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 Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 8:51 am

Your reflection/learning's on Technopreneurship 1 (at least 2000 words)
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Dianne Jean Dumdum

Dianne Jean Dumdum

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Technopreneurship1   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 10:53 pm

What have you learn in Techopreneurship I?

Five months had already past. It only means that my previous days in spending Technopreneurship 1 had also past away. But as a student, time may come and go but my learning will always stay and forever be treasured. Just like my any other subject, Technopreneurship 1 will also do the same. As far as I could remember, we did not have an chalk-board discussion but instead had a seminar type of discussing our area in which we give focus.
To start it off, it is my gratitude to pass all sort of test that I and the rest of the class had. For the first quarter of the semester, we had it ourselves the opportunity to know more about ourselves. As I could remember, we had four different type of test namely The Personal Trait Test, Adversity Quotient and both Emotional and Intellectual Quotient. The fist test that we had was the Personal Trait Test. I could still remember how our facilitator was being delighted knowing that all of us fall on the category of “somewhat entrepreneurial”. Of course, if I could be that facilitator it will also be a great idea knowing that I am handling the most number of possible student that could be a great technopreneur. For me, it is also a good thing since I did not expect it to be that well since I am not into any form of business and is not inclined to it that much. Somehow, it painted a smile on my face knowing that it is still possible for me to be inclined with it. The next test was letting ourselves know our Emotional Quotient and I’m very much satisfied to the result although I know from the very beginning that I have a stable emotional state. In this regard, I can say that this is one of my edges among all other. I could say this since I’ve known some of them for and that I ca say that some of them have emotional problems. I know that everything is not constant and will always be subjected to changes. But the one thing that I am very much sure of is the fact that I am able to control myself and is very much expandable to any form of changes. I know that this character can be use din growing a business since as a business venture, he or she has to deal with people. Another test that we had was Adversity test. This kind of exam helps us to evaluate ourselves if we are capable of settling different kind of problems. It let us know how capable we are in dealing and in handling different situations that could fall either in the field of business or in our own life’s application. Now, the last and the most interesting test that I had was when I’ve got to know my Intellectual Quotient. Since then I am always puzzled until where can my mind can go. Since my elementary days, I wanted to know my IQ but I always fail to have it due to the fact that I am afraid of my own result. Now, the time has come for me to know it all by myself. Far from I expected, I received a more than average level. I pretty well know that its not that high but what amazed me was that fact that I am not that kind of person in which I expected. From that I had formulated a saying that goes like this, “Don’t be little yourself.” From then on I somehow gained something for myself, and that is self worth and confidence.
As we continue ourselves in the world of entrepreneurship accompanied by the power of technology, I got to meet two of the most admiring people and these are in the person of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. These two individuals opened my eyes for success and possibilities. After we viewed Pirates of the Silicon Valley, I come to a point of realization that possibilities are always open and will always be there for us to grab and maximized it. From the movie, it teaches me or us to stay foolish and hungry for success. I admit, that I am very much fascinated and delighted with moral and the flow of the story. Two thumbs up for it. Now, what I feel is a very great and big chances of opportunity that somehow it would be a big help in my entire existence here on earth, I could be that someone that everyone will look up to. Well, you can’t blame me from imagining anyway. Another thing, during our discussion in the past semester, our laboratory room (which was used as our classroom) were trembled and quaked by each of the technopreneur group. It was then that all of us craved for that thumbs up coming from our beloved mentor. Eventually, our group was rejected once. But however, we were not feeling like humiliated since almost all of us got the same rejection. But that feeling of nothingness was replaced by a deep joy since we had that precious approval from our facilitator. From that experience, I learn that making a proposal is not as easy as anyone could imagine. From that moment on, I forgot that I am now in college. I thought that its result will not cause us much, but undeniably I was totally wrong. It would really take time in formulating an idea and I believe that it will all be less stressful if we would know what we love, where our interest are and with regards to the things that we are pissed off. Yeah, we also had this activity and honestly I enjoyed evaluating myself with regards to my answers. In our first listing, what we all wrote was all true but the problem was could not climb up to our desired goal. So, we had it again our second listing and by this time we were able to connect it to a real entrepreneur and for me, it was not an easy thing. After the rejection our brain storming with my group mates, alas, were able to end up a very satisfying idea. Actually we were splitted to two business ideas. I could still remember that we did this a week during our field trip and seminars while the other one was an idea from my sister. During the time of our class, me and my colleagues is about to present our first proposal. During that time, there’s no business idea were able to succeed yet and that makes us tremble and makes us shiver. I don’t know but it excites me more and challenges me of maximum intensity. That was the reason why I am very much eager to stand and show to them our proposal. But, as what we can observed, all of the ideas that were trashed were all simple and labeled as “choks to go”. It means that it is existing and eventually there’s a lot of businessman out there who are practicing it nowadays. So, without further ado, we changed our proposal again and made a highly defined tympanic. This was the idea coming from my sister who used to be a nursing student. I admit that the very first time I’ve gotto hear about this, I DOUBT since I was thinking that it is something that is not achievable and could not be realized if it is us who make and do its realization. If only O knew that that this was the thing that our facilitator had been searching.
Making a business proposal is not a joke. It could not make us smile but t could jump us for joy. It would not give us stress but it could bring us into extreme happiness and success. After all of those heart whelming activities and mind bugling stuffs, finally we had it ourselves the learning not just only the hardships pf making the business proposal but as well as the teaching of perseverance, patience and pursuing to be successful. Until now, I could still remember how my classmates would like after rejection. They would even cry. But everything is settled and now we are heading more to a wonderful journey.
It seems like I had a lot o learning and it is all comprised with thoughts and ideas. I could still remember how my brother would eagerly ask to what kind of business that we could put up. He is very much eager in investing such but he could not see and find a good one. He often asked me of some ideas that he could use. But those questioning happened during my innocence (lol). Now, if ever he would ask me again, I could have an answer and would be able to exchange ideas with him. With my learning, I will let other people know it and share the things which I also learned from the class discussion. Assuming that I am already grown up and if ever given the chance and opportunity of having the things which I needed, I would like to put up a business on my own and help other people to be employed. By that I would be satisfied and if I already have this growing and developing business, it would be of great chance to be a capitalist and help the beginners in the field. How I wish, I could have all of this.
I know that there is still a lot more in technopreneurship and I believe that I can be able to attain all of this by a rigid training and learning in Technopreneurship II. I know I can and all things would be all possible, in God’s mercy and plan. GOD BLESSES us all.
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exzell robelo

exzell robelo

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 10:30 am

What I have learned in Technopreneurship 1?

During our first semester we took Technopreneurship 1 as one of our subject. Generally, it talks about business in relation to technology today. Definitely the concept of the subject focuses on handling business especially technological businesses. Technology nowadays is quick changing that almost every three months there are new technologies are existing which became a reason for entrepreneurs to compete with each other. In this case entrepreneurs are determined to seek new techniques and strategy to make their business more persuasive to the customers and other capitalists as well as to those who are planning to establish their own business. However, it would not be easy to meet the desire of every entrepreneur if they will not follow a specific guidelines and steps in achieving their goals. This is also the reason why technoprenuership was introduced to everyone.

Applying the technoprenuership approach in a business is very important because it will lead a technopreneur into a better ways to develop a business. It will provide an idea on how to have a productive and effective business. By means of technoprenuership, technological skills of a person will be enhanced and will come up with an entrepreneurial mindset. This is not only addressed to the current businessman but even to an ordinary person who has a mind in business and believes that a simple idea could be pursued into a viable technology-based enterprise. This is possible and the only thing needed is determination and an innovative mind regarding technology. Technoprenuership is also important in creating employment. As we observe, lot of people are suffering unemployment. Yes! They have finished their college degree but because of lack of companies to enter to they became useless in the society. The typical mindset of a person is to be an employee to earn money but technoprenuership p alters this kind of mindset of a person, instead of becoming an employee, technopreneur’s mindset is to become an employer and I realized that it is possible, why not? Being an employer has a big difference from being an employee. If we talk about the income between the two, they are too incomparable because the employee itself is dependent to his or her employer. From this reality gives me a better understanding about technoprenuership, that it works a lot and changes the way I think towards life. It also gives me an idea to establish my goals so that I will live with a purpose. Living without a purpose is useless just like in business, directing it without proper guidelines will lead it into waste of time and devastate of money.

Once you have already the mind of a technopreneur, automatically you will be innovative in using the different resources you have. You will already know how to use things and develop these into a better one which is useful to everyone. It would be easy for you identify the needs of the people around you. Brilliant ideas are easy to formulate and apply and everything will be implemented suitably to the environment. The local resources found in the environment can produce various business ideas to the people. They could possibly base it in the current business trends, to the crisis suffered and the unattainable needs of the people.

It was mentioned earlier that it talks about business through technology. As it was defined, it can promote technology. Promotion happens during the application of the business. A technopreneur will create a technology-based business using the available resources and the level of technology will be lifted once again. Another thing about technoprenuership, it would greatly influence the entrepreneurial culture of a certain place by making the people engage in a technology-based business. People will turn their interest in business. If almost of the people in a certain place is already connecting to technoprenuership, it will provide a legacy to a nation and even to the entrepreneurs who continuously investing for their businesses. All of these ideas imply that technoprenuership is really a big help to everyone who has the interest in business. It gives a fact regarding the current status of our country in terms of technology-based enterprise.

The topics in Technopreneur are somehow practical yet very interesting. Basically, the discussions in this subject is basing on the SEED Model which stands for Self Mastery, Environment Mastery, Enterprise Mastery and Development of Business plan. Just an overview, this model is used to comprehend more in the topics about a person or group of person dealing with business. Through this model, the attitude of a person will be measured as well as his level of interest in business. In addition, it will describe the person's approach towards business. The explanations about the SEED model is just a part of what we have discussed in the previous semester.

Knowing what your passion in life is called Self Mastery. A self mastered person does not need high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) instead does heed a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient). Furthermore, a self mastered person is naturally a performer simply means he/she is competitive, efficient, and epicure that means sensual and cheerful. Self mastered person is a boss who loves to take charge, a person who knows how to handle individuals work, its pressure and is a good fighter. It is also important for a person to have the attitude of fixing the gaze straight ahead to what he intended to do, having a focus mind and has a personal vision that enable him/her to distinguish strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, being a self mastered person is necessary in aiming to achieve ones greater goal in the field of business to succeed, having the ability of which he/she is capable of doing, and especially able to translate vision into reality.

Environment Mastery is generating business ideas and seeking opportunities out from his or her environment through serendipity walks or shall we say roaming around and find something to innovate. Crisis is also one of the factors to be considered in looking for opportunities in business. Once a person have observed crisis, he or she will abruptly arrived in an idea of a solution for the problem and that solution could probably be a business. See! Who would expect that crisis is somehow could be a hint? Another factor is the trends. Talking about trends in business is something to do with latest or we say in demand in the society. To site an example, let us consider laptops and mobile phones. These gadgets became popular nowadays known to be for educational use and sometimes just for luxury. In this example, it was emphasize that these gadgets are the trend of technology that’s why many manufacturers introduced different models and added more features to gain more customers. There are still lot of useful things found in the environment if you only know how to use it. An environment mastered person also understands the industry he/she is in and sees the opportunities, not the problem.

The next one is the Enterprise Mastery. In this area of the SEED model, it tells us about running a business. It also emphasizes the difference between leading and managing. In enterprise mastery, it leads and inspires rather than manage. Leading not only the business but also the people involved in it such as the employees and the staffs. Once somebody is leading the business, everyone is inspired to do their part and it will also result in a good performance of a business. This factor also integrates and understands the functions of management such as human, marketing, resource, operations and finance. Not only the functions of management will be integrated but also it’s process which includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

The last is the development of the business plan which covers the writing of business plan, presenting and defending the business plan and adding refinements to the presented business plan. These three are the scope in developing a business plan in a right manner. Without these three, business implementation would be impossible because it is the basis on how you develop a business. In writing the business plan, you are going to think and plan of a business to be proposed. After you have planned, you will be writing it following a specific standard if what would be the content of your paper. During the presentation, you will be facing various personalities that would judge the concept of your business plan. This is the level where you are able to analyze well the business and do some refinements if ever there are lacking. In doing the refinements, you will go to add the suggestion and ideas which are necessary to complete your business plan.

I have learned a lot from this topic. It teaches me to think well and go beyond the limit of my imagination. I also discovered that in business, we should not only consider money as indispensable asset but it also needs your attitude and character to succeed. Being hard working, self-confident, having a mind that sees vision of what will come next, profit-oriented, persistent, and able to respond to feedbacks, can easily catch up ideas in making the business more flexible, to demonstrate initiative and especially willing to accept brilliant ideas considering correction. These must be the characteristics that a technopreneur should posses and surely he/she will succeed.

To measure our potential in technoprenuership, we have undergone three sets of test and these are the IQ, EQ, and AQ test. Each of the tests is composed of practical questions that must be answered honestly and efficiently. The IQ test measures our intelligence in running a business, your attitude towards dealing its casualties, and it test your initiative in bringing the business to its progression. The questions are practical where you assume yourself as a technopreneur. The test will be evaluated and the score will be given an equivalent. The same manner was done with the EQ and IQ test. While I am taking the test, I realized that there are lots of things that I should consider especially in dealing effectively with other people and handling different situations in the workplace. After taking the three sets of tests, it was resulted that somehow, I have the potential of being a technopreneur.

