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PostSubject: MAJOR PAPER   MAJOR PAPER EmptySun Jun 21, 2009 9:12 pm

To provide an opportunity for you to apply the concepts and tools you’ve acquired from this course to a real world situation. The goal is to conduct an Information System Needs Assessment.


1.Identify an organization of your choice and conduct an Information System Needs Assessment. This organization can be from within either the manufacturing sector or the service sector, but must be profit-driven.

2.An Information System Needs Assessment evaluates the information system needs of an organization, so that a careful and successful search for a solution (hardware / software) is conducted and a successful implementation is planned.

3.Once you have identified the organization, submit a Proposal to me which outlines the following:

A description of the organization. This should be very brief and is intended to simply give a name to the business being evaluated and a description of the approach you’ll be taking in completing this assignment. Be concise and precise.

This proposal must be approved by me before continuing with the assignment.
(Due on or before July 07, 2009)

4.Follow the guidelines noted below under the suggested “Format of the Final Report” heading. Beyond that, use your own personal style and creativity. I’m looking for the application of Management Information Systems concepts to an information system definition and search.

5.Divide tasks fairly among the group mates if you opt for a group work. Refer to the “Format of the Final Report: Findings and Observations”, so you’ll know what you’re coming out.

6.Submit the report/paper in Arial font / 12 pt font / double spaced / 1” margins top- bottom- and both sides. Hard copy required. No e-papers or disks initially. Length of paper: standard size of bond paper. No fancy report covers required. Use slide folder. Minimum 50pages

7.Appropriate footnoting and credits are to be given as necessary. There should be very little of this, since you’ll be performing the assessment and writing the report in accordance to the set guidelines. This is not a library project, but rather a hands-on effort on your part.

8.You will be asked to submit a written report and to make a short presentation to the class outlining the highlights of your project. Presentation Schedule: October 01, 2009

Suggested Format of the Information System Needs Assessment: Final Report

General Statement of Understanding:

Provide a brief statement of the process being assessed for improvements and the role you will play in assessing the process and developing your recommendations.

Background Information:

This is where you tell us a bit about the organization whose information systems needs you’re assessing. In a case study, it would be thought of as the part of the case where the basic case background is set and the story details are provided.

It’s also where you describe how the basic business elements work: Product / delivery method / accounting systems / etc.

Engagement Activities:

Describe in detail the steps you took in completing the analysis, including how you observed the process, who you may have interviewed or observed, where this occurred, frequency data, etc. This is where you provide your client with the steps you followed in analyzing their information system needs. Need to fully document all your activties and evidences such as correpondence, pictures, tape interview and the like will be included.

Findings and Observations:

Provide a flow diagram of the major business flows in their current state.

A matrix of required functionality for the new information system, by department, if applicable.

The parameters used in a hardware / software solution search.

Price / platform / training / support / workforce skills / Current system impacts


•The options available in the marketplace and an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

•What specific recommended information system… hardware and software… do you recommend.

•Implementation plan and projected costs

How would you suggest that the company or organization proceed with your recommended information system solution and why? Can you provide a timeline for them to follow in implementing the new system? Can you provide estimates of costs to implement the new system? What training will be required?

Presentation Guidelines

1.Show a 15-20 minute presentation to the class… use whatever technologies you feel would be helpful for the presentation and which are available.

2.Focus of presentation: You will be presenting to the class as if the class is the organization for which you have completed the Information System Needs Assessment. Your task is to run through the assessment findings and recommendations and to field questions regarding your efforts. We’ve paid you to tell us what our new information system should look like… what we should buy, etc.

An Option for your Consideration

1.This can be an individual project or a team project. You’re free to choose. Teams can consist of no more than 3 people. The team grade will apply for every member of the team.

2.Should you choose the team format, each member of the team, in addition to the Report to Management and participation in the presentation, will be required to submit a one page evaluation of their experiences on this particular team… the costs and benefits of team-based projects.
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