficult, maybe because the theme is too broad to be identified clearly, or maybe because, it was me who made it difficult.

Research, to be defined first, is actually creating or revising what is being searched before. That’s why it is called research. Research then is something that is on your own idea, formulating a solution to problem. But somehow to me, research is a problem. Joke. In formulating a research topic, it must be in accordance to the theme, to the trend, and somehow helpful. That’s why it is called research by then.

I remember what our instructor said about our lesson in research. Research is not about just passing the subject alone, but creating or evaluating an idea that is on the trend this time together with the theme with matching on the level of the studies of the researchers. Actually, what really makes hard on creating a research topic is the fact that it will be implemented on the later run. I hate programming or creating systems. I don’t know why I ended up becoming a 4th year student only to find out that programming is not my forte, so much for that discussion. Next, in formulating a research topic, it must be in line with the theme, which is green campus computing and it should be a technical report on which it must consist of statistics, graphs, or a program itself. Green campus computing or green computing is a broad topic to be discussed. On our advocacy last year about it, green computing is somehow creating or making a possible simple solution to the new trend technology today on how to use it properly. Then, somehow, technicalities are not on the sense of it, on the first look. But actually, it has many ideas but somehow not on the level of knowledge of an IT or a CS student. There are some being done as a gadget, green gadget that is intended to be provided as an alternative to the one being used today. But actually, that was not the real question. I was just bluffing because it is not that really simple in creating a research topic, even the topic itself.

The real question is “What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?”. Like what I have discussed in above paragraph, research is somehow a document that it is intended to solve problems with simple ideas, or somehow solving big problems with your idea based on readings, article, facts, and books.
Like what I said again on the paragraph above, creating research topic is not that easy. Once you create a research problem, the researcher must first ask himself / herself with what might be the possible problems to be tackled. And that makes me think that research topic is somehow not that difficult to find, it’s the problem to be solved is the difficult one.

During the day wherein almost my classmate’s research proposal has been approved, it was in me who made it difficult. The first that comes out from my mind is that, what might be the problems that should or might be intended to be solved in line with the theme and should be simple but helpful? In the real world alone, without analyzing what we are doing, we are actually creating our own research topic. We are solving our problem in a sense of putting things together. After the class, me and my partner went out to the field and keep looking at the world around us. In that scenario, I was actually seeing the deep side of the world on which I never seen before. There were lots of problems to be discussed, it’s just were taking things simply, not seriously.
What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding my future career? I really don’t know the answer. Joke. The role of research topic in deciding my future career is simple, but I can’t explain. Joke again. In this question, it made me think that is it really a great help for me? My former classmates once told me that research is a great help for me especially in applying for job. It’s one of the basis or factor to tell that you are adequate or have a reasonable qualification to be hired. But not all research topics are good. Research topics are all acceptable, but not all are good. What if the research is for 30 years ago application solution, so it’s not on the trend, so one factor that it is a big help for my future career is after my career as a student here in university.

On the real world basis, actually, once a person has a problem, that person should or must have the guts to solve it. He or she is actually creating his or her own research documentation with implementation. Just like in research alone, it must have a problem to be solved. So in real world, research is really in working. Another thing, it is somehow creating your own research topic to be discussed and to have a formulation of creating solution to the problem.
The conclusion is that research topic is not only formulated or become useful in the economy alone, or in the industry or after graduation, research topic is somehow become useful even in the daily living. We do actually researches every day, it’s just we don’t tend to evaluate it as a research in real.

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PostSubject: Assignment 4   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:46 am

To start of, while I was reading Hannah’s post, I am really impressed and inspired on what she has gone through just to come up with her research topic. It’s one of the nicest posts I’ve read (no kidding! heheheheh)

Anyway, just to second the motion with what Hannah said, honestly speaking, at first it’s really hard to find a research topic that would be interesting enough not just to my professor but also to my classmates. As I have searched in the web, one of the most common topics I had was on the CO2 Calculator. The mere fact that it’s really technical (I mean it involves both hardware and software implementation), I was hesitant at first, but then what urged to propose it to the class via forum is that “everything is worth a try”, what I am trying to imply in here is that it doesn’t matter if my idea is rejected or not, what really matter is I tried. Gladly, it took the attention of my professor that he told me that if I would make some adjustments or new refinements, it would be a good topic. First question that came up to my mind is, am I ready for everything (I should, perhaps.. hahahaha). Another would be is my knowledge enough to do the research (because what I have in mind that time is the implementation stage of the research) and knowing that the hardware part is not my field of expertise. I am really bothered with the way I think and with my attitude and with the way I act. I am on my 5th year in this University and honestly, I really want to graduate and work.

Time passes by, days to weeks, weeks turned into months. Even our professor have been encouraging us and begging us to post our topics, he even asked what is the problem on coming up with our research topic. He kept asking what our problem is so that he could help us, honestly, I am hesitant, and that question that was raised by my professor stuck me in my seat, I simply asked myself, what is really the problem? Is it the theme? I, myself cannot answer the question. Probably because I didn’t do my part as the student, I got pissed off with my attitude, with my laziness. I am only seeing the smaller part of the theme, I stuck with only one topic and not venturing to other. I am dependent in the web. And knowing GREEN COMPUTING is not just focusing on the larger environmental issues but it started with the small things. What I have in mind is only focusing on CO2 Emissions, computers radiating CO2 and wastes of energy. Honestly speaking, I really do not know what I am doing that time or where my path is going. My professor told us that all of us are planning to fail. I was stunned; I simply asked myself, do I really want to fail after 5 long years of hardships in this University?

During a class meeting, our professor decided to do the research by group. As they say, two heads are better than one. On my part 3 heads are better than one. Together with my group, we had our own brainstorm and honestly our brains are stormed! (hahahaha), and again, days turned into weeks, up until one group’s proposal was approved. I think, that’s the go signal for us, we really have to think as hard as possible. What I have in mind is something that is simple but very useful not just to one person but for everybody. As I was charging my phone, an idea came up to my mind, why not make a mobile application that has an alarm system to notify the owner that the battery is 100 % fully charged. It would not just save energy and electricity but also it reduces CO2 Emissions and other harmful gases. It would not just be very helpful to one particular person but it’s everybody who has mobile phones.
As I search in the web, there is an existing IPhone application that has the same idea with mine. But to add a twist with the application, I simply added a feature wherein the application can send text messages to people who can remind the user to unplug the charger. I think the application would not just help the environment but it would be very beneficial to the users not to spend money much. Since, with the help of the application, it can prolong the battery’s life and a person would not spend much money in buying new phones (one cause would be they tend to change their phones because it can no longer be used which would be the result of overcharging). If there are many junk phones, another problem will occur; there will be an increase in E-Waste. Hey! My application is really helpful and its benefits are really rewarding! And as an IT student, it gives motivation to me knowing that developing a mobile application for a good cause and would contribute not just for the betterment of one person, for every mobile user, for every human being but also to save our Mother Earth in my own simple way. After proposing the topic, our group was surprised with the comments with our classmates, they said that it’ really useful and helpful. And gladly, our topic was approved and recently we were able to proceed to the Review of Related Literature stage of our research. It maybe hard at first but then reflecting on a text message that was sent to me by my friend “DO NOT ASK GOD TO GUIDE YOUR STEPS IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO MOVE YOUR FEET”, I know that we are getting there, but with the guidance from up above, I know that we will reach our goals.

Why am I telling you my own journey as I came up with my topic, I think it would simply explain the impact of my research topic in my future career. If one would be observant enough in very small and simple things that are going on with his surroundings, and would be very curious enough to formulate questions, I think that would give a very good impact in research. On my own point of view and basing from my experience in my on the job training, the role of my research topic in my future career is very simple. I would like to develop applications that are useful, interesting and would contribute in saving our Mother Earth. I would like to indulge myself in organizations that do have advocacies in Green Computing. I would like to be a developer, developing any applications that could help each and every one in the world. I maybe very ambitious but that’s my simple way of foreseeing my future. Aside from giving my family a good life, I would like to let them live in a healthy and livable environment. Most probably, if given the chance, I would like to start of here in Davao City. I know that there are students who are interested in Green Computing. What I am trying to say is that, we should not wait let things get worst. As we can see today, we’ve seen changes in our environment.