At first, my expectation from this subject is very shallow. I say to myself that I can’t relate to it that only the businessmen can understand. I also ask to myself that why should I study it, the fact that I am not a business minded one. Not knowing that I would become interested after taking the subject and it gives me an idea that I can put it into application in the real world. I was amazed by the fact that Technopreneurship is very interesting that even the students are given a chance to excel in this field. The lessons in this subject motivate me to pursue in business and develop my innovative skills using the available resources around. As an application in the real world, I can say that Technopreneurship contributed a lot where new ideas are added unto me. It is true that entering the world of business and becoming a businessman is not an easy job but since I have already know a part of it, I had already the assurance that everything will be easy for me. The world today is really looking for the best technopreneurs that would definitely uplift the ecnomy’s status and will promote technology so that it will become notorious to everyone. Technopreneuship gives me the idea of becoming a perfect and a competent technopreneur, a technopreneur who can answer to everyone’s needs using the skills and knowledge I had. In this way, not only I and my family can benefit but also other people who has a willing heart and an open mind to adhere in business. I can offer others an opportunity for them also to engage in business so the number of technopreneurs in our country will increase. I believe and I am confident that starting in a simple way of enterprising, a great reward and improvement will happen in the society. Everyone must not limit its ambition to achieve success from what they have started. Although success is obscure in the beginning, greater things will come if there is trust in oneself and determination to achieve the goal.
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Xaviery Dwight Noval

Xaviery Dwight Noval

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 9:45 pm

What have you learn in Techopreneurship I? Shocked

Our elective 1 was all about being a technopreneur and knowing the world of technopreneurship. It is somehow funny to think that a guy like me without the will or interest on these things had been able to jive on it and strangely how it had opened up a new path, road or option for my career. This subject had shared unto us several lessons; lessons that had inspired us and strengthen us; had molded us to a better person with great personality; had discovered several skills due to some circumstances that forced us to show it Exclamation
It all started with a film viewing, watching someone else’s life, from his triumphs to victory and learns from all of those things and had followed with the question of how do I see my own self as a technopreneur? I entered this new world without even a pinch of knowledge about it, had watched the film and had picked up several lessons behind it. We were introduced to a man named as Steve Jobs, who has been so famous and wealthy. He had succeeded through his own ability, passion and courage. With a good career together with lots of titles, we could clearly say that he had the true abilities of being what he was right now. To abide Steve Jobs career path is a great pleasure, but that pleasure comes up with waves of challenges to overcome and endure. As what the film shows, a great leader basically will become a good technopreneur. Several characteristics or factors are needed to be a good technopreneur, some traits that Steve Jobs has are the following: Creative – he is a creative technopreneur, each design he made were based on his experiences, his passion and based on what he really loves. Hardworking – for he is committed to his job which brought him to the top all technopreneurs. Crazy but a positive tinker – for he makes decision in a unique way that even his companions couldn’t understand, he stands for what he thinks is right, and when things fall apart still he has the strength to keep on believing on his decisions. Risk taker – he takes all the risk and had treated it as a challenge, as if there’s nothing to be worried of and everything going to be alright. A good adviser – because Steve Jobs just don’t spoke out words with no valuable meanings, it should be a phrase of a sentence that someone can pick a lesson from. A good technopreneur – because he can endure all the sufferings and focus on his own job, he is not threatened on his big competitors which makes him a competitive technopreneur. An inspirational and a good leader – as what I had said lately, he is an inspirational leader for he is a good adviser and a true leader who leads and commands his employees. Being a technopreneur means to be involved in businesses, and in the world of business we could say that a little mistake could ruin everything you had, for there are lots of competitors waiting for an opening and a chance to eliminate you. Thus, we could say that it is more like “survival of the fittest” which states that “the strong shall live and the weak shall die”. Better company with in demand products to offer basically reigns and dominates. So each step to take must be properly planned to avoid messing things up. It is amazing to think that an ordinary man could flip a coin and bring the whole world into his hands by putting such an effort to all his jobs. Well, that’s life! We must strive to continue and reach our goals.
On the other hand, our technopreneurship 1 is focused on our self mastery. It was based on the SEED model. They say that it is better to know your enemies, but it is more appropriate to know our self even more, for it is our key to success. By taking several personality tests such as: IQ, EQ, ans AQ, we could know our own self, our traits, our levels, on how we respond on some things, our hates and love or likes. In addition to this, we may also refer to our character, attitude, physical appearance, social interactions, skills, intellects, and etc... I also learned that in the field of businesses, it is better to have a higher (EQ) Emotional quotient, than having a higher (IQ) Intelligence quotient. Emotional quotient or perhaps how you respond on specific things via your emotion is more important than on how you think a solution for it. Having a business basically also means to mingle with others, to gain the respect and gratitude of the clients. I myself had also taken these test and had the result of being an average at (IQ) intelligence quotient and a above average of (EQ) emotional quotient, could these really mean something? Maybe! And by the way, being a good technopreneur involves being an optimistic, as what I had mentioned “seeing things in a different way”, must see things in a different way to see the brighter side of it. Seeing happiness despite of loneliness is just like seeing a business in the middle of a big crisis. Having the personality traits test as a measurement of an individual capabilities and limitations is a good approach when making a certain decision. Decision makings such as: being involved in a business or what we termed as being a technopreneur. Perhaps they could be assuring of their own knowledge and skills to surpass and be on the top of the hierarchy on a certain field. Understanding the importance of the personality traits test, it goes somewhat like this: it helps us know our capabilities, our talents or should I call it skills. It helps us improve our own selves by giving us a ranking of the results to inform us where we really belong and to inform us what skills to improve in order to be more competitive. Personal traits test also includes the self mastery. As I said knowing your own self before taking a move is a good approach on having a certain decision. For self mastery is one of the elements needed to be a good technopreneur. Mastering your own self would help you know your limitation, that’s what I had been concluded after the discussion and researching.
Great! Being influenced by such a respectable man is really great! The efforts, will, guts, strength, all of these had make things happen for him. Now let’s skip it and go to the composer’s goal, my goals! Before the end of the semester, we were task to have our own revised version of goals. Clearing the path, putting the past behind and making a new step, that’s what it is all about. For every person has their own goals and purposes in life, own purposes which makes them unique as an individual. As mentioned, from what I had answered in that task, here are some of my new goals: To surpass all what I am in the past, to be more flexible, to strive hard without breaking, and if ever to stand up with all my guts and confidence, to continue the fight and basically to attain my goals, to put all my efforts and to aim a great success with my interest as the center of my journey. Having a purpose or objective can help you to motivate yourself. One by one, we had defined the basic parts and requirements to become a good technopreneur. Some of the keys will be discussed as this article lengthens itself.
One more thing, the commencement letter of Steve Jobs which had a lot of meanings and inspirational words. Reading this short letter is just like reading almost a whole book of values and motivation, because of its simple but great lessons. Every single word he spoke makes heavy and meaningful sentences. Meaningful in a way that it inspire students through the lessons of his words. His commencement letter has 3 phases: connecting the dots; love and lose; and all about death. Each of these phases explains his experiences, his epic failure and great come backs. He also noted the quote “You must find what you love”, finding what I really love is like making my clear path to victory. For finding what it really is would make me realize things for myself. Connecting the dots, he said, an individual must trust all his experiences, his decisions and trust himself. For later in his life, he will thank all of those things that happened, for it will all bear a fruitful success. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is a great work. Being a hard-worker is not that easy, but the fruit that it will give is surely worth it. His second story is about his love and loses; his interest is all about developing the computers and changing the world of technology. He as the founder of the Apple Company had been kicked out of his own company. If this thing would happen to any other person, surely that person will be so depressed; will get drunk all the time and some might kill themselves for having such a big lose. But still, he had proven that he really loves his field, he had stand up against his loss. He had built and founded a new company. Putting all his skills and knowledge, making his lose as a challenge as an improvement to him, he regain his title and had come back to the path he really loves. The good opportunity had smiled unto him, paying all the efforts he had invested and giving him the chance to prove himself again. What a big lesson indeed! Standing and proving the world what you have got, keeping the confidence despite of having a big failure, to start a new one and believing in your own great skills. The third phase of his story is all about death, the fear of losing all because of death. We could not escape death; no one could hide from it. All we can do is to enjoy our life, do what we think is right and give all our best shot. If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you will most certainly be right”. Hence, live your life to the fullest! Make every single day meaningful! Do everything you have and you can do today, every little thing that you can do for you don’t know when the time you will pass. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. Your time is limited; so don’t waste your life in living in someone else’s life. Hence live your own life the way you wanted it to be! Stay hungry and foolish that’s what Steve Job said at the last part of his commencement letter. Hungry for knowledge, craving for more, don’t just settle in one, but seek for more. And just remember one important thing; you have to follow what you love and to follow your heart!
At the last part of the course subject, we were tasked to have a technopreneurial business proposal, which is unique, simple and could surely give us a good head start. Funny and annoying, we had been thinking for it for couple of weeks. We had tried several ideas that we could come up, but still we were kept on rejected. Putting up all our ideas, our love or likes, and sharing the things that we hate had come up to an ambitious proposal, which had been directly rejected for the purpose of: it is not a good proposal for starters without such capitals to put on to. It is not easy to build a single unique proposal, which is simple and could give a good service! That’s all I can say. The task had given us a big challenge, to persevere and strive hard to comply the subject requirement.
Our Elective 1, (technopreneurship 1) as expected had given us some though jobs but had surely shared us couple of knowledge, which we could bring where ever and whenever we may be. Hopefully, these learnings will be applied on the near future, not just for my success but also for the success of others. And hope to learn more on the technopreseurship 2 as we continue or the SEED model, as we continue on discussing the E.E.D. That's all for now, THANKS Exclamation
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cherilyn lagare

cherilyn lagare

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 10:47 pm

My Reflection and Learning's on Techno 1

" The best investments you ever make are investments in yourself – and your education. Those investments always pay big dividends. "
– Donald Trump

Technopreneurship 1 bestowed a great impact to me being a student. I have learned a lot from imparting Mr. Randy Gamboa his knowledge and expertise in the field of technopreneur. From the above quotation by Donald Trump our first investment of being a newly born technopreneur are the asset or the learning’s or should I say the educational skills that we have as a student. What we are planting now are the things we are going to gain in the future and those investments mentioned pay a big bonus towards us.

To define technopreneurship, it is the use of technology as an integral and key element in the transformation of goods or services. In short technopreneurship is the combination of business with the help of technology. We also have the learned importance of Technopreneurship, these are employment creation, local resources, decentralization and diversification of business, promotion technology, capital formation and lastly promotion of an entrepeneurial culture. In other words, the Technopreneurship lend a great advantage in our economic status if are able enough and the right capabilities handling a business.

The first activity we had is about following simple instruction. From that matter, it will test an individual on how he/she pursue and keep track even a simple instruction he/she might encounter. In the meadow of technopreneurship, we have to consider the simple instruction that should be applied in order to be success. This will also be applied in our daily lives, considering the factor of most people doesn’t think seriously about their future. However people don’t know how to do it. Well in fact the things they need is just around them. The other activity we had is the connecting the dots. Connecting the dots symbolized the thinking skills of how we are thinking and discerning beyond the limits we ought to have. In connection to Technopreneurship, people want to earn money, they are looking for it but sadly they are looking for it badly! We have to expand and lengthen the ideas on how earn money through technology. In fact people are struggling for a survival but not knowing that the stuff they need from neediness is just beside them. Computer and an internet are the stuff to hook up and get into the world of Technopreneurship. Along with the discussion we had movie marathon captured our interest dealing the said subject. “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” is the movie in characters of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; these are the people we are looking forward to be in the near future. From that film, we learned their stories being dynamic, innovate and passionate take their unexplored path. In fact they don’t fear to fail. Even though how many times they have been trapped and failed, they never stop to stand and prove that after rainy days comes a new brighter day towards them.

Before that, several topics we answered connected to technopreneurship. Just like the factors contributed on how to become success and failed. The following are the aspects partake in success of a Technopreneur according to my researched.

• Doing what you love.
• Be different.
• Do your best
• Make an analysis
• Be entrepreneurial.
• Start small, think big
• Strive to become a Market leader.
• Focus on the outcome.
• Ask for feedback.
• Innovative.
• Learn from failures.
• Learn continually.

The above mentioned are the factors which matter to the accomplishment of a technopreneur. We might think at first that these may sound weird; however these are the truth and the principle to help succeed in the field Technopreneurship. Another thing are the factors contributed to the failure, the following below are reasons why an individual crash and give up to this career.

• Being greedy.
• Don’t care on others.
• Doing unnecessary thing.
• Senseless.
• Short temper.

From the commencement address of Steve Jobs, it was once a big hit and was talked about the various articles that time. It is because of the inspiring and encouraging story way back he is. The three stories it comprises are “Connecting the dots”, “Love and Loss” and “Death”. From the first story, I’ve never imagined how unlucky and unfortunate Steve Job was at his time. He emphasized here the struggles and battles he had. To stress from it, He stated here that dots are connected by looking backwards. We should have trust something that happens in our life it may be good and bad. We have to trust to our self. Our skills, talents and knowledge and we have to share these to others, because we cannot live alone. I also learn that we must never let somebody bring us down. We don’t have to look down or even feel hopeless in every failure we have. Life will never be prosperous always. There will always be ups and downs. Everything is a perception in this world. Stay Foolish. Fear is pointless. It means that if you are person with fear, this will never help you. Change is inevitable. Inevitable in a way that changes is unpredictable to come in our lives. If you fear of doing new things or afraid of change, you can never move forward in life. So, stay foolish!

His second story is about love and loss. Steve got fired on his own company at 30. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. Since he loves what his doing, he started a company named NeXT and Pixar not knowing that he felt in love with a woman and suddenly become his wife (Laurence). The most important thing that I ascertain is “Don’t lose faith”. Steve convinced to keep going that was he loved what he did. Though he was replaced in the position of his own company, Steve never stopped to discover and persist to his work and way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. Also in our self, even though we haven’t found what makes us happy, we have to find out and keep looking. Of course, if we already have it we have to be contented living with it. Don’t settle. Don’t be too easily satisfied or settle easily with what we have, what we do and grow comfortable…Always there is room for improvement and growth… Hungry of looking forward for progress after failures. When one door closes, another door opens.

Death is in the third story. “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” This quotation made an impression to Steve Jobs. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Lately in his life he diagnosed a pancreatic cancer. His doctor told him that this kind of illness is incurable and nothing to expect to live longer. Without expectation, the cancer cell has been killed through surgery that in fact it is rare happen. But in spite with this ailment, Steve Jobs never surrender. However, this unfavorably situation give more courage to Steve to continue living with his supportive family. No one wants to die. Yes! That true. We are afraid to face death. No one knows when and where this tremendous situation happens. This story wants to remind us that our time is truly limited. We never know what happen next. So we should not waste our time living with loved of our life. We have to express to our families, friends, relatives that we love and care them. So that if time goes by, when we are facing death no regrets may occur. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. Whatever people may think of you, don’t let them bring you down. Steve Jobs also shared that have the courage to follow what our heart and intuition says and crave for. Intuition is somewhat your perception and awareness.

We used to think the kind of techno-business if given a chance; we are going to proposed and utilize in the near future. I decided to have a business named “Wedding Galore”. This is a site for the wanted couple who wants to order and classify items and services. Of course my target clients are the online couple. While I am making this business proposal, there are things to consider or rather say the preeminent elements of establishing a fledgling techno business bringing in success. These are the following:

• Choice Of Business. Why have you chosen this business? Are you passionate about this particular business, or just about being in business? We must love the business we are in. Loving and enjoying your own business wont get through the days when business turn against us. But loving a certain business isn't enough if the business we love is on the way out.

• Education and Experience. If we are going to ask if education and experience, which of the two is more important? Then my answer would this be plenty of highly educated business failures, as well as many highly successful business owners who are not very well educated.

• People. These are the management, founders and the key employees who make the company work. A well company with a weak and poorly functioning team may not valuable in terms of market place. Good team work is what a capitalized company needs specially with the usage of technology. Workers should be versatile to what circumstances may happen. The owner also a risk taker, ready in all the challenges. Good people are actually considered rare. External team is the paid professionals’ .Internal teams are the founder and the employee who make the company work.

• Creativity in Management. Being resourceful needs in every small business of a Technopreneur. There are two hard truths about the management. Some entrepreneurs are not good managers. This means that several managers are not good in carrying or managing their workers. In cline with technology the project manager should good in their field. Some excellent managers don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. This indicate that good managers cant do their job well because they are only good in innovating ideas but never in leading without the help of his fellow worker.

• The Industry .The choice of business. This factor encourages us to find out if the industry we are considering has high potential or low potential. Since we are requiring creating a techno business, we are going to consider the environment of what today is.

The preeminent discussions we learned are about the SEED model and the management process related to Techopreneurship. The SEED model in Technopreneurship 1 in which SEED stands for Self-mastery, Enterprise, Environment and Development. However, due to the lack of time to have a lesson about SEED model, we only deeply learned about Self–mastery. It is about knowing your passion in life. A self mastered person does not need high IQ, EQ and AQ. He/she is naturally performer-competitive and efficient. He/she is also sensual and cheery and most of all a boss who takes charge and loves a good fight. Under Self-master is the personal vision and knows strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we also encountered our personal aspect to know more about ourselves.

• What you are best at?
• What you love?
• What are those things that make you irritants with?

Process management consists of PDOC which stands for Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling. Here, we learned the factors on how we are able to manage things prior to Technopreneurship. As I remembered Mr. Gamboa once said that somehow Davao City would be the next center of Techno-capital not only nationwide but around the world. Being a student, our goal why we study and send to school is to graduate and to have a good future waiting for us a good work either. But these mind set are not reasonable enough to be when we are going to have are own diplomas, instead we are going to become a competitive employer managing our own techno-business sooner.

