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PostSubject: CAPSULE/DETAILED RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORMAT (Adopted from USEP)   Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:56 pm

I. Program/Project Title


III. Introduction (Siutational Analysis)

IV. Significance of the Project/Study
•The current need of the country that the proposal intends to address
•Supports/compliments the national/regional R and D Programs
•The proposal can justify the resources to be invested with the consideration of the potential benefits to be derived
•The likely impact of the information/technology to be generated on the current body of knowledge, the target beneficiaries or other stakeholders (rural farm households; industry; commodity/sector or region and the country/national economy).
•Shows how the output be utilized and be disseminated

V. Objectives
•Adequate enough to address the problem stated
•Clear as to what the proposal to achieve
•Attainable within the time frame and resources indicated

VI. Review of Literature
•Exhaustive enough to cover related researches activities conducted for the last 10 years.
•The state of the art of the current technology/information from which the project proposal will take off
•Indicate any related technology which is protected by any of the intellectual property rights scheme (e.g. patent, trade mark, copyright, etc)

VII. Analytical Framework/Methodology
•The proposal is guided by analytical framework
•All relevant variables to be measured/evaluated are included in the methodology
•The proposed methodology must provide adequate answers to the research objectives
•The project must produce measurable output and their set of indicators and their values must be defined
•Appropriate experimental layout, procedures and design
•Indicate how the data required by the set of indicators be obtained. State the specific sources of data and frequency of data collection

VIII. Expected Outputs:
•To what extent will such technologies/information eliminate/mitigate or prevent the identified problem from producing damages?
•In what way will the proposed research project generated products, information, process, or service of national and international recognition?
•What are the specific products, processes, services, information or technologies which the project is expected to produce?
•How do they compare with existing technologies/knowledge?
•What are the expected social, economic and other benefits to be generated? How long will it take before we can realize some of its expected outputs?
•Are the expected results gender sensitive?

IX. Workplan
•The identified activities must be consistent with the objectives and expected outputs
•The activities identified should lead to the attainment of the expected outputs

X. Budget
•It is reasonable and appropriate in terms of what the project intends to accomplish
•It is consistent with the proposed workplan
•Must indicate counterpart funds if available
•The line-item expenditures consistent with existing allowable rates
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