As far as I can remember, while I was watching a documentary of Al Gore which is entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” which tackles about Global Warming which is a result of abuse of the human kind to the environment. The very simple explanation of global warming is that whenever we want to eat an ice cream, it would just simply melt and we cannot eat it anymore because of the intense heat that we are experiencing. Al Gore pointed out that in ten to twenty years from now, CO2 Emissions will double up and the ice that is on the North Pole would melt and would cause lands to sink. Even today, here in Davao City, we are experiencing the effects of global warming, even in an ample of rain, the downtown do experience flood. And it is the first time in my whole life here in Davao City to see flood up to the knee.

What I am trying to imply here is that, we can see the problems today. Why not implementing solution to lessen the problem right? That in our own way of unplugging the unused wires would help save our mother earth. We may not see the impact of doing the solutions today but surely in the near future, we would be fulfilled and satisfied.

To end this, there are lots of ways in saving our Mother Earth. And in my future career, the impact of my research topic today would truly make a difference and would leave a good mark and experience as to what will in-store for me and my career in the future. Good Day!
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:55 pm

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career? (1500 words)

When I first read this question… honestly, I had to really think of what would be the best answer to this question. Is there really a role that this research topic plays in deciding my future career? If yes… what would it be? Well, I would not limit my answer on just the research topic but to research itself.

We all know that research has played an important role on the survival of humanity in this planet. Continuous researches have led mankind to this era of digital world where technology acquisition has been a part of the daily living of the humans. Almost everything around us is the product of research development (though some are discoveries from mere accidents). Right now, while writing this assignment I am eating PEEWEE, and come to think of it, this food is a product of research also, if not for that somebody who had discovered the ingredient in making this food I would never have the chance to eat such a very delicious chow (hehehe.. Commercial!). Going back… I am still thinking what is the role of research in deciding my future career, think… think… think… well; I think honestly, the research proposal itself that I am doing right now if to be successfully implemented will be a big factor in helping me step into the right path where I should have to walk through. Imagine how my or rather be said our approved proposal would contribute to computing science if made possible.

Uhmm.. I would like to discuss something what our proposal is all about entitled “utilizing screen locks to minimize electricity consumption” … this is a statement from Jade Mijares “The general objective of the study is to help minimize electric bills/ electricity usage inside the household. Specifically, the study is centered in controlling Personal Computer usage by means of limiting the time the said computer could be used through the means of a software program. The expected output of the research will be a working program that would put in effect what the researchers want to achieve. The research involves finding out how much a Personal Computer affects electricity consumption in a household setting and using this to create the said program. Furthermore, the screen lock would function like a prepaid system. Let’s say that the program is set to make the computer functional for 10 hours and the reset time is set at 8:00 AM. If a person uses the computer for 10 hours, at the end of the 10th hour, the computer will inform the user that he has consumed all available hours and will shut down. The screen then will be locked to prevent further access. At 8:00 am the next day the computer will reset its "prepaid" time again to 10 hours and the computer will again be usable. If a user just uses 6 hours of the previous time come 8:00 am of the next day the time would still be reset to 10 hours.”

The research topic where we are currently doing determines the way we see the need of the world to have this, with this screen locks household electric bills will surely drop off. But then, I am honestly thankful that Sir RSG did not require us to implement the proposal, because if that’s the case, my future would still be in this university… (hehehe). Well, it would be a challenge for me and to my co-proponents to really implement this research proposal.
Now, since we are not anymore required to do a full blown research and that of course our proposals will not to be implemented, how will then this subject or research help me mold my future career? Before, I saw my classmates undertaking this subject having hard time accomplishing all the said requirements to really finish the research paper… I ask myself… will I be able to have the patience and dedication to do all of those stuffs? Like, interview different personalities, read lots of references, write that nose bleeding introduction, RRL, methodology and others? I came to realize, that’s it! That’s how research will help me decide my future career. Before, I have read some tips from the web on how to choose a good topic, which I somehow applied and has been so very useful in coming up with a good research proposal.

I would like to share those steps: first, it said that I should have to Brainstorm possible topic ideas; it would include Considering my personal interests, engaging in conversations in class or with classmates, reading articles in encyclopedias or dictionaries and review class readings, browsing recent issues of journals or magazines in current periodicals, browsing the shelves for books on the related subject. Second, Review assignment requirements in this area I must have to answer the following questions; how much information do I need? Does it need to be recent information? What types of publications do I want to read - newspaper articles, books, journal articles, diaries, trade publications? How much time do I have? Third, List keyword to define my topic and lastly gather background information on the topic. The mentioned tips were very useful to me, not just in developing or formulating my research topic but also enhancing my attitude and personality in a way that my enthusiasm and dedication was developed. Through this I was able to work harder and think harder which I think a very important factor towards having a brighter future.

So as to say, it is not on how beautiful my research topic is but it is on how dedicated I am and on how I love the topic I chose to work on. Attitude towards work matters a lot!

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PostSubject: Assignment 4   Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:08 pm

This has been by far, one of the very toughest questions I have encountered. This had actually made me profoundly think of many matters. It had me reflect on the significance of a research study in our future profession. It even made me thoroughly analyze if there is a relationship between the two ideas.
I am no genius. Only an average, a mediocre type, I supposed. And what I have attained at the moment are the products of my determination and hard work. I am not degrading or looking down at myself and my capabilities. It is just that after reading the question, it made me think of how my future career would turn out to be and it made me evaluate my competence and potential particularly in the field of IT.

I have thought of numerous research topics but I suppose none was suitable enough to be considered. It was a frustration. I was not able to come up of a good research topic. That was when thoughts hit my mind. Am I not capable enough? Do I suit to be in this field? Do I have any interest at all in IT? Well, it was really bothersome. I guess this is where the connection of the research topic in settling on my future career in IT.

Research is basically developing and improving an existing initiative. It is to conduct further search and investigation on a particular development or discovery. It is through which critical thinking is being practiced. In my perspective, an individual possessing an adequate knowledge regarding a certain field of expertise should be able to come up with research ideas relating to it. With the scope of familiarity, awareness, and intellectual capacity of a specific field, it would heighten the probability of originating or putting together a topic for exploration and analysis.

To be able to think up or formulate an exceptional subject matter for research is to be able to shape out the opportunities that would be set down to someone. With a good research study, possibilities and chances or even breaks may be prearranged to the researchers. A breakthrough of a study will possibly lead to one’s successful path of career. I believe this would define and assess your capacity and range of knowledge. Your research topic may be the determinant in which area you are most engrossed with and through this, validate where your field of interest lies. This may determine and establish a definite forte or strong point of an individual particularly in the field of IT.

With the establishment of a research study, its conduction, principally its completion would be a great contribution to the society of information technology. This would also be representation of an individual’s involvement in the progress of IT. Through this, new information and further learning would be made available to the community particularly IT society.

Not only that an individual may be able to have contributions to the society with having a research study, but this will also provide great chance of being compensated for the development of an initiative. Everything today is of value. A topic itself possesses its own worth. More on if the study will be productively undertaken. There is always a valid equivalent value for all that is shaped out of a person’s potent mind. These ideas are owned and of value to any individual. And we are all undeniably aware that these are possessions and owners have certain legitimate rights over the property. We normally refer this right as the intellectual property right. It is crucial for the developers and researchers to be familiar that formulating a topic would significantly cost enough.