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 1:08 am

There are a lot of things that has been taught to us by our instructor. To make the discussion sound a lot precise then let us enumerate those things that we have discussed on the whole semester.
First of all we have discussed what the syllabus is or shall we say the content of this subject. We have been enlightened that this subject was a combination of technology and entrepreneurship. In exact words this “Technopreneurship “, is still entrepreneurship, technically, BUT with the GREAT aid of technology.
As our first activity we are told to have walk in and observe a certain establishment. On that certain establishment we shall think of things, inventions, and innovations to improve that certain establishment. Imaginations really helped us a lot that moment, wild imagination did. Robotics, sensor, biometrics and even artificial intelligence were used. But the best part was that we are able to explore our minds. We, that time, are geniuses. Out of those crazy things we thought, we have formulated solutions on how to help business boost in the name of technology. Also we learned in this activity the important role that technology has been playing in the industry of business.
The facilitator has introduced to us the SEED model. What is this? The SEED model is composed of four elements. “S” stands for Self-mastery, “E” means Environment mastery, the other “E” is Enterprise mastery, and the last one which is “D” is the Development. These four are the pillars of the Technopreneurship.
I want to discuss further on this four, because I really learned a lot from our facilitator. In self mastery it is where you try to unleash your potentials whether physical, emotional, and mental and even spiritual. It is the stage where you know yourself deeper, to differentiate the things you like, don’t like, and your bests. In this stage also there will be a much effort to be exerted to succeed on unleashing yourself and as a result, you will be able to extend your arms on those who are in need. If you want to change something or better yet the world, you have to change yourself too and that is if you know yourself deeper than before.
Next is the environment mastery, actually it is not discussed thoroughly but the facilitator have given us an overview about this stage. Environment mastery is looking around you and studying the area. In this way a person will be more sensitive on what is around him or her. Being sensitive is one of the characteristics an entrepreneur must possess, because in sensitivity a person will be able to see and point out the things that are needed in a certain place of society and then attending to those needs in a form of business.
Enterprise mastery, what is this? It involves the business itself. This is the part wherein there is a need of study about the running business or maybe putting up your business. Whenever you have your own business you need to know the current flow, if it is doing a great performance or poor. How? Know the things you need to know. Look at the business and point out the things that possibly the cause of its poor performance or good performance and then take an action. Of course the action that has to be made should well think of to avoid regrets and to avoid wrongful decisions. Who will we study? The employees, the products, the facilities, promotions, and also the customers or clients are the ones we have to study. Anything that is involved in a business should be studied. This stage also speaks of a strategy to fill the gaps of competition in the business world. You can also go out and study those successful companies for you to have the ideas on how should a good enterprise would look like.
Development stage of the SEED model. In this part we tend or aim to develop a business proposal, an effective one. Considering all the things that have been studied and discussed we will now be able to create or develop a business proposal that is effective and that would really be beneficial not only to one’s life but to a lot of life.
Now let us jump onto the next topic which as the test that could identify you. Personal traits test, Intelligence quotient test, Emotional quotient test, and the Adversity quotient test. These are the test that I took to identify or to me, myself better. These tests have helped me a lot, especially on the encouragement portion. As I took those tests the results have told me that I don’t have that entrepreneurial skill. But that did not stopped me, despite of the fact that I failed on the tests. As a result it urged me to be an entrepreneur.
Along with the class last semester we have watched the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley, which again pushed me. I liked the movie so much, I learned from Steve Jobs the real essence of love. He never finished a degree course; he is even a drop out student. He is lucky enough to find early in his life what are those things that he loves to do, which led him on top. In his life I learned a lot of factors that affects a man’s success. Love it is but more than love is obsession which Steve Jobs showed. Obsession is a negative word but it has been used by Steve Jobs in a positive way. He used it as a weapon to succeed. According to a writer on a blog there are this factors which led to Steve jobs success.
5 Keys To Success are: You’re Running Out of Time – Use It Wisely
Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.
Start right now, in this instance, to work on your success.
Dreaming of it. Crafting it. Creating it.
Don’t wait for the kids to go off to college, the stars to align, or until everything is just right.
Don’t Live Someone Else’s Life
You’ve got dreams of your own. They may have been beaten into silence, but you know they’re still there. Waiting patiently for you to remember them. To nurture them. And have the courage to share them with the world.
Break Free From Dogma
Have the courage to be yourself.
What are your dreams?
What do you want?
What make YOU happy?
Dive deep into the mystery and miracle of who you are. There’s never going to be another person like you on the face of this planet. EVER.
Think about that for a second. Embrace it. And get on out there and discover who you are.
Ignore Other People’s Opinions
Abraham Maslow said that the happiest people are the ones that are, “Oblivious of the good opinions of others.”
Now I don’t think Mr. Jobs is saying to steer clear of wise council. It’s good to have other people perspective on things. And I’m sure that apple has a lot of geniuses, clairvoyants and witch doctors to help Mr. Jobs divine the future.
But there’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that it can’t be done. Or you’re not the right person for the job. Or some other form of baloney.
Thank them for their concern and keep pressing on with your dreams.
Listen and ask for the opinions of people who have more experience than you. But keep far away from dream stealer’s.
Follow Your Heart
So often we choose to ignore the “still small voice within.” We get that gut feeling. We know something is up.
We hear our dreams calling out to us but for whatever reason we suppress them, ignore them, and shove them down deep inside.
Maybe we’re trying to keep up with Jones’. Maybe we buy into the “get a good job, keep your head down, and work hard” story they sell us in school.
Whatever the reason the truth is when we stuff those dreams away and lock them deep within our hearts we suffer.
Silently we ache. An agony most of us take quietly to our graves.
The only cure is to dream again. To follow our hearts. To go where life is calling you. To run through fields of wide open possibility.
A quote I love and have adapted slightly from Frederick Buechner is, “Success is found through marrying the worlds deep hunger with your hearts deep gladness.”
It’s no wonder that Steve Jobs has been successful.
Amazing isn’t it how he wrote all of those things. Anyways regarding on the commencement made by him, Steve Jobs, I understood the composition of life which is trials, problems, seeking, needs, wants and ambitions.

Trials. What is life without trials? Life without trials is a life lived without effort. It is a life that will never grow and bloom. How can we appreciate success if we don’t go through trials? Life will never be sweet as it would be than when lived in accordance with the nature.
Problems. Problems are interconnected to the life’s nature. Just like trials it is needed to create a better you. It is necessary to learn and to build a better understanding through life. We can never identify what is happiness if there is no sadness.
Seeking. Wondering why I included it in the composition of life? Well that’s how I interpret life. Life is a process of seeking. It is seeking our purpose, our vision, our mission and our goal in life throughout our living. Have you ever asked yourself or has somebody asked you what is your purpose here on earth? Did you give them or yourself a straight answer? I guess not, because knowing your purpose is not as easy as what you think it is. You can never find yourself in a blink of an eye; it needs a long process of seeking inside, through the deepest core where your heart and mind meet.
Needs. We can’t live our lives without having the needs. Needs are different from wants. It includes the basic necessities a human should have to survive (e.g. Food, shelter, clothes). I included this because I believe that survival won’t be possible without having this needs.
Wants. Wants is intertwined with the ambitions or they are somehow synonymous. Wants are those extra things we admire to have. When we have wants we try our best have it, to acquire it. So with that reason that’s why I included it.
Ambitions. It is said that a man without ambition has no goal, it means that when a man does not have a goal then he just live his life the way it is, no aims, no goal, no ambition. Though it is very impossible because we are living in the human world which means that we are human. I say that a man without an ambition in life does not want a good life. I myself do have an ambition, and it’s not just ambition, ambitions I say because I can’t settle with just one or little. If I could have more then I will desire for more. But of course I won’t let that happen if there’s a need for me to step on other people because I believe that if I step onto others then there will come a time that others will step on me too. And I have a principle with GODs guidance which says “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others do unto you.”

Those above mentioned ideas are somehow connected with the commencement message that Steve Jobs offered.

You may be wondering why there is a special attention I give in to Steve Jobs, it is just that he is the main person which have molded me in pursuing my dreams. So much about Steve Jobs, well above all the things I wrote which I learned through the past, I could say now that I am now ready to receive new knowledge to fill up the remaining container meant for this subject. I am more ready now than I was before.

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: assignment 1   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 5:55 am

I have learned in Technopreneurship 1 the meaning of the term “Technopreneurship” is, of course. Well, it is just the combination of technology and entrepreneurship. Only means, business with technology as its base. But it’s not just that. At the first days of class, we tackled what this subject or course aiming for. Generally, so we, the students will or might become interested in doing a business out of what we’ve learned at school.
In long term goals, the Technopreneurship course aims to improve the information and communications technology industries of our city, Davao city. For a longer term goal, that would be for the improvement of the information and communications technology industries of our country as a whole.
So the first activity, I think, we did in Technopreneurship 1 was thinking ideas for a fast food chain for it to be technological and somewhat like. I think, it was our first assignment, as well. Well, my ideas were realistic but lame. My classmates thought of really high tech stuff, so ambitious and so… I don’t know, costly? Good thing I didn’t share my ideas. Phew!
Speaking of assignments, we did tons of it. The first online assignment we did had to have 3000 words in it. Gosh. And I didn’t really like the question and I’m not good at it. So I just have to force my self to do it anyways. It was all about the movie “Pirates of the Silicon Valley”. I’ll be discussing that later.
Another thing we tackled was the core of the Technopreneurship course. We call it the “SEED” thingy. I forgot the right term; I am not sure but I guess that was “framework” or “course” instead of “thingy”. Anyways, SEED is the acronym for:
S – Self-mastery
E – Environment mastery
E – Enterprise… I’m not sure if it still has “mastery” in it. We haven’t tackled much about it, anyways.
D – Development or Development of a business plan, guess so.
Now… what is with this SEED thingy for? Like what I said, it’s the core of Technopreneurship (Oh c’mon? I’m being redundant.). So, yeah, the core or maybe it should be “cores”, it composed of four things... confusing. Well… Beginning with self-mastery; why self-mastery? Generally, we should know our self so we know what business we should be doing if we are interested in doing so. So, “interest”. We can’t really be so in to something if we are not interested about it. Right, I can’t understand people who work just for money or what they were told to. What and where is the fun with that? Like me, I really doubt I would be engaging with business since I’m not really interested with it. I also don’t think it would be fun for me.
Anyways, we got a film-viewing of “Pirates of the Silicon Valley”. At first glance, I thought the title means some sort of action and battles but it’s not like that. I just recently realized “silicon valley” means something like the information and communications technology industries. What? How should I know immediately? “Silicon Valley” sounds like some sort of computer store for me. So… the film was all about Apple Computers’ and Microsoft’s birth or something like that. But it focused more with Apple Computers’ founder, Steve Jobs. There was a scene Steve using drugs. With response to the movie, I learned in Technopreneurship 1 that you should be using drugs to become successful! Just kidding. But he really did use drugs, though. Well… the goal of watching that film was to give us idea what a technopreneur is like, I think so. The movie might also meant to inspire us to become technopreneurs. The film was partly comedy and partly dramatic for me. The two main characters are weird. Bill Gates rammed his friend’s car using a bulldozer… what are with these characters? Bill also taught us that exercising is not healthy! Well… this article is not about those things, though. Anyways, the main message of that movie is to steal ideas to become successful. Not really.
Steve follows Picasso’s principle of “Good artists copy, Great artists steal.” (And greatest artists are in jail.) I don’t really care much about that, though. I am a self-dependent guy and I don’t ask help that much unless really necessary. I hate disturbing others, you know. Talking about that principle, it back fired to Steve when Bill stole the idea of Macintosh. So that’s why this film is called “Pirates of the Silicon Valley”, the characters were like pirates. Other than the piracy part, the film also shows the contribution of Apple Computers and Microsoft in blooming the information and communications technology industries. I guess that was all the important and some are not, part of the film.
So… where was I? I remembered the personal traits test. It was for knowing more about our selves and also how we deal in different situations which are often about interacting to others. And I got a low score! Well… Compared to them, it was low and probably one of the lowest. YES! Although I didn’t reach the top, I almost reach the bottom! If you’re wondering why I’m happy with that, my only explanation is that I’m just being honest about it. If you have a high score in that test, it is either you really deserve that score because you really are something like that OR you were just insisting you were like that. And if you are wondering which am I in those two, well, you are wondering so much. I mean, I am neither both of them; like I said, I got a low score! Anyways, our facilitator said those scores were actually high. What the? And my score was almost at the bottom of the range of the high scores of that test. Oh, by “range of high scores”, I mean, we got good personality traits for making a business. It only shows, “how could?” (How did I get there?) Bottom of the high scores… hey? This is familiar. It’s like my score in the interview when I enrolled at IC!
In continuation of our personality test, this also happened to be our preliminary examinations (Yeah! It was really weird!), we had another online assignment; just the reflection that exam. Let it be. And then we had another assignment about IQ, EQ and AQ test. My IQ test result is that I got 133 but it’s not really something like that, it should have been around 140, I mean, just 120 to 130. Pfft! Well, really. But IQ is not really that useful when it comes to business! And it only proves, I don’t belong to the business world! Woo hoo! I’m joking again… Anyways, I think my EQ, which is really essential for business, is in the average to high range. So I got an average score. Another point for not becoming a businessman! EQ is really important because it is on how you deal others and their emotions or reactions, or so I think it is. Then lastly, the AQ test. I am not really familiar with this one before. I don’t even know what “adversity” is. I just realized, it sounds like advertise but of course it’s not like that. Geeh… Anyways, it tests you us what we do in certain situations; situations which are challenging or when you are down. And my score was almost at the average score. I didn’t really care much about it, though. Well, my implication with the tests is that I might only be in the average range of being a businessman.
We also had an activity about our roles in our home, community, country and the world. I wasn’t able to answer much about it. Yeah. I don’t really what’s this in me why I couldn’t explain much about my self. Actually, I can’t really remember much about my self in my childhood. I remember other people in my childhood and even my toys but if you asked me what was I like, I don’t know. The things I remembered is that I got a lot of fears (heights, stray dogs, monsters, etc.); lazy; curious (I tend to dissect my robot toys.); destroying others’ toys but I didn’t really mean to; crybaby; I don’t know… my head is kinda’ cloudy about it and it’s really different from now that because I can easily remember things which are really not that important.
Anyways, I am just recalling my self. So what are my roles in our home? I’m the one who cooks, if I’m not busy. I also am the most cheerful sibling compared to the other three who argue a lot. But I’m not saying I am that good as a brother. I am kinda’ harsh some times, unlike them, I will really do something when I say so. My sister is even scared to me. But at least, amongst us four, I’m the only one who can easily talk the other three because they really argued with each other a lot of times before; good thing it’s not that much now. Yeah. I’m totally different to the other family members of mine. “I won’t grow up to become someone like any of you.” That’s one of my principles at home. I guess I am the one who really hates them the most. Now, my role in community: I don’t really go out that much especially now. Even until now, I don’t know much about my neighbors, just a few of them, really few compared to the area of our village. The only time I got a lot of interactions with my neighbors is when I was still at preschool nearby. I can’t even remember most of them, anyways. Most of my childhood life, I thought we were so poor and I thought rich families always have mansions. Well, that is what they taught me. I just realized what a poor family really is when I was in grade 5 when I started to travel with my classmates around. Geeh… I really got poor social life. What I was saying is that I don’t really know what my role is in our community. Proceeding to my role in our country: “I will defeat all my opponents in the ring!” Pfft!! What nonsense. I am really a peculiar guy. I am not doing anything to please my country or making it more proud of them selves. While someone is at the boxing ring claiming “this is for our country”, someone else is dying because of hunger. What now if we got the greatest someone in a certain field? It only gives them the false belief that they would also progress just by supporting them. “Think positive but the truth hurts” So, what will I be doing for my country? Who knows? But I won’t be entering a competition and win it just to be someone our country to boast. “Pride won’t prevent someone getting hungry.” And I will stick that in my mind. Now, for my role in this world: Well… I’m still thinking what to do but I will find my way because I’m aiming to unite a world divided by nations and religions. I also aim making humans be more humans and not like machines.
Another activity we did is to recall what we like, what we are best at, and what we hate. I have written there broad stuff but I’ll write here the specific ones. Well, I don’t demand that much so I just like being enjoyed in doing something I like. I like challenging logical stuff. Then, I am best at messing up things. While others are busy being serious for something, I am enjoying doing that something. Lastly, about what I hate: I hate this world being divided and being unequal. Well, life is not equal which actually makes it equal. But when people are stepping on to others just to be at the top? That is different.
Using those things we like, best at, and hate, we will be formulating a business idea. Well, I was in a group that already had a great business idea.
I forgot to mention Steve Jobs’ commencement address. But I guess I won’t be talking about that anymore since it would be redundant. Oh well…

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My reflection or learning on Technopreneurship 1

First I heard the Technopreneurship word I do not have any idea what is that word all about. I remember my instructor asked one of my classmates what is technopreneurship and my classmate answered, my classmate thinks that it is somehow related to current but it is not. As we go on the lesson, in my own understanding technopreneurship is a combination of entrepreneur and technology. In other words entrepreneur use technology highly in providing services and products to the consumer. In this subject I learned what technopreneurship is really, technopreneurship is entrepreneurship in the field of technology. Do you remember the developer of the Google web browser or the developer of networking site or the companies making technology for the people convenience? These people and companies use technology for their businesses. Technupreneurship is a high tech venture for building business such as Google.

