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 November Activities

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Michelangelo Macaraeg

Michelangelo Macaraeg

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PostSubject: November Activities   Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:13 am

PHP Coding Standards can be found here: PHP Coding Standard

November 9-13 :
Proceed with individual checking/consultation of your system
Friday Output : Present to me the changes modifications Sir have cited in your system to create the necessary arrangements for database and integration
November 16-20 : Presentation of the integrated systems will be expected during this week and testing must be ongoing
Friday Output : the integrated system must be presented by this time
November 23-27 : The system must be deployed and system testing is done.

We will have a meeting every monday and friday of this month. Meeting shall be scheduled 9:00 AM in the eng'g bldg. ground floor (friday schedule still TBA) especially this upcoming monday. EVERYONE is encouraged to attend and please be on time. The meeting will start in 9:00 am regardless of the number of people present.

be prepared! present this monday the outline of the testing plan and the directions to which how we will conduct the testing for each system and their units. Integration will start on Monday and Team leaders will be called depending on the order the integration team will attend on your system.

To Everyone ELSE: please continue checking and consulting RSG with your individual systems. Just follow the database naming convention and php coding standard that we had agreed. Any clarifications and questions will be discussed on monday so be there!

Groups who fail to attend meetings shall not be given the necessary attention for your systems. Do not blame anyone if arrangements will not be made for your systems by then.
REMEMBER : Our graduation is at risk. Those who show no efforts shall be regarded as one who do not need their graduation. God Bless us all!
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November Activities
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