We should be mindful with the understanding of the significance of a research topic alone. It may be of little value but it is the stepping stone in proceeding and conducting a research study. It is the part where the commencement of undertaking a study is. It is an element of a research study which is the root and origin of the whole process. This section of research would notably shape and influence an individual’s upcoming career thus we should give it value.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:45 pm

Scientific research relies on the application of the scientific method, a harnessing of curiosity. This research provides scientific information and theories for the explanation of the nature and the properties of the world around us. It makes practical applications possible. Scientific research is funded by public authorities, by charitable organizations and by private groups, including many companies. Scientific research can be subdivided into different classifications according to their academic and application disciplines.

Honestly right now I really don’t appreciate research…maybe this will hinder me from graduating or maybe I just don’t understand the purpose of research at all. I’m not a researcher but I used to like researchers because they further my mind towards their ideas of making something new or proposing something new.

For now in my current research project we have a “small research” to conduct according to our professor. We also have a scope for our research topic that is “Green Computing”. Have you heard of it? Maybe or maybe not, well green computing develops a new way to improve our technology without compromising our mother nature, or a way to minimize our waste product and provides efficiency in conserving some resources. There is a lot of software and hardware now that conducts “Green Computing” some devices, mobiles and desktops produces less heat and electricity to reduce the damage to our earth. Since we are concerned of our mother earth we are assigned to create a research topic with regards on how we lessen our harm. Most of us started their topic in simple proposals and the scope is only inside our school. Since there’s a saying if you can start in small things, you can start in greater things so we should start in molding our ideas through small things, big things will follow. The only problem that we encounter now is how we are going to construct our topic since we don’t have sufficient resources and we only know several languages and basically we are blinded in creating simple hardware connectivity.

There are many associations and organizations that recognizes research works.

The Computing Research Association (CRA) is an association of more than 220 North American academic departments of computer science, computer engineering, and related fields; laboratories and centers in industry, government, and academia engaging in basic computing research; and affiliated professional societies.

CRA's mission is to strengthen research and advanced education in the computing fields, expand opportunities for women and minorities, and improve public and policymaker understanding of the importance of computing and computing research in our society.

The CRA Board of Directors and its Executive Officers are a distinguished group of leaders in computing research from academia and industry. The board is elected by CRA's member organizations. Representatives from each of our affiliated professional societies are also appointed to serve on the board.

ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.
The are also lots of activities, workshops and contests with regards to research.

The TFRC delivered a workshop on 7th of July, 2009 at Central Saint Martins Innovation Centre for UAL- MA students/graduates. The students were given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience from PhD students associated to the Unit that are currently engaged in practice-based research projects. Speakers included Kate Goldsworthy, Aurélie Mossé, Jane Scott, Jennifer Baille, Kathy Schicker and Kerri Wallace. The event and programme, co-organized by Jo Heeley, included an introduction to Research and Funding by Jane Harris, Director of TFRC. It was followed by the speakers who shared their experiences of writing bids via the unit as well as the stages of doing a practice based PhD. The workshop endend with an open forum, giving the audience the opportunity to engage and gain insight to consider their own future careers in research.

NEW YORK, August 5, 2009 -- ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) honored the Grand Finals winners of its Student Research Competition (SRC) with awards and cash prizes for achievements in computing research at its recent awards ceremony. The winners, from colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, Japan and India, are gaining education and experience that will prepare them for growing career opportunities in the computing field. The original research presentations covered a range of topics including mobile phone design; mobile social network capacity; text input for Asian syllabic languages; graphical interfaces for drawing and editing; artificial intelligence for computer-generated characters; and innovative computer programming techniques. The awards were presented on June 27 at the 2009 ACM Awards Banquet in San Diego, CA.

In conclusion, you can have a clear career ahead if you are really hard working researcher. Actually there are lots of organizations that you can interact if you need help, and you should be resourceful. Making research is not that simple you really need some attitudes in order to succeed.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:11 pm

One of the objectives of research is to improve the quality of life. According to one article I have read, research is intended to resolve a particular existing problem so there is a much larger audience keen to support research that is likely to be profitable or solve problems of urgent concern. Research is done not only to earn money but the purpose is that finding solutions to one’s problem. We also must understand how research impacts our decision making. Deciding the right thing is very vital so we must carefully look up the consequences that will happened. Most people make decisions without gathering information to back them up. Only few do. Gathering information is one of the essential parts of research. In this way, researcher can outweigh what is the right thing to do or what is better to do in order to solve the primary concern of the research. On the other hand, the problem is most people aren't patient enough to put in the effort. Research requires time, effort, and sometimes money to have the evidence you need to make a sound decision that's why many avoid it. Researching is hard if people aren’t interested on what he or she researching for. The research you do and evidence you gathered will have impact on your future. Be advised, considered the risks or consequences of making an important decision with inadequate evidence.

Everything we do today affects our future. Our future lies within our reach. But until now I wasn’t able to propose another topic for my research. And it is almost end of the semester. What will be the role of research topic in deciding my future career? For now, I must say it is really important, because how could I get a nice career if I wouldn’t able to graduate because I wasn’t able to pass it? Haha. As we go on the first paragraph above, it stated that research impacts our decision making. Everything we do on a daily basis requires decision making whether what we did is the right thing to do. Research topic and how you decide to resolve the problem within your topic will be the basis how you strategically positions one’s self in order to accomplish certain goals favorable to yourself. Simply, through research we would be able to learn or even trains us how to find ways. It also improves or enhances our critical thinking. It also introduces us to new concepts which allow us to discover that there are ideas better than ours. Research widens our knowledge not only to a single idea but a lot of ideas from different people It also teaches us the qualities of good employee, being patient, determine, responsible and many more.

Deciding the right career is simply the same as choosing the right research topic that suits you or you can relate with. How can you enjoy your job if you do not like it anyway? How can you extend an effort to do best if you are not happy of doing it?

A researcher is inevitably a member of the global research community; give him a sense of belonging to a wider world and not just a company. Researcher must also collaborate with others in order to gain different idea. If we relate it to a career, an employee must deal with other co-workers to know them well and gain ideas from them to enhance your ability in working. Publications resulting from research provide global visibility and provide you a deep sense of satisfaction which comes in seeing the work published under one's authorship. As in youth there is a travel urge, it's important to consider the travel aspects of the career too. In a research career, short-term visits abroad often occur for meetings and conferences. Researchers often visit for longer periods for joint work or as visiting faculty in a university - it's rare to find a good researcher in Computer Science (CS) or IT who has not lived abroad. Given the nature of the research career, it's clearly not for everyone. It's a specialized career really meant for a few - those who are bright, eager to learn, innovative, and self motivating.

Days have passed; it is almost end of the semester. But until, I couldn’t decide what will be my topic for this research. The idea narrows it more because of the theme “Green Computing”. If you do not know what it is, According to Wikipedia, Green computing or green IT, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. It is "the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems—such as monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems—efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment. Green IT also strives to achieve economic viability and improved system performance and use, while abiding by our social and ethical responsibilities. Thus, green IT includes the dimensions of environmental sustainability, the economics of energy efficiency, and the total cost of ownership, which includes the cost of disposal and recycling. It is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. Although our professor suggested having group collaboration, it wouldn’t make it easy. Based on experience, since most of the IT projects are in group collaboration, the laziness comes. Everyone in the group will be blaming someone because someone is not doing his assigned task so at the end, the project would be incomplete. So I decided not to collaborate with group. The advantage of having a group since three brains are working and it is more easier to think for a nice research topic. The disadvantage as I said a while ago, within the process of completing the entire research, not all are working. Until now I’m searching for a topic. I’m happy that our professor decided that we are not going to implement it. I hope that I could find a topic as soon as possible before our professor decides to make it again a full-blown research.