In this subject I also learned what it takes to be a good technopreneur. To be a good technopreneur you must have passion, you must have dedication in what you are doing. Faith, believe in your capabilities and if there are things that are out of your hands or uncontrollable just remember that everything happens for a reason. Determination, have courage to take hold of the opportunities whether the result is good or bad and do not be afraid to take risks. Be unique, it means that your product or service should be unique .And I think you should also have charisma or personal magnetism, I think every technopreneur and entrepreneur should have this to convince people to buy their products or services or invest in your business.

I also learned that there are things to be considered in building your business such as what do youlove, what you are best at and your irritants. By knowing these three you can have an idea what kind of business would you like to build and to know what are the difficulties you may encounter in the business that you have chosen. I also saw the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley, I never thought that such movie do exist. The movie is about the lives and rivalry between Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Bill Gates of Microsoft, how they got where they are now. In the Story Steve Jobs is a college dropout student who has passion on computers he made the first Apple computer together with his best friend Steve Wozniak at his father’s garage(their first office). At that time Steve Jobs thought that his only rival is the IBM or International Business Machine he never notices ahead of time that Bill Gates is also one of his competitor. Steve Jobs let Bill Gates to take part of his company and that’s the time Bill Gates use his advantage to gather more information about the software that the apple company is developing and use it to develop Windows. One characteristic that the two have in common is they are very resourceful. They use their neighboring company such as Apple grabbed the GUI or Graphical User Interface of Xerox and Bill Gates took the idea of the software that the Apple Company is developing. . The movie also showed the negative qualities of the two men such as Steve Jobs treats his staff like robots. The nice thing about the movie is that at the end part we noticed the two opponents worked together, at present time Bill gates do have shares in the Apple Company. The movie was really interesting for it shows how the two richest technopreneur in the world got were they are at present.

I discover some factors that contributed to the failure and success of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur.The first factors that I going to discuss are the causes of his success.Faith. He continued perceiving that he found interesting, trusting that in the end it would be more meaningful and even possibly useful. Steve Jobs believe that everything that happens that is beyond our control occurs for a reason. Passion. Because of his passion to computers he was able to develop personal computer and make himself as one of the richest man in the world. Despite the things that made him fails, still he continue to make new things and in no time he managed to come back on top because he knew that he did not want to devote his life to anything but to his passion which is computer and making new things. Determination. He was not afraid to take risks if even if turns out to be a failure or success. He always follows his intuition in managing his business. Innovation. Steve Jobs is not your ordinary boss. If others are focusing on sales and finance, Steve Jobs focuses on what is the next big thing. He personally meets with the suppliers, in other words Steve Jobs finds new way in developing his business and he find that “ways” personally. His charisma. Steve Jobs is good in convincing people; he is good in presenting and their marketing their products and inviting investors. He controls his people by bringing them fear. He is good in manipulating people, however in the movie he is not good of noticing his also being manipulated by Bill Gates. Smart. Steve Jobs is simply smart. Why?, because even if he dropped out in college his skills and talent make him on the top. He keeps on exploring new things. He made his own identity in the world of business as an “Innovator”. Perfectionist. As I observe in the movie Steve Jobs wants that every work is done according to his way and make the project done perfectly and as soon as possible. As an employee if you do not meet his standard then ready yourself and your ears for his firing words or you can just pack up your things and leave the company. Because of is perfectionism many employees strive to do their best to meets Steve Jobs standard and able to high quality innovative things into our homes. He is an employer. He chose to be an employer instead of being an employee. He successfully accomplished being a boss. He not afraid to take risks because he has faith that everything happens with a purpose.
In this subject matter, my instructor said that is better to be an employer than to be an employer which I think is true. Because I think there are lots in store for us if we chose to be an employer. If we are an employer we have the big possibility to be successful and become rich just like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. We can help other people to find jobs and help them to elevate them from poverty and we can help also uplift the economy of our country. I also learned the SEED or Self-mastery Environment E and Development. This four letters are also needed to build or create a business. Self-mastery is to know yourself better. Know that are the things that you love, the things that irritates you and the things that you are best at. In self mastery you do not need high IQ and you do not need AQ and EQ, all you need here is to get to grips with yourself.

I also learned that you do not have to be an intelligent person to run or to start a business, because in business good communication skills is the most needed ability. In business we meet different kinds of people with different characteristics and if you have that skill you can influence them about your notions and proposals or anything that you want them to believe.
In Technopreneurship 1 we took several tests such as AQ (Adversity Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient),IQ(Intelligence Quotient),and PT(Personal Traits).AQ or Adversity Quotient Test. According to Dr. Paul Stoltz Ph.D he developed the Adversity Quotient test to test the unconscious pattern of how people react to adversity or hardships and show how to increase it and, thereby, help individuals become valuable at work. In the test you are given several situations which are answerable by numbers one to five, five is the highest it means that the consequences the situation highly affected your life and one is the lowest it means that the situation does not effect at all your life. There are four dimension of AQ which is known as CORE or Control Ownership Reach Endurance. Core is the extents to which you feel able to influence the situation not the situation influence you and what extent you can control your response to a situation or event, those with higher AQs perceive they have significantly more control and influence in adverse situations than do those with lower AQs. Even in situations that appear overwhelming or out of their hands, those with higher AQs find some facet of the situation they can influence. Those with lower AQs respond as if they have little or no control and often give up. Ownership is the extent to which you take personal responsibility for improving a given situation, regardless of its cause, accountability is the backbone of action. Those with higher AQs hold themselves accountable for dealing with situations regardless of their cause. Those with lower AQs deflect accountability and most often feel victimized and helpless. Reach is how far the fall out of the situation affects the other areas of your life, Keeping the fallout under control and limiting the reach of adversity is essential for efficient and effective problem solving. Those with higher AQs keep setbacks and challenges in their place, not letting them infest the healthy areas of their work and lives. Endurance is your perception on how long an adverse situation will last, seeing beyond even enormous difficulties is an essential skill for maintaining hope. Those with higher AQs have the uncanny ability to see past the most interminable difficulties and maintain hope and optimism. Those with lower AQs see adversity as dragging on indefinitely, if not permanently. As I took this test I only got and average score.IQ or Intelligence Quotient Test. Is use to measure your mathematical and spatial reasoning, logical ability and language understanding. As I took this test I got an above average, lucky I think. PT or Personal Traits test, this test is use to describe human personality. In PT there are five factors used in describing the character of an individual these are; Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN, or CANOE if rearranged).Openness , most people who got a high average in this factor do have appreciation in art, emotion, annual ideas imagination and variety of experience. These people have rich vocabulary and do have excellent ideas. Conscientiousness, persons who have a high percentage in this factor are people who have self-discipline act dutifully and aim for achievements. This individual are always prepared, follow schedule, like order and always exact in work. Extraversion, if you have high average in this factor then you are friendly, you always seek out stimulation and company of others, you like party and feel comfortable around people. Agreeableness, agreeable individuals’ value getting along with others. They are generally considerate, friendly, generous, helpful, and willing to compromise their interests with others. Agreeable people also have an optimistic view of human nature. They believe people are basically honest, decent, and trustworthy. Neuroticism, those who score high in neuroticism are emotionally reactive and vulnerable to stress. They are more likely to interpret ordinary situations as threatening, and minor frustrations as hopelessly difficult. Their negative emotional reactions tend to persist for unusually long periods of time, which means they are often in a bad mood. These problems in emotional regulation can diminish the ability of a person scoring high on neuroticism to think clearly, make decisions, and cope effectively with stress. When I took this test the factor that I got the highest average is in conscientiousness. EQ or Emotional Quotient test is use to measure emotional intelligence of a person, on how they will react in any type of situation.

I’ve also learned a lot in the commencement address of Steve Jobs, the first part is connecting the dots, have faith in all that you do because everything that happens has its purpose and reasons. The second part is his love and loss, even if you lose important things in your life do not be afraid to stand up, do not lose faith, find what you love and continue what you love to do. The third part is death, in this part I have learned to live your life not by the shadow of others, make your own identity, and make your own mark in this world and always remember “stay foolish, stay hungry”.

By studying this subject, it makes me realize that technopreneurship is another way or another level of building a business. I also learned that in making business proposals you must be more imaginative and unique.

Article 517- Your Adversity Quotient.htm
What is IQ (Intelligence Quotient).htm
What is an Emotional Quotient (EQ).htm

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What I learned in Technopreneurship 1 ?

One semester seems so very short time to teach about Technopreneurship 1 but for me as a student who had experienced it; I could definitely conclude that I learned a lot. At the first place I thought that this subject matter would be very boring especially for me who has no great interest in terms of businesses matters. It was never turn on my imagination to learn about techno-businesses because my main focus is just to learn about information technology regardless of such called technology related businesses. Suddenly, as time goes by, It just turn out imagining myself to be a business owner someday. Not mandated by someone to do something rather to be that someone whose task is to make commands. After the one semester of studying about Technopreneurship 1, I can’t stop thinking how will I be after graduation; will I be an employee or employer? Here are some of the things learned.

After the last topic of Technopreneurship 1, I have learned what Technopreneurship is all about, its importance, its contents and the difference between plain entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship; I leaned that Technopreneurship itself study the nature of having a business with partnership of innovation of technology. I also learned that having a techno-business was never that easy, you should be ready personally to face the trials, consequences and circumstances that might come into your life while holding or developing the business. I am now knowledgeable that knowing yourself in business or how suit you are of having a business will surely relate to your human state measurement in terms of IQ, EQ, AQ and Personality Traits. In order to know what stage I will be belong to, I had examinations taken and right after the exam is my results on such examination.

First is the Adversity Quotient, this test is talks about how you handle things right and how you manage or deal with problems in life. My result is just average, it only implies that I can do handle the problems but somehow it would not be easy for me which I can say that it was true. Because in some instances I can easily be confused and panic that sometimes causes wrong decision for me when in terms of decision making. I erudite that I should manage coolness because it could definitely help me think of proper solutions wherein I could not feel of regressions after. The second one is the Intelligence Quotient. That test that I had taken is all about the personal measure of intelligence, it is process of taking test that can make you knew your level of knowledge. Mine result is just average, it was not really that high as high of the level of genius people. From that, I learned that it is not oblige to have a high IQ to have a business successful. Third, the Emotional Quotient Test. That test was focuses in terms of emotional hardships of personality. My result was low; I maybe so conclude on it that I have emotional difficulties. I may think that it would be hard for me to handle things when emotional is affected. Lastly, the personality traits test, it talks about the totality of somebody’s attitude, interests, and behavior. My result is just equal, it stated there that I can manage individual differences - I can jive on it. All in all, I learned that I should be aware these things to know myself more and to distinguish aspects of me that I can apply on my techno-business thinking.

I can’t forget the first topic we have in Technopreneurship 1 – the connecting the dots. It seems that it appeared to me so hard for I don’t have background or idea how to connect the dots with only five strokes. What make it harder are when our instructor said that no scratch papers are allowed and no lifting of pens. Imagine? You need to do it without initializations of how to make it and take note with a time limit that made me confuse even more. But believe it or not, it just spurs of the moment I made it. Well in fact I had learning from it, I came to know that in learning there are no limitations; all of us must think positively and across the line. We must not limit our self to learn and set it with no boundaries. And also I came to realize that following a simple instruction makes a work successfully done. Whatever instruction it is – simple or complex. It would be easy when you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. These most common words that we meet halfway almost in our schooldays marks every inch of our lives, though it is simple but do have a countless impact in our separate lives.

I seen the real techno-business world when once we had a movie marathon, the title of the movie is Pirates of the Silicon Valley; its kind ‘an old one and maybe appeared to others as part of the history. But what they don’t know that it is a kind of movie not only appeared amazing to the viewer but rather it also gave the impression of strong inventiveness and motivation to us as a student of the university. Especially now that we almost there, at the peak part of the schooling process; It made me think and made me bring to fruition the realization that we do have chances to make difference. And to make things not in the usual manner and make visualizations of the new discoveries of our lives and yet we don’t know we can have in the near future. I come to know that even in a small things or idea; we can make a difference or new discoveries. Like what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates done, they made changes to the world that makes the world go round even until now. I bring into being that we must think, think and think deeply, be idealistic, open-minded to discover new things that might bring into reality. Because of the movie I’ve seen, I came to realize that everything has a purpose.

What I like the most in Technopreneurship 1 topics is the one where I made reflections all about the commencement address of Steve Jobs. After reading the Commencement Address of Steve Jobs on his speech delivered way back June 12, 2005. I was so touch though I’m not listening on act to where he said all of it but the essence of all the words of wisdom he stated there makes me feel that I’m present and unswervingly listening to him too. I learned that in every failure we have there is always a room for recovery. We should not undervalue whatever we have, even where we have been or what status we have in life. Because once you start fail to appreciate what you have, you’ll just making a way to make others think that you’re NOTHING. Secondly, we should not stop believe in ourselves. And lastly, make each day important. Everyone is triggered when we hear the most common saying of “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” What about you??? What will you do when you know that this would be your last day on earth?? Are you going to seat all day or do things that would make others happy because you were there or simply do nothing?? The life we have is just a borrowed life, we have borrowed time, and we live in a limited time. All of us will die, not necessarily at the same time but on our individual time. I learned that we must live each day as our last day, make each day useful to fulfill things, make each day remarkable, inspirable and memorable not just to you but perhaps to others too. Make everyone happy because there were once you in their life. For you will never know, no one can predict how long will you be on this earth. You will never know how will you die, if might be you’ll die because of accident, because of disease or maybe be just because of fate. If dying can never be healed or avoided by any other medicine, then try to live life truly and inspired, never be afraid of dying instead be ready to face it. As taken from the words of wisdom of Steve Jobs, he emphasizes that "we should not waste time, don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking, don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

I also learned in Technopreneurship 1 the LIKE, LOVE AND HATE aspects. These three words would have a great application of having a techno related business. I learned the LIKE term, it will made you think of the things that you like the most – from small to big things. The same as in LOVE term, you will now knowing yourself on what are the things you love the most – from simple to complex things. Finally, the HATE term, I had think of the things that I hated the most, something I dislike intensely. These three things will give you hint on thinking of what business you will have and its nature in the future. These factors will help me decide to what business I will engage someday.