Research is really important in choosing a career. It prepares you to all the consequences that you encounter in the near future. We all most do research everyday though we hardly notice it. We gather information from others in order find solutions to our problems, information in a form of advices, opinions or suggestions. With this information gathered we can now formulate our educated guess or hypothesis then we test if it is effective or not. We may arrived a result we didn’t expect but we try our best to overcome the problem. Anyway, if there’s life, there’s hope. We can try and try until we acquire our ultimate goal. Lessons on decision making would not be complete without mentioning evaluating a decision. Once you take action after making a decision, it's important to assess whether or not the action has achieved, or is achieving, the desired outcome. If it is, well and good. If it's not, then readjusting at some level is required. Either a new decision has to be made, or the old one updated, or some new action undertaken. Either way, keeping your focus on the outcome, rather than how it's achieved, is more likely to prove fruitful.

Another thing in deciding your own career, just like a research topic, know yourself first. Think of the qualities and skills you can offer. Think of the activities interests you. Refer to other persons what they think about you. Research and evaluate different occupational options by weighing up the pros and cons of each option. Consider whether these are career options you can build on and develop in the future. Explore how your choices relate to your interests, skills and the things that are important to you. Just like a researcher, you must be enthusiastic, determined, persevere, patient and most especially responsible. Without this qualities then the future you think that could be better will be not as you think no more.

Making the transition from school to the wide world out there is daunting. As is deciding sometime later in life to make a career change, or even, in the case of house wives, to join the working world after years of being at home. As we all know money matters as of now because of the major crisis that is happening. But take as a consideration what really the career that suits you. There are maybe jobs that you like and that would probably earn a lot of money. But decide what’s the best and the most appropriate to you.

I just hope that tomorrow or may be the day after tomorrow I could already find a research topic for Green Computing that will interest me and could help the community especially now through the past researches done for technology advancement; the environment is the most affected. Climate change, flash floods and forest fires are happening. Hoping that the researches that we are doing will really help in lessening or reducing the effects of the past researches and developments. It’s our world. And the future lies within our reach.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:04 pm

What would be the role of research topic in my future career?

To tell it honestly, I can’t still visualize what would be my future. I don’t know if this research topic would become useful in a sense that I’m going to be a manager or an employer from a big company, or become useless because I will end up getting married early, hope not.

I would try to have an answer same with my partners partner. He said that “Hmmm.. Sounds interesting, right? So for me, what would be the role of research topic on my future career? So I really have a future? Joke. Honestly, in coming with the research topic on which it was been approved and listed on the forum, “you may now proceed”, is a great compliment. Compliment in a manner that at first, really, we took a very unending thought about what would really be the research report we should come up. For me, even at start, it’s really a big compliment. How much more in our future career? In looking at my future state, if I really do have, with the research topic we have proposed with my partner is a proud thing to have. Kumbaga, you can lift your forehead high and say that it was indeed my topic in research, years ago. Hope so, years na lang talaga. Then, in industry, it is something assurance that you have gone research like that, it should be something to be proud of. Definitely, since that me myself did the project then, it gives me the confidence in the field of research since I have gone doing such thing. Then, it can be a “pamana” to my future babies.”

Funny to think that the research topic, indeed we already have would become a pamana on his future babies. Would it be me becoming the mother? Joke.

“The role research and my research topic in deciding my future career is very significant. It will decide where I am going, what kind of job will I’m going to have what kind of person/employee I am going to be and as a whole, what kind of life I am going to take. Why do I say so? If my research topic is good and interesting and my research as a whole is impressive, it reflects me. That means I am able and capable and that would add to my confidence. If my research is in the boundary of acceptable but nit impressive, it means I am just in average and there is also an average chance of succeeding in my career. I may have a good job, and I may not have as well. If my research is poor, then I might also be poor in the future. I didn’t say this is final and constant, but we decide the future by today.”, based on Karen Adarna’s answer.

“To sum it all up, since I’ve said too much already, the role of research topic in deciding my future career is not exactly the thing that will lead you to success. Contribution of the researcher has a great part in it. Without her interest, acquiring knowledge would be difficult. Yes, research topics can help us define our strength. We will be expose to a world, a world that will also become our world in the near future. It can help us land a job through the insights and ideas we gained in the process of conducting a research. It helps us to be competitive.”, answer of Miss Cherry Ann Montejo.

“I may not say that research would the basis to whatever God has install me for the future but I know definitely it will affect me as a Computer Science Student. I think research will help me improve myself, my character and the way I handle every situation and even may change the way I think of the things that surrounds me. It will make me to be a better person and student. Research will open up my mind as to what I am taking right now, its hard (absolutely!) but I know its a part of growing up and taking your responsibilities as an individual, as a person and as a student.” – miss Anne Magaway’s answer.

Hannah Hernandez’s answer was “Creating a research study builds up interest in a particular field of study, and for me as an IT student it might be on programming, or on analysis or technical implementation and I believe when I graduate the impression that research left on me might direct me to an industry or career that interests me or maybe if I am lucky and my research gets known by such industries they might be the one who gets interested in me to join their team.”

“This research thing will help me decide my future on what are the things that I like to happen, what I want to be and how to do it. It will also help me determine the field of my interest and as what my other classmate has said that it builds up interest in a particular field, which can then be my field of expertise. It also helps me build my personality even better.” – excerpts from Miss Sheryl Caguimbaga’s answer.

“The conclusion is that research topic is not only formulated or become useful in the economy alone, or in the industry or after graduation, research topic is somehow become useful even in the daily living. We do actually researches every day, it’s just we don’t tend to evaluate it as a research in real.” Said by Miss Brua.

And lastly, on Miss Alcoriza’s side, “To end this, there are lots of ways in saving our Mother Earth. And in my future career, the impact of my research topic today would truly make a difference and would leave a good mark and experience as to what will in-store for me and my career in the future. Good Day!”

So what’s my idea in copying there answers and post it here in my answer? It is because we have the same concepts in mind. I’m not just in the means of just copying their answer in order for me to have a 1500 words completion, maybe that one would be just one of the factor, but the real factor is that, they have elaborate well what would be the role of research on their future career. Though it’s my career we are talking, but then again, I believe that we have the same thoughts in mind. Again, it’s a process for individual growth in order to achieve my goals and plans for the future.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:11 pm

Lately, in deciding research topic was really difficult. We started this subject June, supposedly to end up in October, but definitely, because of our topic, which deals with our adviser in a foreign country, I hope that we can make it on due date.

Looking back on previous years, I have seen them really with big eye bugs on which eventually we are kind of having right now. That is because of projects and especially in research methods subject. I was just joking sir, but seryoso pud gamay. Ajejeje. Hmmmm. In dealing with research paper, you must first identify your own research topic. But how to create research topic if indeed we don’t have anything in mind. Our teacher said that in creating research topic is somehow simple if we know what problem to be addressed. Again, that is the next question, what would be the question to be addressed. We have our theme this year about green campus computing, which we have tackled last year’s MIS time. Green campus computing is an advocacy or a project that deals with proper usage of technology. Then again, as an IT student, we must and should cooperate with this project. But then again, the big problem was, what should be that research topic that deals with green campus computing that is a technical research paper or a computer science research paper? Well, that question has been solved already since we have our topic then.

One of my classmates have said about what would be the role of research topic on his career and he said, “Choosing a career is very difficult to decide and sometimes you would not know what will be your career in the future, maybe it will come suddenly by God’s will. For me the role of the research topic in deciding my future career is I will know if my job is in demand in our country and outside our country. If my career is in demand around the world, so my service is very in need of the people and I can help the people around the world with my career. In my case, I want a career that is more profitable or has a big salary so that I can give my family a good future also. Research topic is also very important in deciding our future career because when we research we will know what task we will encounter if we choose that certain career. So we will question our selves, should I take this career or can I handle all the things and task of this kind of career? Sometimes our parents will decide for us what course or career they want for you to do. But for me this is an wrong way of making a career that you don’t want to be, for sure you will be not be excited in your career. The best way to have a good career is to think and think what is fit for you so you could be a successful person. Deciding a career is also risky, in the sense that you will realize one day that your chosen career is not fit for you. I can say that research has a big help in deciding our future career, since the research can give future idea of that certain career on what will happen in that kind of career in the future. For example, if the people will ignore the reminders about global warming the earth will be a big cemetery, all the people will die because of the crisis in the food. So you can help the future by making a research in how and who will take care of the people around the world in the future. You can be one of the person will help our mother earth and save many people. Deciding a future career through research is like making a program that has a problem and making it successfully by your hard work and by giving all your best in the program is fulfilling.”

Hmmm.. Sounds interesting, right? So for me, what would be the role of research topic on my future career? So I really have a future? Joke. Honestly, in coming with the research topic on which it was been approved and listed on the forum, “you may now proceed”, is a great compliment. Compliment in a manner that at first, really, we took a very unending thought about what would really be the research report we should come up. For me, even at start, it’s really a big compliment. How much more in our future career? In looking at my future state, if I really do have, with the research topic we have proposed with my partner is a proud thing to have. Kumbaga, you can lift your forehead high and say that it was indeed my topic in research, years ago. Hope so, years na lang talaga. Then, in industry, it is something assurance that you have gone research like that, it should be something to be proud of. Definitely, since that me myself did the project then, it gives me the confidence in the field of research since I have gone doing such thing. Then, it can be a “pamana” to my future babies.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:15 pm

Let me define first the meaning of research. Research is the systematic process of gathering and analyzing information to increase our knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon under study. It is simply a process of investigation, a search for knowledge for a researcher to establish facts. When conducting a research, the primary concern of a researcher is to know first his/her research topic. Doing so is not an easy task. It’s not just a trip to the library to pick up some stack of materials, or choosing the first five hits from a computer research. Doing a research is doing an examination of a subject from different points of view. Since research is a haunt for the truth, you are getting to know a subject that would help you think for a research topic through reading up on it, reflecting, playing with the different ideas that you have gathered and choosing the areas that arises your interest. When you do research you are also educating yourself.

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding my future career? Well, I really had a hard time pondering how to answer this question. Thinking the hardships that we’ve gone through just to have a topic for our research makes me realize how significant research is. And now analyzing what would be its role in deciding my future career would be tough one.

Research gives us knowledge we need. When we choose a topic, we are engaged in all the related or necessary research to pursue on our own. If we are able to think or be in the position of a researcher, we will gain a lot of significant benefits that will help us and improve our own career in the future. It is essential that in constructing our own research topic it should also catch our interest. Why? Come to think of it. If you have a research topic that you are not interested with, well, you will be spending your time doing research that would be useless in the future and you will feel bored doing so. If we are able to identify the areas we are interested with, it would be easier for us to do research because we will be encourage in engaging our self to the fields or study that we are comfortable with. But we should consider that our topic will not only be interesting on your part but you should also impress everyone. Doing something that includes our interest creates an effective output it’s like having your own research topic that you are interested with makes it easier for you to decide what would be the direction of your career in the future.
Another role of research in our future career is it opens a gateway to greater opportunities. Quoting what our professor said, “there is money on research”. If you are not that good on programming, designing a web page and technical stuff then another option that can help you earn money is to do research. Most of the companies spend and pay person do a research project. Having a good background on research is just one step that would help us improve our career in the future. As an IT student we are included in the technology field. If we weigh everything the reason of the fast evolving of technology nowadays, research is part of it.
One of the roles of research is to improve and expands our knowledge. When we do research we are dealing with the different ideas and information about what we are studying. Research is not only for earning cash but also research is for learning. Research is a practice on testing one’s intellect, creativity and discipline. Doing research is not an easy task. It trains us to be determined in everything that we do and practice us to explore new things. It’s a challenge for us to test for our limitations and our capacity. Proper discipline to our self is just one step to the success of our future career.

As a whole, research plays a vital role in my decision making for my future career. For us student it enhances our critical and analytical thinking. It is essential for us to have research as part of the curriculum for our own benefit that will mold us in the future. Our career as an Information Technology and Computer science student depends on us and research is a great contribution towards our ultimate goal in life.
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PostSubject: ASSIGN 4   Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:16 pm

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career? (1500 words)

It has a big impact in any career you want if you have a good research or even deciding on what research you want to work with. I guess it is because it reflects on what you really want to be in the near future.
In my own point of view, the first role of the research topic in deciding student’s future (to be more realistic –my future: p) is that it is one of the requirement to graduate (laugh). Well kidding aside, to be honest I guess that it has a lot to do in the things you want to do in the future.
I think there are a lot of roles in a research or even in a research topic. I just don’t know how to put this in words though the ideas are already tickling in my mind. Hmmmn… It’s somehow a confusing statement (grinning). Aside from the fact that I stated above, research is also one of the lamp of my/your future. Why did I say that? Well let us face the fact that without completing the entire requirement and one of these is research, the dream of dressing a black cloth will be just an imagination. Sad to say, it will never unless you comply all the requirements. Going back to research, there are companies who support or even hire a person who has a good research topic (well, that’s what I found out after searching). And maybe that’s the reason, why it has a lot to do with my future or rather say deciding on my own future career.
Actually as I was walking on the streets heading to my boarding house, I saw a pamphlet that says “wanted researcher”, with the amount of salary given if you will be hired. I was amazed because it’s not just a small amount but it tackles a lot of money! Not to mention that the company holds all the expenses spent on whatever study will be produced by the researcher. But of course, the topic should be in lined on their criteria and even in their so-called “topic coverage”.
Just by looking the tempting offer given by the pamphlets or even in the internet, I can say that having a good research topic is somewhat a stepping stone for a bright future. I was thinking that if someone wants to have the best salary in such pieces of paper, then being a researcher should be the first in their list on deciding a future career. But actually, being a researcher is not an easy thing to do, a lot of hard work (if you are hard working already, then you have to double it) is required to be able to succeed or even produced a good topic (I know that based on experience [laugh]). But I think that the hardest part on a research is finding the appropriate topic on a certain scope. And when you already have a topic, then its easy now to gather some data since a lot of resources are now available in the internet, you just have too find a source that is proven to be true since not all the sources given in the internet are proven to be true.
I guess I was out of the topic (laugh). I think one of the roles of research topic is that it will give some knowledge to us students what is the current thread in the industry on what is in today and which is not. I don’t know if it could be classified as a role. But I guess I could be (tongue out). Just like on what I have experienced in this semester. Our topic should be with the scope of green computing. Actually, when I heard about the term “Green Computing” I was thinking that it has something to do with color. What I mean is that the color of computing is green, easy as that. I really sounded like a silly person at that time. I don’t know if I swallow some mercury that’s why it seems my IQ has degraded. And to be honest, thinking about “Green Computing” made me think so hard what topic should I propose. As a matter of fact, I find it so hard to produce a good topic because at that time I really don’t know what the scope of being called as a “Green Computing”. I was really ashamed that “Green Computing” has been introduced a long time ago and even made some solutions to maneuver it. Even the other countries have already organized some group and even made a campaign for it. Well shamed on me, I don’t know about that not before it was introduced to be or scope for our topic.
So I was thinking that in a research, the students will be taught how to gather some data by themselves. And even taught on how to be independent on something, what I mean is that the students were taught on how to stand in their own feet. Not just relying on what the instructors have said or teach in the four corners of the room. Having me as an example, because of the scope of the topic given to us, I was able to know the new threads of the computer world that supports green computing. Now I know that there is some software that helps us not just as a student but also helps the mother earth. And because of our scope, we were able to come up also a research topic that helps a certain group of people as well as the environment. Now I already know that most of the machines being made for the convenience of the people made the earth suffer from the effect given by these machines. In other words, we made the environment be destroyed by the things that we built. (Ooppps… I sounded like an angry mother trying to scold some naughty children [laugh]). So, I found out that there are some software which hits two birds in one stone and it isn’t bad to be a research topic right….?
Well, that is the reason why I said that maybe – just maybe one of the roles of a research topic i9n deciding a future career for a student like me or even not is to be aware of the recent thread in the technology industry. See, it is because of this I already know what green computing is, for whom it is and even what is its purpose.
Doing a research is somewhat gaining your knowledge about something (that’s what I thought based on experienced [grinning]). I mean everything your interested about. As I said a while ago that choosing a topic can be a reflection of what you want to do in the near future, just for example, those who formulate problems that intend to make solutions through software could be that they want to be a developer or a programmer someday. It could be also that the person who is good at gathering data could be a good researcher.
When I’m doing our research, there was a time that at the middle of my busy student life, I reflected on what I wanted to be in the near future – I mean after I graduated. I realized then what I’m good at. Frankly speaking, I can say that I’m good (well, not really good but I guess I excel at it) at gathering data or even conducting some interviews or surveys (we didn’t conduct some interviews or even surveys in our research since we don’t need it. We are more on technical side and didn’t even touch the social thing. So since they say that interviews and surveying are on social research, we didn’t conduct it.) So after I found out what I’m good at, I suddenly know or rather say have the idea what possible job should I take. A job which I think would be fitted on me. Since then I realized many things on deciding what path I should take.
Actually, I didn’t know the current thread in the industry if we say technical. I didn’t even know what twitter is and how it differs from facebook and friendster (shame on me); the current software, technologies and many more. Yes, I am a computer science student and I’m aware that I should suppose to know the current threads in my chosen field of expertise. But sad to say, my learning was stuck at the four corners of the room. Well, not until our instructors let us wander outside the university and made our learning in the real scenario of being a “technical person” and one of that subjects is research. But of course, you shouldn’t expect that you could just find a good research topic in the four corners of the room. One thing also is that you shouldn’t expect that you can also find a good one if you’re too old-fashioned and didn’t know the current thread. It is because you’re formulated problem and suggested solution might exist already. Well, that’s what I experienced. :p
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PostSubject: What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?   Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:48 pm