Last of all is the inspiring quote of Steve Jobs when he had made speech on one of the finest universities of the world – the “Stay Foolish, Be Humble.!” Says there that we should not stop or limit ourselves to learn new things, we should be open to learn things beneath the limit. And even though that we had learned a lot, we should not be humiliate and try to think that we need more because in learning there are neither boundaries nor limitations. Learning is a long process and has no end. It only implies that never stop searching for a new ideas, new discoveries and new innovations. A process of learning never stop, it’s an unending and undying process of education for us individuals. Until you still have life and still breathing, never stop – never limit you only in one place. As long as there is still a time for evolving, why not grab it and fight for it. Regardless of the age we have, it’s not the hindrance to continue learning. The “Stay Hungry” means to me that stay hungry to know things, to face new ideas and “Stay Foolish” to understand new things. But when time comes that you, yourself know you knew a lot, Stay Humble – BE HUMBLE. Act as if you need more and act as if a lot more you are needed to know.

After all the things I learned, I can now have applications it on my life. The very first thing that I used to apply it is when we had a final project task to propose a proposal of techno-business. That was never easy as just simply proposing which is the Public Utility Bus with Machine or PUB WITH MACHINE, it does gone a long process, from defining what business should have especially when we made project in groups. It would be somehow hard a business proposal that all should be engage of or all should be interested with. From individual like to dislike, I can conclude that I had used most the result of personality traits. I had made adjustments to others just to settle up a good teamwork because I myself was there to have the project. We do the application of equality and good teamwork without discriminating others suggestions and proposals. In fact, we had group discussions and voting. From these, I can say that the things we learned while discussion Technopreneurship 1 has a great impact on our individual’s life. Especially in me which is learning deeply in terms of good communication with others.

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Technopreneurship 1 gave me a great advantage in terms of business or particular trade and profession. Impart of our facilitator Mr. Randy Gamboa he gave us a lot of ideas about that subject. All of his proficiency, knowledge and opinion or suggestion about this subject was delivered and shared well.

We defined first what technopreneurship was all about. “Technopreneurship is not a product but a process of synthesis in engineering the future of a person, an organization, a nation and the world. Strategic directions or decision-making processes are becoming more demanding and complex. This requires universities, and in site professional development programs and training to produce strategic thinkers who will have skills to succeed in a rapidly changing global environment” I got this simple explanation that gives me clarification what is technopreneurship form the site of http://www.amigospais-guaracabuya.org/oagmc160.php. After few days of explaining and introducing technopreneurship one to us, new lesson and new techniques made known to us. that was the SEED model, S stands for Self Mastery, E for Environment, other E was Enterprise and D for Development. Mr. Gamboa emphasize that in technopreneurship 1 was limit in the to letters in the SEED model, the Self mastery and Environment.

We have movie marathon entitled “The Pirates of the Silicon Valley”. First I wonder why Sir Randy presented that kind of movie. It was confusing with the titled and also the story all about, because I can’t find way in relating the life of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to technopreneurship. But then after watching “The Pirates of the Silicon Valley” in that day of evening I watched it again to understand well the story so that I can reflect with the three situational statements given by our instructor Mr. Gamboa. What are the factors that contributed to the success and failure of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur?, How do you see yourself as a technopreneur? And Would you take the same career path that Steve Jobs took? Why or why not?. The above mentioned are some of the topics we ought to answer. From the first question the following are the factors contributed to the success of Steve Jobs:

Do what you love to do.
Think Different.
Do the best and be the best.
Be Entrepreneurial.
Make Swot Analysis.
Start Small, Think Big.
Try to become a market leader.
Focus on the outcomes
Listen to your customer.
Be Innovative.
Learn from your failure.
Keep Learning.

However if there is a success there is a failure. Steve Jobs also experienced and have learned his mistakes and failures of the field of business on his life. Every entrepreneur or technopreneur without a failure was nonsense. Failures give courage in every technopreneur to take and face the challenge
s for the next try. But I didn’t said that you make some mistake to learn but then and again go with the flow, if there was a mistake just be open-minded and solve that mistake then learn from it. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, for there is no other way of learning how to live.

As a technopreneur a see myself that years from now, I can see myself who is being technology groundbreaking, creative, innovative and very passionate about the field of technopreneur. (I hope I’m not in my day dreaming, don’t I?) One thing is for sure why loads of people (like me) crave for and be after of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, it’s because of money. Quickly earning money now a day are really ridiculous. Fortunately there are some personality which they strive and enthusiast in learning experience, a stimulator to look things differently and stride for next challenge. And I must learn and eager to those things mentioned above.

Taking the same career path that Steve Jobs took? Of course yes, if Steve Jobs and I, have equal IQ and skills why not. Many of us dreamed that can be one of the most successful person. Just like Jobs because of his talented hands and high IQ, he made his own personal computer powered and named by Apple. You, me and us, can you imagine that yourself taking the same career paths of the great Steve Jobs? It’s possible right? Just bear this in your mind “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. You somehow already know what you truly want to become.” - Steve Jobs

All statement above is my reflection about the first activity given to us. since it is all about the life of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, as a Information Technology student I have loads of learning that I can use and apply to have simple application about the business in line of technologies.
Not that all I got in technopreneurship 1, we have also an activities about the model SEED (Self Mastery). I think why it is called self mastery it is because we ought or we need to know well our selves. We have loads of activity to know our personal traits, Intelligent Quotient, Adversity Quotient and Emotional Quotient.

Personal Traits given by our instructor was a very shocking result for me. It was because I got the average score that I didn’t expect. The average score states that we “SOMEWHAT ENTREPRENEUR”. As a student like me that have little idea about business, I never thought I got an average score about personality traits of being entrepreneur was. I’m not sure if I can be a successful entrepreneur or technopreneur someday. However, it felt me that I have capability to have my own business. Personal Traits was related to the first activity we have it was about the life of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, because for me if you are planning your own business make sure that you truly know about yourself. Just like Jobs and Gates they know their ability and skills. Like them they have both intellectual and skills. Our facilitator said if I’m not mistaken he said that putting your own business you should have 50 percent knowledge and 50 percent skills, and also you should know you’re self. Why? If you don’t have those skills your knowledge is useless. There is no outlet for your knowledge to make and to have an application of your brilliant plan. Also, if you always spending time evaluating your skills and knowledge it will able you to make important choices towards your career. That test trying to analyze our skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship or technopreneurship. Ahhhmmm Always keep in mind that those evaluation are some of the solution to characterize who you are.

We also did with getting our Intelligent Quotient that result of average score also. We did it from the internet that we browse some sites that offer some responsible about getting the IQ of one person. Not only that we performed too of knowing, getting and knowing our Emotional Quotient likewise the Adversity Quotient. Those activities gave a great, huge and countless awareness and wisdom about what are my good characteristics and also my bad sides, my strength and my weakness. The event we did was a very good model to have known the vey you.

Personal Traits, Adversity Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Intelligent Quotient were the most and great logically strong and widely used in the world to know yourself and for measuring and strengthening the individual toughness of one human. For me our top leaders and governments must be used this kind of model so that they kind enhance or transform their performance, productivity, optimism, moral and very important leadership as a self ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.

Those who don’t know there purpose in the earth just try to take technopreneurship 1, because we did and we performed knowing our purpose why we are here in a spherical world. That time Sir Randy steal our purpose. So, we started building our new purpose in life. Knowing my purpose in life is not that simple by just setting it. Self settlement was the first and very important when you are building a purpose in life that was my own experienced because only you are the one who making deal.

However I am placed here to fulfill and understand what my purposes in life are.

As a student:
To finish and graduate my chosen course

As a Roman Catholic:
To preach the good news about God
To live my life to the fullest in God’s will
Be a blessings to others

As a part of my family:
To be a successor (someday)
To build a good relationship with my parents and brothers.
To decency my father and mother
To be a good model to my youngest brother

As time goes by I still finding my real purpose of living in this world.

Then we discovered the three short stories of the life of Steve Jobs by reading the commencement address that he given during the 2005 graduation ceremony one of the most noticeable and prominent universities in United States named Stanford University. Steve Jobs was one of the graduation speaker or commencement speaker that he entitled “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”- Steve Job.

The three short stories entitled connecting the Dots, the second was about love and loss and the last but not the least was all about death. In that commencement we have a lot of things we learn and we got a lot of lessons that we can apply in our daily life. Just like You’ve got to find what you Love, Never lose faith – Faith in oneself and faith in God. And Be humble – “Stay hungry and Stay foolish.”

Those are few lessons we can find in the commencement address of Steve Jobs. So, there was no reason not to follow and be an apprentice of Steve Jobs. I think following the footsteps of Jobs was one of the greatest achievements of your life and someday you become boss of your own company and sooner be one of the richest people among the others.

In addition, the whole section was experienced pressure of presenting their each business plan. We are divided by groups and assigned to know our love, best and irritants. At first we wonder why we assigned those things. What is the connection among those love, best and irritants in studying technopreneurship. Well after knowing it our facilitator explain us that the love, best and irritants was the key to have a good plan for the business you are wanted. Our groups as well as other groups create and plan a business together with the combination of our love, best and irritant. We formulated a plan by the help of those three factors in life. We are given a chance to create and plan our own business and what are those beneficiaries or clients and knowing what the nature of the business that you are planning. Now we are facing a new world for technopreneurship.

Being a student might think that this Technopreneurship is not seriously stuff to consider. People who wants earn money should be learn a various steps in taking a business so that they have or might have a proper planning a suite business. If we relate it to the life of Steve Jobs we should be humble, stay hungry and stay foolish. The very best thing I’ve learned in technopreneurship was don’t stay of a single idea but give time to gain more ideas from your companion and also be a part of the industry who have contributed a big cause of being known. One idea doesn’t enough to fight the competitors. Always be optimistic for everything so that you can sustain the world of business.

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It was just last semester when we had our 1st elective, it was Technopreneurship 1. What is technopreneurship? That’s a common question for us students who took the subject and my initial answer was technology plus entrepreneurship, as the name suggests also. I later defined those two terms; technology, which means knowledge, an expertise, a know-how, or simply defined as applications of knowledge to human work while the other, entrepreneurship, means practicing of consistently converting good ideas into profitable commercial ventures or simply an enterprise or business. And so, my first definition of technopreneurship was technopreneurship is converting good ideas into profitable commercial ventures with the aid of technology, or simply having a business which is incorporated or has something to do with technology. We are information technology students and we are the most close to being one of those people engaged in technopreneurship; the so-called technoprenuers. A technopreneur is an entrepreneur who is technology savvy, creative, innovative, dynamic, dares to be different and take the unexplored path, and very passionate about their work. They take challenges and strive to lead their life with greater success. They don't fear to fail. They take failure as a learning experience, a stimulator to look things differently and stride for next challenge.

Mind Sets – Paradigm Shift
"Go to school, get good grades, land in a high-paying job." This is the usual mindset that most people have about formal education. Parents send their children to school with this mindset. Students imbibe this mindset and carry it with them until college. Most schools subscribe to and support this mindset. It is like a default mindset. We can formally call it the employment mindset."Go to school, get good grades, create and own a company."Use your knowledge, skills, core values, creativity and passion to create and innovate through technology. These statements offer an alternative mindset. We can formally call it the technopreneurship mindset. Technopreneurship is entrepreneurship in the field of high technology. It is the healthy interplay of technology ideas, technology skills, management skills and the entrepreneurial mindset. It starts with an idea, which when pursued, has the capacity to be transformed into a viable technology-based enterprise. The cultivation and nurturing of this alternative mindset can start in schools. A technopreneurship track in the IT curriculum can prepare students to be budding technopreneurs.

Having to know these mindsets I came to realize that it is indeed possible that after graduating from our course we could become more than an employee but we could be the employer. We have greater edge against others because we have the technology and today’s era is the technology era; the information era. There is so much opportunity out there that we can grab all we should do is go for it. We were so into the employee mindset that we forgot we could make an employer out of our selves; become a technopreneur.

To know more and understand more what a technopreneur is our first activity was a film viewing. It was a movie about some great technoprenuers who were very successful in their field, the founders of Apple and Microsoft; Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, respectively, and so the film was “The Pirates of the Silicon Valley”. In the movie, it showed different factors that we could use a tips on how to become a technopreneur or what it takes to become one.
Be a risk taker.
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And the most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
-Steve Jobs

When all is said and done and the dust has settled, it is the risk-takers who win in business and life. Every day entrepreneurs have to make decisions. Make the right decision and you could become very wealthy. You don't want to make a wrong move that could bankrupt you. It’s enough to stress out the calmest of us. It’s always going to have some uncertainty associated with it. If we could predict the future we would all be rich.
If you correct your bad decisions quickly you're on the right path to being a successful entrepreneur. They will also be less likely to repeat the bad decisions. And they will learn to trust their gut to figure out the right path.

..Be always hungry, hungry for brilliance.
“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
-Steve Jobs

With a reputation for being a hardnosed perfectionist, Jobs believes that having the best and the brightest workers behind him was one of his biggest success factors. “To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines,” he says. With little faith in the value of focus groups, Jobs relied on gathering small groups of people from a wide array of backgrounds to stimulate creative ideas within each other.
“Innovation comes from people meeting in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we’ve been thinking about a problem,” says Jobs. “It’s ad hoc meetings of six people called by someone who thinks he has figured out the coolest new thing ever and who wants to know what other people think of his idea.” Innovation, in other words, cannot be structured. It can be encouraged, but it must not be restricted.

Despite this, Jobs has a reputation for being tough on new ideas from his staff, typically rejecting the first idea that anyone proposes before even seriously considering it. He considers this part of the key to innovation. “It comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much,” he says. “We’re always thinking about new markets we could enter, but it’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”

Next, we were introduced to the SEED model, SEED stands for Self Mastery, Environment Mastery, Enterprise Mastery, and Development of a Business plan. For the previous semester we were supposed to tackle the first two of the SEED model but because of the limited time we had only discussed one; the Self Mastery.

If You Master Yourself, You Can Master Anything
The self mastery component is an internal journey into an alternative mindset (which is technopreneurship) from the default employment mindset. Assessment exercises on inclinations towards technopreneurship are done as well as business idea generation exercises springing from what the participants personally love, hate, and are good at. This “self mastery” thing is an essential factor which could help us individuals to improve ourselves to become successful in the future; possibly, a great entrepreneur or technopreneur.

For us to master ourselves we were given tests as our tool in getting to know our selves.
First test, Personality traits: Personality traits are the relatively enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that differentiate individuals from one another. The idea that traits cause organizational behaviors has in the past been a point of controversy (Davis-Blake, & Pfeffer,1989), primarily because it is difficult to reconcile behavior being changeable by organizational factors and simultaneously caused by stable individual differences. Being able to know ourselves lets us know our strengths and weaknesses. We should maintain our strengths or better improve them more. For our weaknesses, we should find a way to make those things as our strengths. It’s easy to say these things, but in reality it’s not that easy to apply, well maybe for others but mostly not. We are uniquely made by God, which makes us different from one another from the start. Then by the experiences and the environment that we gain from the past up to the present we change and still different from another. Even as indicated by the results of the personality traits we took, the numbers really vary.
Second test, IQ: IQ is the acronym for intelligent quotient, and refers to a score given for several standardized intelligence tests. The first of these was developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1905. He constructed the IQ test, as it would later be called, to determine which children might need additional help in scholarly pursuits. Today, the IQ test is commonly based on some model of the Stanford Binet Intelligence scale.
The third test, EQ: EQ actually stands for Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Much like an intelligence quotient, or IQ, an EQ is said to be a measure of a person’s emotional intelligence. One particularly popular setting that employs attempts at measuring EQ is the corporate world. Many businesses utilize EQ tests to help their employees determine and measure their emotional responses to various situations. While most corporate EQ tests are administered on the basis that a person’s EQ can be modified or increased, there is dispute about whether emotional intelligence is standard or can be changed.
The fourth test, AQ: Adversity Quotient test help individuals become valuable at work. Basically, tests would not only measure a person’s ability but also people’s capability to deal with the work and deal with others. It is on the relationship of a technopreneur has to obtain. The test is more focused on situational basis, which is very helpful for a person to know his capability of becoming technopreneur.