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?

The role of research topic in deciding my future career is; it helps in molding my own skills, abilities, personal qualities, interests, and availability. A choice of career must depend primarily on an assessment of my own skills, abilities, personal qualities, interests, and availability. A future career includes all the roles we undertake throughout our life - education, training, paid and unpaid work, family, volunteer work, leisure activities and more. Career was traditionally associated with paid employment and generally referred to a single occupation. The concept of a job for life is no longer a reality. Young people now are likely to experience five to eight major career changes in their lives in a variety of industry sectors. They will also be experiencing more fluid forms of working with increasing casual, contract and part-time work options. Some activities that contribute towards a career can include different life roles, volunteer work, community activities, leisure activities, education and training - either undertaken in recognized educational institutions, work experience. In this new climate, individuals need to be adaptable, innovative, flexible, resilient and collaborative to thrive in all aspects of their life. It is critical to manage your life, learning, and work if you are to successfully navigate your way around a dynamic and complex economic landscape. Making the best career choices involves first knowing what you like (your interests), what you are good at (your skills and abilities), what is important to you (your values), second understanding the world of work – knowing about your available options and what jobs are out there, third learning how to make informed decisions about your possible options and lastly deciding and setting about achieving your objectives. Careers of the future will change how people communicate, learn and live. Some of these jobs are light-years away from creation, but for others, the future is now. Learn where you could be working.

Research topic is a category or general area of interest. In that way, finding a research topic is like finding my future career because I’m looking for a topic that may interest me. If I begin thinking about possible topics when the assignment is given, I already began the difficult, yet rewarding, task of planning and organizing. Once I made the assignment a priority in my mind, I may begin to have ideas throughout the day. Brainstorming is often a successful way for students to get some of these ideas down on paper. Seeing one's ideas in writing is often an impetus for the writing process. Though brainstorming is particularly effective when a topic has been chosen, it can also benefit the student who is unable to narrow a topic. It consists of a timed writing session during which the student jots down—often in list or bulleted form—any ideas that come to his mind. At the end of the timed period, the student will peruse his list for patterns of consistency. If it appears that something seems to be standing out in his mind more than others, it may be wise to pursue this as a topic possibility.

It is important to keep in mind that an initial topic may not be the exact topic about which I end up writing. Changeableness is common in research, and should be embraced as one of its many characteristics. Research is a process of investigation. It is an examination of a subject from different points of view. It’s not just a trip to the library to pick up a stack of materials, or picking the first five hits from a computer search. Research is a hunt for the truth. It is getting to know a subject by reading up on it, reflecting, playing with the ideas, choosing the areas that interest you and following up on them. Research is the way you educate yourself.

Research paper means working with stacks of articles and books, envisioning sources of information--articles, books, people, and artworks. Yet a research paper is more than the sum of your sources, more than a collection of different pieces of information about a topic, and more than a review of the literature. A research paper analyzes a perspective or argues a point. Regardless of the type of research paper you are writing, your finished research paper should present your own thinking backed up by others' ideas and information.

In deciding my future career, the role of research topic is to explore my skills, attitudes, and interests. Having a research topic is a way to educate me. It prepares me in choosing my future career and also molding me to be a good one, by having good skills, nice attitude and most importantly my future career must connect my interest in life.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:49 pm

I almost read almost all entries to this topic. I was amazed by my classmates answers and how each of them take the research as a huge challenge and making a significant one will be a very big accomplishment to everyone. Yeah, it will be so, good luck to all of us guys! Hehe. Way back then I was afraid that time will come that we will doing a research, I always thought of it like a giant monster that will going to eat mw whole. Hehe just kidding. Doing a research will require us our dedication for it demands ample time from us; we need to be meticulous on the process, open minded, creative, innovative and of course I should not forget to mention the word PATIENCE. Is it difficult? Nope, it just more challenging and I’m so ready for it.

Seriously, finding a significant research topic is very hard, as what Sheryl said to her post, it is harder to find a good research topic than the solution to it. With all the existing product of previous researches around us, from if we can find the research problem we are looking for. Every advancement made there’s a corresponding problems arises. I’m not saying that these advancements create problems, what I mean is that we can improve what is the existing to a better one. For example in technology, one good example of it is the telephone and cellular phone. Telephone was invented for the people to be able to communicate to other people even in a great distance. From the concept of telephone, the need of the people evolves, researchers/inventors think of some ways how to improve the telephone into more useful and advance. Then the creation of wireless phone was invented and then later on the cellular phones that we are using nowadays. Today, communication is not a problem anymore. We can stay in touch with everyone anywhere, anytime even in a great distance with no hassle. You see, problems are just scattering around us we just need to be vigilant enough to recognize it.

So much for that, going back to the topic, it’s asking of what is the role of research topic in deciding my future career well, I think I should define first what a research topic is before answering that question. Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials, sources, etc, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Another definition of research is that it is an endeavor to discover new or collate old facts by the scientific study of a subject or by a course of critical investigation.

Deciding what will be our research topic was not that easy. We had a brain storming and it is indeed brain storming because it drains our energy but we haven’t chosen what will our research will be. After that, settle on to make a list of our potential topic will be and read as many references we can. These research ideas are not like a mushroom that just pop anywhere we need to look for it systematically, we need to open our minds to new ideas and capture them quickly for more in-depth consideration later. Sufficient reading regarding the topic is a must, look what the article all about, what is the problem, how to they study it, how they solve it, take note of the ideas of the authors, what is their recommendation for further research and try to make a comment of the article you have read. That is how our group comes up with our topic for research.