After reading the Commencement Address of Steve Jobs, I was so touch though I’m not listening on act to where he said all of it but the essence of all the words of wisdom he stated there makes me feel that I’m present and unswervingly listening to him too.
Reading between the lines in the commencement speech of Steve Jobs, I concluded some lessons which can help me to continue what I’ve started and serve as inspirational words to me to chase everything I’ve coveted.

“You’ve got to find what you love.” It’s really, truly, absolutely and definitely true. You can never be on a place when you were just force to do so by someone or anyone else. You, yourself should be the one to be eager to do that thing because you love too. It’s just the same as taking a course in college, when you’re not interested to a course, you’ll never choose it. You’ll prefer to take the course you really love because that your fashion. It’s just concluding that everyone has its different place, different interest and different perspective in life. So you can never force yourself or even others to do things which they don’t want. Only oneself can bring him into his interests and do chase it someday.

The Steve Jobs’ Commencement address ended with four simple but powerful words of advice from the billionaire entrepreneur and that is to “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” To stay hungry which means to starve or to ask for more even if you already have what you want. And as a technopreneur we should stay hungry because if not we would probably become lazy and contented from what we have. And to stay hungry which means to reach your goals and be foolish enough to take risks for in that way you will only reach and achieve your goals in life. Steve Jobs’ commencement address is really motivating and it indeed inspires me a lot.

Our final requirement for technopreneurship was a presentation of our business proposal. It was not easy. Our ideas were rejected many times, just like Steve Jobs did to his staff. We had to be creative. We have to be unique, the idea should be fresh. That’s the thing that we kept saying onto our group even we were rejected many times. Basically new idea is a combination of old ideas. You need to have enough old ideas to come up with new ideas. That's why constant reading and observation are important. Sometimes when someone has launched a new product, you would say, "Hey! I thought about that before. That's my idea." You might have had thought about the idea but you didn't capitalize on it. Someone has done it before you.

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PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 12:09 pm

What I have learned in Technopreneurship 1?

As our curriculum offer a subject which is IT Elective 1 (Technopreneurship 1). At first we don’t have any idea what is all about on Technopreneurship and what its significance to our course but as our instructor give us our first assignment on this subject, it gives me idea what is a Technopreneurship all about. It is a combination of a Technology and Entrepreneur.

First what is a Technopreneurship?

Technopreneurship is not a product but a process of synthesis in engineering the future of a person, an organization, a nation and the world. In a digital, knowledge based society, strategic directions or decision-making processes will be demanding and complex. This requires tertiary level and professional development programs and training to produce strategic thinkers who will have the skills to succeed in a dynamically changing global environment. Traditional educational programs, however, lack the methodology to transform today's students into creative, innovative, visionary global leaders who understand the importance of technopreneurship.

When we talked about learning, I have learned a lot on this subject of ours. One of this is the usual mindset and change of mindset which is first introduce and discussed to us by our teacher. First, our teacher explained to us what is wrong about our usual mindset, it is that this mindset which is the employment mindset. Our parents feed us the idea that we must attend and finished our studies on order for us to find and land a good job and be an employee of a certain company. So our instructor teaches us to change the mindset and have an alternative mindset which is the employer mindset. This is where an opposite idea of our previous mindset, the scenario of this is to finished our studies and plan for a suppose business where you think it will be clicked to the people afterwards or we are the one who will manage in our business. From the employee to employer mindset is what our teacher wanted to us in the next future.

Next topic has been discussed to us is the SEED model. SEED is stands for “Self Mastery”, “Environment Mastery”, “Enterprise Mastery” and the “Development for the business plan”.

Self mastery was the first model discussed to us. It is all about knowing your passion like what your best at, what you love and what your irritants are. In this topic we tackle lot of things like the characteristics of Good Entrepreneur as follows: Hard-working, Self-confident, Builds for the future, Profit-oriented, Goal-oriented, Persistent, Responds to feedback, Demonstrates Initiative, Willing to listen, Risk taker and Sets own standards. I’ve learned also in our Technopreneurship 1 is the serendipity walk which one way to think and decide a business plan or to come up an idea by walking around. It is a great help to anyone who didn’t know yet or still confuse of what they will do or still don’t know what to decide about their plan.

Next to this is the Importance of Technopreneurship which is the Employment Creation, Local Resources, Decentralization and Diversification of Business, Promotion of Technology, Capital Formation and Promotion of Entrepreneurial Culture through this we will know the significance of Technopreneurship in the community as well as to us people because if there are a lot of business to put up and more opportunity for those people who have no work and for those who are looking for a job, these will help them to land a job and also they may help the community as well because they may contribute and provide more resources that people may benefit.

When we hear a word test, first things come in our mind is that it is difficult and it is an application that will challenge our mind. Our instructor gives us a Personal trait test as our prelim exam. This type of examination will test our own personality in terms in business as well as the personality in our community and to socialize other people. We have done 3 types of test in the personal trait test which are the Adversity Quotient test, Emotional Quotient test and the Intelligence Quotient test. These three types of test must be attained and done by us for us to know what will be need of improvement in our attitude because as we take the test I distinguish my strong points and weak points of my attitude and characteristic. It will assist us to determine on how we should approach and to deal other people just to encourage them and be a Technopreneur in your own way. ‘Coz I believe we have our own way to be a successful Technopreneur in the near future. I have also learned that you should not be necessary a genius or have a high Intelligence because as what our instructor said to us that it is not really matters most on how genius you are in terms of business or if you are a Technopreneur, what really matters most is on how you will easily approach and promote to different people on your business and the strategy on your business. By this, you need have a high result on Adversity Quotient test because this is all about on how you will handle a real situation and dealing people. As a Technopreneur you must be a talkative and not a shy type person because this will help you as a Technopreneur or an entrepreneur.

I like a lot when we have the movie Pirates on the Silicon Valley, which the story is all about on how Bill Gates become one of the richest man in the world by getting the idea of Steve Jobs and become a spy on Jobs’ Apple Company. At first I find it boring but as soon the story goes on I already find interesting and amaze of what I know and learn from the movie itself because I can’t imagine that the person behind the success of the computer and create it, are weird people and a childlike people but what really amazed me is that Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are the people who is the co-founder of the Apple Company which is very known and famous in this generation in terms of high-tech gadgets. Wozniak is the main engineer of the company and Jobs act as the General Manager of the company. There are so many twist happened on the story that makes you confused and questioned but makes you realize that being a Technopreneur you be a risk taker and stand up whenever you fall down. As the saying goes “Learn from you mistake and your experience.”

To our next activity which is the commencement address of Steve Jobs at a High school Graduation Day. At his address he point out that the content of his speech is that it has a three stories about his own life. The first story was entitled as the connecting the dots why is this so is because as what he realize in the game in connecting the dots was we must think beyond the dots which means that we should not limit our self on that area and what we should think that we can do much better that than. Think what is good for you that you know where you can excel in that area. Also, imagine for your future, work on your present and learn from your past. As what the saying goes like this “What I am today is the product of what I am doing yesterday and what I will be tomorrow is the product of I am doing today.” Yes, it is true that what you have gain and done for today is the fruit of what you have done yesterday if you are miserable right now, it is not that you are fated for that but it is your own idea and action causes you to be miserable but if you like to be a successful person or a businessman you must work on it now so you must harvest it at the right time. This was what Jobs want to address in his commencement to all the graduates for that story. Love and loss was the next story in the commencement address. As what Jobs said to his address is that “love you work” so that everything will be follow accordingly. Putting a desire in everything you do is a great help for you not to be tired and go bored on your work. Find what you love and use it for your asset and improve it. About loss, Steve Jobs loss his very own company because of the people whom he trust with is the one who betrayed him. He got fired on his own company as what I also seen in the movie of The Pirates of the Silicon Valley but on the movie it is different situation that what have been shown because Jobs got fired up in the Apple Company because of his attitude but as what he have said in the commencement address is different too. He honestly say that he get hurt and even disappoint of what happened to him but on that situation he find it as a learning and take it as a great experience on his life and learn to stand up again and again in falling cause being an entrepreneur you must be a risk taker. Do what ever you want to until you can get your endeavor and goal in life and remember that what is been lost to you there will be replacement of good to it. The next story is about on death, it was the sad part of the story because he almost dies because he was confined with a pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs consider death as a weapon live life right.

Steve Jobs says "Look for the next big thing. Find a set of ideas that need to be quickly and decisively acted upon and jump through that window. Sometimes the first step is the hardest one. Just take it! Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

Business proposal was the activity we have done on Technopreneurship 1. In this activity we must to create a business plan which will be presented in to the class and evaluate if it is approve or not but first we do a brainstorming on what we do love, our best at and our irritants and combine it to make a business proposal. The first proposal we presented have been rejected for the reason that it already exists and it’s already a common business nowadays. So we discuss again what will be our next business proposal and now we do think a business that is so unique but as we presented again to the class we have been rejected for the second time around but we don’t loss hope yet. As the other group presented their business proposal and some have already approve by our teacher, we observe that most of proposal that is already approve have the idea of a futuristic and not yet existing business or a technology nowadays so we come up an idea of a watch but at same time a cellular phone that have a navigation tool for those tourist in a certain country and a health detector for those health conscious people and as we presented it we accept an approve for it. By that situation I have learn that in every thing you do, you must perseverance and be positive thinker always because rejection is one way to renew again. In the world of business theirs always a competition between other companies and sometimes others do down and sink it is because they do don’t handle and carry the rejection of others. When you feel down in your business always think that you must stand up again and improve it.

To some up everything what I have learn in our Technopreneurship 1 is that you must have the mindset of an employer and be like a Steve Jobs as well as Bill Gates, find what you love to do and improve what your best at and learn to deal your irritants and do the best of your best today that you have all the time to do it and have a best business proposal to plan. Don’t mind the rejection it is part of it just learn to handle and carry it. In addition, I have learn to our lesson that being a technopreneur we should have this kind of characteristic like being a risk-taker, hard-working, self-consistent, profit-oriented, goal-oriented, persistent, willing to listen and sets-own standards. And by this, I’m sure that I would be a good one. All I have to do is to make use all the resources I have to start such a business.
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PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 12:19 pm

What I have learned in technopreneurship 1?

Learning’s comes in different form and many ways. We have so many learning’s as we go along in our lives. Learning’s is not just in school but we got also in our environment and surroundings even in our own experience that gives us lesson and learn from that.
Talking in our subject which is Technopreneurship 1, I have learned a lot from this subject, some of them are what technopreneurship is all about and why is it really important to us information technology students. As defined in the internet, Technopreneurship is High-tech and entrepreneurial skills are driving our economy back to prosperity. Technopreneursip-merging technology prowess and entrepreneurial skills- is the real source of power in toda's knowledge-based economy. A technopreneur distinguishes logic from tradition, tradition from prejudice, prejudice from common sense and common sense from nonsense while integrating a variety of ideas from diverse groups and disciplines. Technopreneurship is not a product but a process of synthesis in engineering the future of a person, an organization, a nation and the world. Strategic directions or decision-making processes are becoming more demanding and complex. This requires universities, and in site professional development programs and training to produce strategic thinkers who will have skills to succeed in a rapidly changing global environment. So in short technopreneurship is the combination of technology and entrepreneurship.

Last semester, in our technopreneurship 1 our facilitator tells us what supposed to be our mindset as we take this subject. Before our mindset as student was just to go to school, then graduate and be employed in a company. But our facilitator thought us that in technopreneurship, our mindset should be to go to school, then graduate and be an employer of our own company, not to be employed by an employer. I have also learn that as future technopreneur we should aim for the best not for just better because as future technopreneur we should be talented like Steve Jobs and be wise like Bill Gates. To be like them and be one of the richest businessmen’s in the world. I have also learned that as future technopreneur we should think widely and discover new trends instead of sticking in what knowledge and trends we just know. So in the first activity that we have, our facilitator gives us an activity which we will visit some fast food chain and observe in their facilities and technology they are using then suggest some changes and additional technology that might help the establishment be more productive. Most of us visited Jollibee, Mc Donalds, and Chowking which are I think the top fast food chain in the Philippines. In my experience in visiting the Jollibee at Tagum City I have noticed that customers have hard time waiting for their tern to order. In terms of their technology use its fine but I have some suggestion that might help their security to maintain the safety of their customer. I want to suggest having their establishments a detector that can detect harmful stuffs even if you’re still far from the establishment. I can say that it might help because nowadays terrorism is really a big treat to us because we can’t know everything. As I visited the Jollibee, I have learn that even how success a business or establishments are, still they should have to add some technology or other features that might help them to be more productive. I have also learn that If we put up a business we should consider new trends and strategies to be applied in the business you want to build because every year or maybe months, technology are evolving fast.

In our technopreneurship 1, we have watched the Pirates of the Silicon Valley which is a story of Apple Company and Microsoft Company really started. As we watch the Pirates of the Silicon Valley I have learn that in order to make it to the top you must aim for the best and take risk for what you really want to have. Like us as future technopreneur we should be risk taker and imaginative person. In that movie I have also learn how Bill Gates overcome Steve Jobs and be counted in the most riches business man in the world. We have also discussed about the commencement address of Steve Jobs. In the commencement address of Steve Jobs we have tackle the 3 topics of it which are the connecting the dots, love and losses, and about death. In connecting the dots I have learned that everything has a purpose. I have also learned that we should make our everyday meaningful and be productive because our present plays a big part in our future which determines on what status we will be having soon. In the second topic which is the love and losses, I have learned that we should find what we really want and love to do because if you find your love, you will go and pursue for it, put more efforts on it and take risk in what your really love. It just like in a relationship, if you really love that person you will all just to have him or her and do things just to protect the one you love. And if you follow your passion their no reason for you to regret it because it your choice and their no one to blame for the decision you made. The third and last topic is the death, in this topic I have learned that we should let every second, minutes and days counts and make it productive for the reason that our Lord God Give this life and we should live with it to the fullest with his commands and wills. I have also learned that we should really give importance ad love to our life because our life in the world is just temporary, we just live here to witness, see and experience the creations of God and gift for us. So we should make it really productive in a right and proper way that no one will be affected in every step you are taking.

We have also tackle about SEED model which will serve as our guide in our IT elective 1 and 2 subjects which is the technopreneurship 1 and 2. In technopreneurship 1 we have only discussed the first model which is the self mastery and the other will just be continued discuss in our technopreneurship to subject. The first model in the SEED model which is the self mastery is all about finding our passion and to know what we love to do, what is my best at and what are our irritants. As our facilitator discussed the first model I have learned that the model mostly focused on our characteristics and attitude. In the self mastery model we have also discuss personality traits, emotional quotient, adversity quotient, and intelligence quotient. We have also done some online test on it. As I take the personality trait test the result came out that I “somewhat entrepreneur” which our facilitator tell us that we the capability of a technopreneur and we have the entrepreneurial skills. At first I am so confused on the result because I haven’t experience yet about business but as our facilitator discuss more I have learned that most of us can be a successful technopreneur even if it takes long term of process to really be successful. As I take the intelligence test I have failed to pass the average grade of the test because of time pressure, but it just fine with me because I know my capacity and I know that I’m not that dull because I failed to pass the test. In taking the emotional quotient test I pass the average test and I have learned that I’m really an emotional person which I highly agreed. I also pass in the test in adversity test. In general, as I took those tests I have learned that intelligence test in considered least important because knowledge doesn’t really plays a big part in the success o a person although it has some part in the success but not totally. In addition, adversity quotient test really has the more important rule and part in the success on a person because in that kind of test it is more on real life situation. I have also learned that adversity test gives and helps like us as future technopreneur on how to deal and handle complicated situations as we go along with our life.

As we go along with our class in technopreneurship 1, our facilitator gives us the chance to proposed our own business and present it to the class. Our facilitator groups all of us into 5 in order to brainstorm our ideas to think of an ideal business proposal. In making the business proposal, I’ve find it hard to brainstorm ideas for the business proposal because of existing companies nowadays and also because of technologies that companies are using. By the way before we have make the first proposal that been rejected we have gathered some guide base on “what we love to do”, what we best at”, and what is our irritants” in order to make a business proposal that’s really fit to us. As we think of what our ideal business should, I have learn that proposing a business really need takes many days in order to perfectly meet the needs in this generation and also before making a business proposal we should take some guide in order to organized it. Base on our experience the first attempt of business proposal we proposed was been rejected for the reason that our proposal was so common and call it a “chocks to go” because it all ready existing and many are using it. I have also learned that in a business proposal we should research successful businesses, new trends and other factor that should be consider in making a proposal because in this generations it is really hard to propose a business plan. As we have composed again of a new business proposal we have figured out at first that most of the business proposal that’s been accepted is middle man. So our group decided to think again of business proposal that we are the middle man basing on our love, best at and irritants. As we think of our business proposal I’ve doubt that it will be accepted because it is really common and I think it’s not helpful nowadays. When others proposed their business proposal, most of them are still rejected because it already exists. So when many are been rejected I have noticed and learned that the business proposal that our facilitator is a type of business that are high-techs and useful for a lifetime not just for a couple of years. Just like the proposal we have proposed which is a high-tech watch that can monitor blood pressure, pulse rate and heart condition of the person if still normal. It has also built in map for travelers and tourists for them not to get hard of finding their destination. As we make that business proposal we have learned that we should consider whose our beneficiaries and what is the big impact of it in our prospect beneficiaries.

In general, I think Technopreneurship really has big purpose and help not just Information Technology and Computer Science Student but also to anyone who are really willing to engaged in this kind of industry and to those who are risk taker which do anything to pursue what they really want to do. Being a Technopreneur you should have the presence of mind, a risk taker, decision maker, passionate and other factors that a good Technopreneur must possess. For me, I can’t consider my self as a technopreneur because I don’t possess those characteristics that I’ve mentioned for the reasons that I’m not ready yet and still in the process of developing the skills. I may have the idea but I haven’t had the strength to stand alone in my own decision in that kind of situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 12:27 pm

What I have learned from technopreneurship 1?

There are lots of things that I encounter in my past lessons in my IT Elective 1 or the Technopreneruship 1. It was fun and enjoying and somehow we also experience bad and stressful experiences that test or patience and disciplines. I’m happy and proud to say that even though Mr. Randy Gamboa is very very very very very strict, we have learned a lot from him in Technopreneurship 1. From my personal experience with him, Mr. Gamboa is very knowledgeable and very innovative with the subject. Before, and as I could remember on our first meeting on Technopreneurship 1, we are so so so so so troubled on Mr Randy Gamboa! As a transferee and a new registered student of the University of Southeastern Philippines- Main Campus which is the Obrero Campus, we where shocked and shaken with Mr Randy Gamboa. He shares his past experiences with his students before. Some of them failed, and some got INC which is incorporation, sorry I mean “incomplete”. Not just those things but we also got some views, feedbacks from those students before of Mr Randy Gamboa and that scares us more. But for me nothing is impossible with praying and studying, I said to myself!
IT Elective 1 or the Technopreneurship 1, hmmmmmp (o_0)? As I have scanned my prospectus and saw the subject, I was thinking of integrating technology and entrepreneur. My first impression and I thought that we will be creating a technology and we will be selling those technologies that we will go to create. And to think it was very unusual for me. I was not wrong of my thought. Yes, technopreneurship is all about the integration of TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEUR. Technology = Entrepreneur = Business = Money.
IT Elective 1 or Technoprenereurship help and adds us knowledge in establishing a good and fine business, not just a good and fine business, but a competitive and innovative business. Technopreneurship is the merging of knowledge in technology with entrepreneurship skills. It involves not only technical knowledge but also a thorough understanding of creativity, the innovation process, marketing, finance, and strategic thinking. In this generation, most people and professions do not only need just merely an educated and very outstanding individual but an individual who can participate and bring ideas and products to markets. Entrepreneurship create new jobs, new wealth, new opportunities and with the help of today’s generation which we are very familiar with Technologies, possibly and probably in could be more jobs, more wealth, and more opportunities. For us Information Technology Students and Computer Science Students, it is very advantage and beneficial knowing about Entrepreneurship using technologies. Knowing and having familiar with new trends and ideas like Technopreneurship help and facilitates us for our soon professions. Through this new idea, the Technopreneurship, it lends a hand of working high- tech firms or businesses and Technopreneurship also involves and engage in research and new product development. From learning Technopreneurship, I or even you can now think creatively all the time- it provides fun, and it lets us find good solutions.
As far as I am concerned and as far as I could remember, our first assignment and task was to visit a Fast Food Chain. All we have to do is to observe the Fast Food Chain and give or share in the class our own view regarding the services of the Fast Food Chain and we will go to formulate an innovative design, device, machine …. That could possibly help their operation using technology. My idea that time was very simple, and if Mr Randy Gamboa will say “it was been developed 10 years ago by this one…….”. Therefore I could say technology is changing from time to time! Scientist, Inventors and Developers they know the importance of innovation. And to think they are very intelligent and innovative! I learned from this task is we must think and explore out of the box. Exploring new ideas leads success and new learning, and achievement.
Through learning Technopreneurship we are also able to know and encounter lives of different prominent and outstanding individuals of today’s generation. We study the life of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and examine their economic progress. The movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley that we have watched last semester inspires most of us on how we will go to perceive and look for our futures. The movie is all about the life before of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. An ordinary student who thinks extraordinary; who really thinks out of the box. First with Bill Gates, he is the kind of individual who has a genuine dedication and enthusiasm on electronic stuffs. And positively leads him creating our first computer and establish a good company. He has the spirit! He understands the importance of innovation. Same also with Steve Jobs; he was not able to graduate from college, but he was able to establish a name worldwide; because of his perseverance, leadership and determination on his life. Steve Jobs now is one of the riches individual in the world! He is the founder of Apple Company and also the founder of Pixar Animation Studio. In addition with the life of Steve Jobs; I was also able to read and got inspired on his Commencement Address for a certain university (unfortunately I forgot the name of the said university) anyway, the Address was full of heart, emotions, experience and learning to ponder that he was able to share to that certain university. it was stated their that in life, we should know and find what you love and what brings enjoyment and happiness to you; by this we are guided and we know about what we are doing and if this things brings happiness in your profession and even in life. He also shares about his idea of Connecting the Dots. We should also take consider of your past experiences. Though they are all past, those past can help and gives you greater determination in continue life. In line with this, I would also like to share one of my much loved mottos in life. “Study the past if you would define the future”. In relation to the statement given by Steve Jobs, by knowing you past help you establish a good future; this will be your inspiration, determination, and your foundation for your future success. Success spells as W O R K. For you to reach the success we must also work and strive! In continuation with the story, he also shares about his Love and Loss. In the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley, he left with his family. He was left by his wife and daughter because he was so focused or his center of attention before was his work and unfortunately he was not able to have and spend time for his family. But later in the movie he was convicted and find guilty of what just happen in his family. Happily to say, one of his creation and design was named after his daughter. I learned in life that I you have so much in your life, something or someone will loss in you; and same also with, if you don’t have enough in your life, sooner or later you will be rewarded for your love and diligence. God provides, he never forgets! And lastly in line with the statement of his Commencement Address; his last draft is his Death. He was diagnosed with a severe illness and he thought that, that could be his last day here on earth. But I guess God have a better plan for him. He can still continue his life and spend time with his family. He can still inspire more individuals. Learning: we have been given life and we must use and enjoy each moment of it! Yes, living life to the fullest, but we must be aware also in some limitations. “Everything is permissible but not all are beneficial”. Just an advice! In continuation, we must know first ourselves! And we must find what we love and what we enjoy with! A very inspiring Address from Steve Jobs. (n_n)
Aside from the movie and Commencement Address provided and prepared by Mr Randy Gamboa for us, we also undergone Evaluation and Assessment Examination from Technopreneurship 1. I was able to have a self evaluation examination which is the Personality Trait Examination. This is an examination and assessment of how we think and perceive situation in life and in business areas. That examination determines if we are a good and competitive Technopreneur or not; (it depends on their answers of the rating or the level of comprehension). Surprisingly and happily to say, I was in the rating of having the spirit of a good and competitive Technopreneur. I was able to pass the Personality Trait Examination. We were also told to take an Examination in Emotional Quotient, my Adversity Quotient and the intelligence Quotient. And proud to say I also pass those three examinations. First, is about Emotional Quotient! I have some problems with regards to emotional aspect and I was so happy that I pass the Emotional Quotient Examination; this area evaluates your Emotional areas, which means your emotions. Emotion, your feeling, sentiments, sensations, and passion. Being engage into business, we must also have the proper and positive emotion. Next examination I took is the AQ or the Adversity Quotient Examination; and last examination is the Intelligence Quotient Examination. These deals with our intelligence, our cleverness, aptitude, intellect. These measure our intelligence or our level of intelligence. It is not about measuring if you are stupid or intelligent but somehow measuring your intelligence on you solves and understands problems and scenarios in life. In addition, it measures the level of intelligence in solving problems in business; not mathematical or technical but proper handling or managing of a certain business.
From movies, examinations, we have also lectured by Mr Randy Gamboa about the SEED model, or namely Self Mastery, Environmental Mastery, eeeeeeeeeee eeeee and lastly Developing a Business Proposal. Unfortunately we only undertook Self Mastery and those three remaining topic will be continued by this semester.
In our recent activity which is our Fieldtrip and Seminar, I was happy because aside from we will be going to Manila; above all I was so happy because I will be exposing in new technologies. I was able to visit to some big companies and they introduce to us the new technologies that they have been using in their operations. Those technologies presented to us were incredible. We have got the chance to have and arrange a conference or a symposium. We were happy with those inspirational messages of the speakers that they prepared for us. It was so inspiring and motivating.
The last requirement of Mr Randy Gamboa for us is to make a business proposal. In this activity it really tests our patience. In our group, fortunately we have just proposed a proposal twice. After the failure of the first proposal, we are so determined and persevere that we will pass this another set of proposal. We DESIRE, DECIDE, DETERMINE. We desire, in our group we are aiming for victory, means we are aiming to pass the subject. We collected some ideas of our group mates and we decide. Next is deciding, in proposing or making a business proposal, you should make the decision if you want to fail your proposal or you want the get victory. Failure is not a mindset, it is a decision! And lastly we are determined and very positive in our proposal. You, in yourself must have the faith and strength that this particular situation will be a successful one.
Our experiences in our Technopreneurship 1 were very enjoying! I think we are so blessed to have Mr randy Gamboa as our facilitator, best buddy, leader, classmate and friend! Yes, Mr Randy Gamboa is not strict, but very very very strict, but somehow we also learned from being so strict of Mr Randy Gamboa.
To Mr Randy Gamboa, or popularly known as Randz or Randy! Nice one sir! Thank you for the opportunity!
Always smile sir! God bless you! (n_n)
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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 12:55 pm

Failure is inevitable in life. There are times wherein no matter how you dedicate yourself, no matter how prepared you think you are, and no matter how you expect things should go smoothly based on your logic, you still end up folding in front of failure. In a perfect world, you would undoubtedly succeed if you will just persevere and work hard for your goal. But as we all know, we are not living in a perfect world. The possibility of failure will always be lurking behind us no matter how slim and bleak it is. And when it does strike, we usually end up being so devastated. We begin to doubt our capabilities, we resort to questioning the fairness of life. With that, we end up being afraid to take a shot once more and we settle for something less than what we have dreamed of. Why don't we bother to aim for a higher summit rather than stay behind the shadows of our failures?

That is what Technopreneurship 1 made me realize. Before I enrolled in this subject, my utmost goal in life was to finish my studies and land a high-paying job just like everybody else I guess. But as early as the very first day of our class, our professor stirred my mind with this one statement, "Think outside of the box". He relayed to us how we must not solely strive for the obvious but also, we must think and consider the alternatives. He invoked to me a new prototype that I could follow in life. Instead of sticking with the traditional study - graduate - get employed pattern, our professor told us to seriously consider an alternative; study - graduate - be an employer.

With the growing number of I.T graduates and students in the country, it is also proportional to say that the stiffness of competition in landing an I.T - related job gets tougher and tougher as time passes by. And if the trend continues, our professor said by the time we graduate, which is still in a very distant future, we might just end up with nothing to land on. And the most likely scenario is we either get unemployed (after 8 years of studying) or end up answering calls from people around the world (how may I help you ma'am?).

Now here is where Technopreneurship enters the script. Why force yourself to get employed when you have the option of being the employer yourself? Yes, the employer and yes, technopreneurship means putting up your own business. As its name suggests, Technopreneurship is a term coined from the words "technology" and "entrepreneurship". It is where technology meets business. Now, you might argue that establishing your own business requires a huge amount of money and only the "rich kids" can have the luxury of putting up one. Well, probably you haven't heard of people who call themselves "venture capitalists". They are the rich and business-minded persons who are willing to invest on other person's business ideas if they see that the business indeed is feasible and promising. And how to create a business idea or proposal that is feasible and promising? Just like how you plant a tree that could grow and bear fruits someday, you need to have a SEED.

In Technopreneurship, SEED stands for Self-Mastery, Environment-Mastery, Enterprise-Mastery, and Development of a Business Plan. These are the steps that an aspiring technopreneur must sacredly follow in order to create his/her own techno business that could bloom and bear fruits someday. In our Techno 1, we were only able to thoroughly discuss the self-mastery stage but glimpses and insights on the other stages were also there. So, what does self-mastery really mean or a more interesting question could be how important it is in formulating your own techno business or in technopreneurship in general?

Self-mastery is a vital cog in technopreneurship mainly because it is in this stage wherein you can evaluate yourself if you are indeed up to the challenge of the business world. If not, then you can still have the necessary "overhaul" needed if you are really dedicated to become a successful technopreneur. In our Techno 1, we were given a variety of tests by our facilitator that enabled us to know as to where could we possibly place in the "technopreneurship readiness meter". The tests given to us where Personality Traits test, Intelligent Quotient, Adversity Quotient, and Emotional Quotient tests. We took up the personality traits test as our prelim exam and I tell you that was the best prelim exam in my entire life so far. The test lets us choose from two different situations or statements labeled A or B for each of the 32 items given. With just our preferences as the basis of our answers, it was indeed a walk in the park. After the test, our facilitator revealed to us the equivalent scores for each of our answers and almost all of us passed with flying colors as our results reflected that we were "somewhat technopreneurial". It means our personality can blend well to the technopreneurship environment. And it was a great start. The other tests were left for us to research and take for ourselves. And luckily, I also had a similar impressive showing in all of those.

With all the tests that we have took, I learned that the IQ test was relatively less significant. That is because in becoming a technopreneur you don't need to have Einstein's intelligence or grab all the academic accolades in your school in order to succeed. An average brain clock rate can do the job. But, what is more important really is the ability of a person to mingle efficiently with others, organize and relay his thoughts effectively, hurdle through adversities, and bounce back from setbacks. And that is what the other three tests determine.