As we observed most of degree courses offered here in the Philippines include research in there curriculum. Why is that so? Maybe, these researches of us will be an stored assets that the next generation will going to inherent and hopefully utilized it into more useful, advance and helpful to all mankind as what we are trying to do now. And as for me myself, how will this be useful to me? Finishing one will be a great help not only it is something that I’m going to be proud of that I have done something that contributes to the quality of life in the future (I hope so.), I can e able to face head up high to my future employer/employers, with this I can be able to assess myself of what will I am gonna be in the future, what career will I have, how will I attain it and how can I maintain it. Deciding what your future will be ahead or planning the things you want to accomplish and how will you to it is in your hand. So, better think wise. If want to have a good career in the future, better start investing now. With our researches, we may help our future employers decide to hire us or reject us, practically they only hires those who will be an assets to the company. Are we one of these potential assets? I will leave that question to you guys. But as for me, I like what RSG mentioned before, why target the position of an employee, why not be an employer. Dreaming is not a crime right? Well, that’s me talking.

For a good career in the future, start investing now.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:08 pm

Students are in nature very curious and strive hard in order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. To do this, we keep on investigating to know more about a certain issue that keeps on haunting our minds. Wanting to know more about a certain issue and continue to learn more about it is considered as a research.

Research is a part of the curriculum of every course. From elementary to high school, we had encountered research as a part of our Filipino and English subjects. Not to mention the requirement in college that is one of the reasons why some of the graduating students can’t march the aisle and wear their togas because they did not finished their research on time. That scenario is not new to the Institute of Computing (laugh). Aside from that, we are doing research in times such as in wanting to learn more on the topic you are about to report. Wanting to know more about a place, a person or a thing is also a research. Though we didn’t know, we are doing research in our everyday lives. As long as we are alive, we continue in discovering, learning and researching.

It is said that research has something to do in deciding our future careers. I keep on asking myself what is its role in deciding my future career. I can’t imagine how learning and discovering things has to do with the future. But when I think it over and over (well, I’m doing research here, eh), I discovered how stupid I was to ask such question (I admit I’m kind of dumb sometimes and kind of weird). I came up with the answer when one day I found myself reflecting and thinking what to do with my future. My parents always tell us that they will keep on working hard and even harder just for us to finish college so that we can have better jobs and will live a comfortable life. Well, I guess finishing college may lead to a better job but as I had observed there are a lot of college graduates who are not lucky enough to get a better job. I begin to worry and wanted to know what the reasons behind a can-be-said as unfortunate future. Without any idea of what I am doing, I had discovered that I am already doing research. Because of the situation I had cited above, I began to hunger for knowledge about the course I am in and what are the potential jobs that await me in the near future. I also began to have an evaluation of myself on what I have learned and what job I would like to have and can have. I got a lot of choices as to stick with jobs that are in lined with Information technology or to try to divert to other areas of discipline where I can also apply what I have learned in school. Since I am only doing this research on my own and I am only gathering information on the internet or in what I have observed on the things that surrounds me, I begun to validate the information. Since there are not experts that can validate what I have gathered, begun to take those things halfheartedly and find myself being tired. I just thought that time that I might be thinking too much. But my curiosity continued when I enrolled for the summer class’ apprenticeship program. I gathered another information as my days in the on the job training progresses. I learned that there are a lot of things that cannot be learned at the four corners of the classroom school and that when you want to suffice what your mind wants and needs, you must extend to others and go out from the four corners of the classroom. With that, you can learn much more.

From that experience I have in meeting the needs and wants of my curiosity about what my future career would look like, it is a real proof that research has to do with our future career. From what I have experienced, I think, the role of research in our lives is to make us be acquainted with the real world. Why did I say that? It is because; students are full of life, full of hopes and wishes and because of these big dreams, sometimes they are unaware that they are living in fantasy. Research is somewhat an eye-opener for everybody. Another thing that research can do is that it enables one to be prepared, enhance our self-esteem and make us more knowledgeable. Not just that, research also serves as a guide in deciding what path we are to choose. Hmmm… I think, I have written it all. I have answered my question too, so I guess we should start to have research right now. Start researching to know what our career and life would be like in the near future.

Well, I guess all of us want to have a better future. Nobody wants be a “nobody” when that time comes. All of us are striving hard to be someone that people may look up to in our life to come. As to me, I am very worried after graduation because I think that I am not yet ready when that time comes. But I really want to graduate this coming March because I want to help my family. That line must be very used but that is one of the reasons why I keep on going to school even I find the programming and math subjects very difficult and confusing (laugh). But even I lack such skill I am still confident to have a good career. It’s not about how you strive just today but it’s also how you decide and work hard for your future.
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charmaine anne quadizar


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:12 am

Research has been part of our life especially in school. It is another word for gathering of information. The more information we have the closer we get of making our own decision. Research is the result of advancing knowledge created in the past. Once your mind is curious about something and you wanted to look for the solution about that particular thing, you conduct a research. Research enables a person to look for new knowledge through discovering and investigation. It helps find an answer to a question difficult to answer by just looking at it. Research is designed to solve particular existing problems so there is a much larger audience eager to support research that is likely to be profitable or solve problems of immediate concern. We also must understand how research impacts our decision making. Most people make decisions without gathered information to back them up. Only few do. The problem is most people aren't patient enough to put in the effort. Research requires time, effort, and sometimes money to have the evidence you need to make a sound decision that's why many avoid it. The research you do and evidence you gathered will have impact on your future.
Research helps the student to understand all the minority thing which has a major impact as we all know that evena a small thing makes a big difference. research will give you all the answers one want and it will always be their in ones mind which he will never forget. research give the true picture of the situation and helps to analyze appropriately. therefore it is essential for a student to carry out the research.
The role of research topic in deciding our future is that it can help us enhance our self-esteem and knowledge about the matter especially in the field of Computer Science. In the first step of conducting research, choosing the topic for the research reflects the interests of an individual or students like us in a subject matter. In line of that, one must also know his/her capacity and strength in making the said research. Another is, he/she would learn how to make budget plans; how to do technical writings, experimentations, and even in making time management chart or timeframe. By that, student can gain more knowledge and could have experiences regarding in making the research that could be in use in his/her future career.
Thus, research would also be significant in our future because it would stand as a guide in the path we would choose. It will help us be more knowledgeable and to become experts in our chosen field. And the experiences would lead us to become more mature, professional and wise individuals in facing the facts of the real world when we would have our future career.
Since we are in high school we all have research subject. But our Research Subject in college is different. They both have the same definition. Research means to find knowledge to solve a certain problem. What made it different from my research in high school to my research in college is that this time it is more serious and it can be your future.
As what I have said a while ago, choosing a right topic for your research can also be your future. For me in deciding a research topic there are bases that I should consider. It should be a topic that I am also interested to it because how could I make it if I am not interested to it. Research topic has a big role in my future career because what I am searching for now could be the thing that will make my future bright. If you really want to excel in a certain thing you should give your best in order to come up with an idea that is something extraordinary. What I am trying to say is that if you want something big then you should also do big. Like what Sir Gamboa had said when we are still thinking for a topic “do not choose a topic that after to have searched for it you will just keep it in a cabinet”. We should choose a topic that we know that after we have searched for it we could use it.
But what really is the role of research topic for my future career?? When we were asked for a topic for our research and we were given a theme which is “ green computing”, it took me 3 months to choose for a topic. I presented a topic about a monitoring system but it was not approved. It was very hard for me choosing for a topic in line with the theme. There are so many ideas on the net but if you will see and look for the real content of it, the topic is very difficult. And I think I cannot handle it. One of the factors that I consider in choosing a topic is that I can make it to the implementation. But I know if I will just search for that topic even if it is difficult I can make it. But I cannot disregard the feeling that I cannot make it. Days and weeks had past; still I don’t have a topic. Until one of the topic of my classmate was approved, I was very worried because the end of first semester is fast approaching but still I do not have a topic. And one day I received a text message telling that we will just past the chapter one, two three for our research paper for the first semester. It was good news for me and the second thing was that we can group ourselves by three. Now we are three members in the group but still we don’t have a topic. We are choosing a topic that we know that can be very helpful for everyone. This is not just a topic that we should choose just to pass the subject but we want that what we are proposing right now will be beneficial for everybody. Because we know that if we finished the chapter one, two and three we want that the topic will be just disregarded but we want that it will be implemented. Research topic had a big role for our future career. We do not know that this topic will take us in the field we want to excel. It is a nice thing that during your college life you have a good research it can be a credited to you until you have your own work. Many influential people who will reach out to you when they knew your background during your college life is extra ordinary.
To sum it up research topic has a great role in my future career. It can somewhat make your future bright. Bright means that after you decided for a topic there is a possibility that new opportunity will come to you because of the topic you have choose. It is like a doctor that when you made your job right to your patients many will come back or you will have new patients who will trust you and will ask for your service. Another example that I can compare to it are the politicians and lets us put our self as politician. We all know that we gave our trust to them if they we all know the things they have done for our country. If they have good policies that were implemented we gave credit to them and it is also a credit to them because people will continue supporting them and by the support of the people it could help for his future career in politics. Research should also present your own ideas and conclusions. The main task of research is to support your points with the help of the facts and evidences.

When you start your research, you start a new stage in your educational life. Your research opens you some new opportunities for developing your knowledge and your skills. When we do research we try our very best to provide facts to prove and defend our topic. And from the research alone that being conducted you can say or give impression to the researcher because what you have made reflects to you personality. Choosing a good topic is not an easy task so for me when I encounter topics that are really good I can say that the one who choose this is an intelligent one. Because when you choose a topic there are many things you must consider. You should be a critical thinker, open minded and etc. Not all people have this characteristic so if you are one of them many opportunities who will come your way and this will become your future career. So a research topic have a very big role for our future carrer so we must be serious in this things, we should not think that we will just choose a topic for the sake of passing the said subject. We should give our mind, heart and soul to it. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:19 pm

Among the assignments given to us, I think this question is the most difficult one. This made me think how the research topic would affect my future career. I found it hard to answer since I didn’t think of this while we were still deciding on what will be our research topic for this semester. As what I have in mind, we do research to improve the quality of life for us people to be somehow satisfied, for some time, even though we never get satisfied. We do research because of the existing problems we find in our everyday life. For me, as to the most obvious role of the research topic, it is a solution to the identified or observed problems that you have distinguished. As a result of readings done based on the problems identified, the solution is determined so does the research topic which will be the specific solution to those problems. To help me understand more on what is really the role of research topic in deciding my future career, I read some articles regarding this.

Research is a systematic investigation to establish facts. Why do people conduct research? To find things out and to help understand the world we live in. Also to produce valid and useful information or knowledge that has some significance to benefit society. Who are the main funders of research? The main funders of research are: Charities, Business Corporations, Private Companies, and Individuals.

There will come a time in most students' careers when they are assigned a research paper. Such an assignment often creates a great deal of unneeded anxiety in the student, which may result in delay or postponement and a feeling of confusion and inadequacy. This anxiety frequently stems from the fact that many students are unfamiliar and inexperienced with this sort of writing. Writing a research paper is an essential aspect of academics, and should not be avoided on account of one's anxiety. In fact, the process of writing a research paper can be one of the more rewarding experiences one may encounter in academics. What is more, many students will continue to do research throughout their careers, which is one of the reasons that this is so important.

Determining what our research topic will be, considering the theme “Green Computing”, gave us challenge. Our chosen topic reflects where we wanted to be. With this task, we can identify on what is really our interests since a good topic also requires that the researcher is interested of. In this connection, we may be able to somewhat look forward on deciding what our future career.

One of the reasons students draw back at research paper is that writing them is a skill that most college professors assume their students have, while few high school teachers teach it — leaving students to work out for themselves how exactly to proceed. Add to that the fact that students often take a range of courses they have little or no interest in to satisfy their general requirements, and it’s no wonder that students often feel hung out to dry when it comes to writing research papers. Looked at properly, research papers can be a great way to deepen your understanding of your chosen field, and may be the first step towards developing a specialization that will serve you well as you move into your career or advanced education. Figure out the link between the class you’re taking and your educational and career goals. If you hope to earn an MBA and find yourself stuck in a required Women’s Studies class, write about workplace harassment, or the impact of equal opportunity laws. If you are pre-med and have to take anthropology or sociology, write about cultural differences in notions of healing, or about access to health care for members of different classes.

Becoming an experienced researcher and writer in any field or discipline takes a great deal of practice. There are few individuals for whom this process comes naturally; even the most seasoned academic veterans have had to learn how to write a research paper at some point in their career. Therefore, with diligence, organization, practice, a willingness to learn (and to make mistakes! lolz), and, perhaps most important of all, patience, a student will find that she can achieve great things through her research and writing.

As a seminar in the Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series, Dr. Richard W. Hamming, a Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a former Bell Labs scientist, gave an interesting and stimulating talk, `You and Your Research' to an overflow audience of some 200 Bell core staff members and visitors at the Morris Research and Engineering Center. This talk centered on Hamming's observations and research on the question "Why do so few scientists make significant contributions and so many are forgotten in the long run?"
One of the characteristics of successful scientists is having courage. Once you get your courage up and believe that you can do important problems, then you can. If you think you can't, almost surely you are not going to. That is the characteristic of great scientists; they have courage. They will go forward under incredible circumstances; they think and continue to think.

For me, the tasks that are involved in the research writing are also similar with how scientists in the world do their discoveries. A scientist can never discover something without researching on that topic. So as to research, one cannot achieve his objective if he will not have that enough courage to pursue his study on a certain problem. Although mistakes and other circumstances may come unexpectedly, it is good to have that courage to still continue working on what have been started. As to students, this character will really be a good help since they will practice and enhance how to keep pushing more to finish the research. This will be a good motivation for us students.

What Bode was saying was this: "Knowledge and productivity are like compound interest." Given two people of approximately the same ability and one person who works ten percent more than the other, the latter will more than twice out produce the former. The more you know, the more you learn; the more you learn, the more you can do; the more you can do, the more the opportunity it is very much like compound interest. I don't want to give you a rate, but it is a very high rate. Given two people with exactly the same ability, the one person who manages day in and day out to get in one more hour of thinking will be tremendously more productive over a lifetime. I took Bode's remark to heart; I spent a good deal more of my time for some years trying to work a bit harder and I found, in fact, I could get more work done. You have to neglect things if you intend to get what you want done. There's no question about this.
There's another trait on the side which I want to talk about; that trait is ambiguity. It took me a while to discover its importance. Most people like to believe something is or is not true. Great scientists tolerate ambiguity very well. They believe the theory enough to go ahead; they doubt it enough to notice the errors and faults so they can step forward and create the new replacement theory. If you believe too much you'll never notice the flaws; if you doubt too much you won't get started. It requires a lovely balance.

Why do so many people, with all their talents, fail? Why is it so? What happened to them? Why do so many of the people who have great promise, fail?
Well, one of the reasons is drive and commitment. The people who do great work with less ability but who are committed to it, get more done that those who have great skill and dabble in it, who work during the day and go home and do other things and come back and work the next day. They don't have the deep commitment that is apparently necessary for really first-class work. They turn out lots of good work, but we were talking, remember, about first-class work. There is a difference. Good people, very talented people, almost always turn out good work. Talking about the outstanding work, the type of work that gets the Nobel Prize and gets recognition.

With commitment towards what we are doing in this semester, for us research, we may be able to practice and become more determined in every thing we do. Thus, this will be very useful in determining in what fields are we interested of.

The second thing is, the problem of personality defects. You find this happening again and again; good scientists will fight the system rather than learn to work with the system and take advantage of all the system has to offer. It has a lot, if you learn how to use it. It takes patience, but you can learn how to use the system pretty well, and you can learn how to get around it.

Howard Vernon, a respected philosopher and psychologist in the 1960s, stated: “What you want in life also wants you.” Success already wants you -- it’s just a matter of reaching it with the right strategies and mindset.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)   

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Assignment 4 (Due: August 17, 2009, 13:00hrs)
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