One of the highlights and the leading men in our Techno 1 was Steve Jobs. Actually, there were only two leading men in the subject, the other one was our handsome professor of course. We were enlightened on what truly is the story behind the two most significant names in the digital world today - Microsoft and Apple - when we watched the movie "Pirates of the Silicon Valley". And I think everyone of us were at awe after watching the movie. And, after knowing that our most beloved Microsoft, which operates our personal computers, was a product of an ancient clever thievery. And guess who's behind it?

The movie laid down the details of the colorful lives of Steve and Bill. Both of them really didn't find graduating from college and getting a diploma as a stepping stone to success. They found another way, an alternative so to speak. Steve dropped out from Reed College and Bill never finished his studies at Harvard University. They somewhat took similar paths but it was Steve Jobs who made a huge impact initially. Along with his buddy, "the other Steve" Steve Wozniak, Jobs worked his way into making the first ever computer with a graphical user interface which turned out to be the inception of the mushrooming of personal computers. Steve was the perfect paradigm of Technopreneurship. He was gutsy, innovative, creative, and charismatic. And he was also lucky to have a skilled and computer geek best-friend in Wozniak. Steve was perfect as a technopreneur but, the same cannot be said when it pertains to his personality. As it was one of the reasons of his downfall early on his career. But, the major reason really was his good friend, or rather, former good friend, Bill Gates.

Now, this is the part where I was left in awe. Before watching the movie, my perception of Apple was that it was just a company who tries to rival an established and well-known instititution in the computer industry. I thought it was just a budding company which is fueled by its innovation and superb designs to grab its small slice in the market. I thought they were just another company. But it turns out that THEY ARE THE COMPANY. Although Microsoft is the one dominating the computer industry today, it was Apple who pioneered the era of personal computers and dominated the market before. And it could have been possibly be lording right now, if not for the cleverness of the man behind the Microsoft. Bill Gates first saw success when his buddy Paul Allen bought the "disk operating system" from an unknown computer company in Seattle for a meager $50,000 and deployed it to the computers of IBM. But, Bill Gates was never satisfied. He went to Apple's headquarters in California and captured the trust of Steve Jobs. He was hired by Jobs to help him in developing Apple computers and Gates took advantage. Gates and his Microsoft team messed up a little bit with Apple's operating system and made their own out of it. And that's how the popular Windows originated. Later on, Apple was on a decline. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Bill Gates and Microsoft were leading the information technology pack.

The Pirates of the Silicon Valley left me with a lot of lessons. One was to never limit myself inside the four corners of the classroom. Just like what Jobs and Gates did, I must also be open to seek for ideas that could bring me good other than the ones taught at school. Another notable lesson I learned was to never trust anyone. I guess Steve Jobs learned that lesson too. And, in a hard way I guess.

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Exercise 1   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyTue Nov 30, 2010 4:42 pm

Your reflections/learning’s on technopreneurship1 (2000 words)
To start my reflections on technopreneurship1 lets recall what is technoprenuership? From the word it self techno means technology and preneur or entrepreneur means business so a technopreneur is an entrepreneur who is technology savvy, creative, innovative, dynamic. Dares to be different and takes the unexplored path, and very passionate about their work. Also, a technopreneur is not a product but a process of synthesis in engineering the future of a person, an organization, a nation and the world. In a digital, knowledge based society, strategic directions or decision-making processes will be demanding and complex. This requires tertiary level and professional development programs and training to produce strategic thinkers who will have the skills to succeed in a dynamically changing global environment. Traditional educational programs, however, lack the methodology to transform today's students into creative, innovative, visionary global leaders who understand the importance of technopreneurship. From what I can still remember about technopreneurship1 is that we’ve watched the movie “The Pirates of the Silicon Valley” after we’ve watched the movie the first topic we’ve tackled is the factors that contributed to the success and failure of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur. In this topic the learning’s that I’ve acquired are the faith, passion, courage, innovation and vision that Steve Jobs showed in the movie. From being thought of as a one-hit wonder for his role in founding Apple Computer in the 1970s to rebounding with Pixar and once again rejuvenating Apple, Jobs has time and time again demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. And, he shows no signs of stepping down any time soon. “I think we’re having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we’re always trying to do better.” However, the factors why Steve Jobs failed while he was in his peak of success. He is an abusive employer, he is not a business minded person, he always taking things for granted that’s why Bill gates had trapped him, and because of his character which is a flake, and a hippie or a guy who spent so much time on meditating that destroys himself if he only been serious and spent most of the time of his company, he might accomplished something. Failure is a significant part of the learning process. It is important to accept that much of what we learn is through trial and error. There is a perspective that one needs to keep in mind when things do not go as planned. That is, people usually experience some degree of failure on the way to success! The key element of failing is to learn from the challenge, reevaluate, and move forward with renewed determination. When you fail to achieve what you had in mind, you are of no less value. If you are willing to make mistakes and learn from them, you have actually increased your value by the knowledge you have gained. If this is your mindset, then it is not necessary to dwell on the fear of failing. Instead, the focus is on finding a path through, under, or over challenges to reach your destination. Perhaps in the process you have discovered a route to avoid, or a new path has been revealed, or new resources of help have appeared. When people succeed in acquiring their goals, it is because they persisted toward the desired end result in spite of the obstacles that surfaced. It is very rare when unexpected challenges do not occur when pursuing a worthwhile endeavor. Failure can either break us or make us. Those broken by failure are haunted by unpleasant memories. These memories are like shadows that lurk in front, behind, beside, beneath and above. It is also a cage that traps the mind, preventing it to entertain possibilities of freedom and success. They are convinced that they cannot do it; therefore, they will not try. Next topic that we’ve discussed is the insights on our personal traits test. Personal traits it refers to the style or manner in which you interact with the world. They refer more to how you do things rather than what you do. For example you may have chosen the ability to persuade others as one of your transferable skills. The personal traits that help you accomplish this may include self-confidence, assertiveness, and an emotional style. Or you may use a completely different set of traits, such as being rational, logical, and trustworthy. And the test was made to check weather you have the skills or knowledge of how to become an entrepreneur and ability to apply that skills and knowledge in the actual scenario in our life. The key to success of an entrepreneur and we can be interpreted it as both positive and negative. For instance, being critical is one of your traits. This could be a plus if you are an editor of a publishing company, or a meat inspector. It would be a negative if you are a supervisor trying to gain rapport with an employee. It means applying a good personal trait to your employees can make your company more successful. That why personal trait is very important in business or entrepreneurship. From this topic I’ve learned that in dealing with other people the main factor you should acquired is the EQ which means Emotional Quotient because if we say business we need clients to sale our items or even services that we offer to them. So, the key is to socialize with the people around your environment in order to have that kind of relationship between clients and owners transactions. And the other two elements which are the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient) that we must apply is still very important in establishing a business because of its purpose just like in the technical and logical side of business we must used our full potential of our brain or intelligence to answer those difficult questions and logical problems. And how to solve every problems you will encounter in our life and turn obstacles into opportunities in business aspects. Another topic is the purpose in life from this discussion our facilitator took the old purpose in us and we must think for another purpose or construct new purpose in life. From this topic we've have to asked our selves to have the true purpose we can apply in our life us a technopreneur. After that dicussion we proceed to the learning's after we've read the commencement address of Steve Job. I've learned in this topic from Steve Jobs life are connecting the dots, love and lost and death. Those learning's that Steve Jobs shared to me from he's commencement address has a big impact to my self because on how he make the wrong things that he have done into opportunities to come back to he peek of success. Now lets recall who is Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs is considered the greatest corporate storyteller on the world stage. His keynote presentations are hot tickets and leave his audience with a sense of awe and excitement. Communicating the vision behind his brand is one of Steve Jobs’ greatest gifts. But he works at it. Jobs spend hours and hours rehearsing every facet of his presentations. He makes it look effortless but that polish comes after weeks of grueling practice. Steve Jobs has been creating products that enrich people’s lives. But in some ways, his greatest achievement could be in what he has taught us about work and life: expect excellence from yourself, create great experiences for your customers, and follow your heart. The ups and down of Steve Jobs life story started when successfully created the finest computer the Macintosh. And after the success of his life in the Apple he was got fired then. The cause of Steve Jobs failure when Apple grew and successful they hired someone that has the potential and very talented in running the company, but that someone take the advantage and took the opportunity out of Steve Jobs that why he got fired in Apple. But Steve Jobs never give up on his dreams so he started as beginner again and from that he felt freed to enter a new creative period of his life. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. During the beginning of his carrier again he started a company named NeXT. And after that Apple bought his company NeXT that was the remarkable turn of events. From that event Steve Jobs returned in the Apple with the technology they developed in his company NeXT. Every struggle that Steve Jobs encountered in exchange is his happiness when he met Laurene in the company named Pixar. He felt in love with her and eventually the two of them got married. As far I can still remember the last topic that we've discuss was on our business proposal. From this topic we have to think a business that can help the people by the use of our new technology. So, lets recall what is business? A business can be defined as an organization that provides goods and services to others who want or need them. When many people think of business careers, they often think of jobs in large wealthy corporations. Many business-related careers, however, exist in small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational settings. Furthermore, you don't need a degree in business to obtain many of these positions. In short, every sector of our economy needs people with strong overall skills that can be applied to business-type careers. And what is plan? Planning is one of the most important project management and time management techniques. Planning is preparing a sequence of action steps to achieve some specific goal. If you do it effectively, you can reduce much the necessary time and effort of achieving the goal.A plan is like a map. When following a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project goal and how far you are from your destination. Knowing where you are is essential for making good decisions on where to go or what to do next.Planning is also crucial for meeting your needs during each action step with your time, money, or other resources. With careful planning you often can see if at some point you are likely to face a problem. It is much easier to adjust your plan to avoid or smoothen a coming crisis, rather than to deal with the crisis when it comes unexpected. Also lets recall what is business plan and how to startup? A business plan is any plan that works for a business to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key points, and prepare for problems and opportunities.Unfortunately, many people think of business plans only for starting a new business or applying for business loans. But they are also vital for running a business, whether or not the business needs new loans or new investments. Businesses need plans to optimize growth and development according to priorities. A simple startup plan includes a summary, mission statement, keys to success, market analysis, and break-even analysis. This kind of plan is good for deciding whether or not to proceed with a plan, to tell if there is a business worth pursuing, but it is not enough to run a business with. From this topic planning a business is difficult if you don't know what business you want to established and how you can make your business grow and be successful. So, make a business plan so that you can know the steps in having that business and if that business you established can lure many clients that would like your item or even services you offer to them. Just like Steve Jobs said from his commencement address “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”.

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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)   Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm) EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 12:56 pm

What I learned from the previous lessons in technopreneurship.
“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

This is a popular mindset of the two pioneers in technology innovation – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (from the movie “Pirates of the Silicon Valley”). They are entrepreneurs of the new age. Both of them were good business persons. But, someone was just better in technopreneurship.
Bill Gates today is the chief architect of Microsoft Corporation. He’s at the top of the world’s most powerful people list in the computing industry and the worlds’ richest man in the Forbes’ list as well. Prior to his success, he used to be under Steve Job’s direction. Jobs was quite a (1) DESPERATE and (2) BRILLIANT motivator on optimizing his employees’ performance. But, in some ways, he seemed (A) CRUEL upon negotiating to his workers and drive them towards perfection.

During his early years, Steve Jobs was just an ordinary student who usually spent most of his time at their garage doing some technical stuff together with Stephen Wozniak. He was so (3) DETERMINED to put on trial and experiment with the digital concepts and ideas he had in mind. Except for being (4) ENTHUSIASTIC and (5) INTELLIGENT, he was assisted by his colleague, Wozniak. Jobs and Woz worked together and other than having weird and unattended hairstyles, they came off as notably effective partners.

By then, they were able to develop the Apple I. Feeling conscious, Jobs preferred to present himself (6) WELL-GROOMED in front of the business men and journalists who were curious about their new technology. Through that, Jobs believed that it would make him much more convincing and credible upon his appearance. Amazed and interested, many people were after Jobs’ and Woz’ partnership. Still then, they preferred not to collaborate and share a prototype of their technology to other people that easy. Perhaps, (7) THEY WOULD RATHER COMPETE with them than become an employee. To live through the competition, they tried to make their computer become a need of all the people because “information is power”, as what they assumed. And so, they just did.

They started selling and promoting their “babies” and it was a great hit that it became one of the market leaders globally. Steve became the CEO of the Apple Company. He was undeniably a ( PROFICIENT LEADER that he knows how to bring out the best of his employees’ performance. All he wanted to pull off was an absolute loyalty from them to the company. He was a (B) PERFECTIONIST. He undoubtedly yelled to his workers if he becomes aware of their tardiness and see an incompetent work from them. He was (C) INCONSIDERATE. Even if his staff worked all day long, in the end, still Steve does not give them a time to rest until he receives a satisfactory result from them. Most of the time, (D) HE DOESN’T TRUST ANYBODY. Many of the known professionals in the field were given rejection because he just simply does not trust them. He’s avoids hiring people who might possibly work against him and his company. These are some of the most common complaints from Steve’s workers.

On the other hand, Bill Gates was able to develop an interface which could make Jobs’ computers more efficient and interactive. By that, Gates willfully demanded for a prototype where he could slot in his operating system for running applications. With his desperation and his colleague, Paul Allen, he applied at the Apple Company and insisted that he deserves to be hired because he can provide what Jobs’ computer lacks. And so, he just did.

Brought about by Bill’s convincing power, he made Steve trust him. He was entrusted a prototype of the computer for him to understand its architecture so as to make his operating system perfectly fit on to it. As the company released the current version of the computer’s user interface, Steve realized that it was not his technology anymore. Without him noticing it, he had lost his control on the system because someone is more particular on manipulating it. Gates understands more, he just merely directed him. (E) HIS DIGITAL CONCEPTS WERE STOLEN because (F) HE TRUSTED. That time, he met someone smarter than him. Someone is wiser than him. “The best artist steals from his best rival”.

After watching the movie, we were asked to evaluate ourselves on how we see ourselves as technopreneurs. I admit technopreneurship or any business oriented stuff is such a complicated thing I’m not really interested entering at. I can’t picture myself stranded in the middle of several follow ups, appointments and having a number of sleepless nights. In other words, I can’t be good a technopreneur if I will stick to this attitude.

But, if I really want to, I can compete. With pride and humility, I am good, maybe better or even the best. Technopreneurship does not require any quantity to measure one’s likelihood to be successful. It rather tests the edge of one’s ability to make the most of his skills optimally. At my age and way of thinking, I can start the journey and keep miles away from my rivals as a technopreneur. It just needs a practical and wise mind.

I will give you reasons why I can be one. Firstly, I am a fast learner. Although this career does not require your maximum intellectual ability, there are still things by which you can’t avoid to encounter late. So, you need to catch up. In order not be left behind the competition, you need to learn fast. That is not optional, that is a requirement.

Secondly, I have enough resources. A computer unit and an internet connection will do. Instead of spending my leisure time surfing and chatting for no relevant reasons, I can replace them with more productive activities. In fact, I am beginning to restrain myself from doing absurdities. (Opening my facebook account only once a week? That’s not bad right?

Another thing is that I am morally and financially supported by my family. Taking into account that I have my two single sisters helping my mom to supply my needs (also my wants ^^,), that is just such a blessing. The only problem is “I am tardy”. hehe. But I can help myself. If I would prefer not to act such, that is never a problem. So, let’s proceed to the next reason.

Sincerely, I am always trying to be righteous. I don’t want to be successful at the expense of other people. I may use the idea of others but not to the extent of claiming that it was mine. My colleague’s work will always be his. If I want to have a copy of it, I’ll copy it myself based on what I understand from his work. That is not stealing, that is rather open mindedness.

Also, when I can’t do something right, I call it a challenge, not failure. Maybe I made mistakes, but I can always make it right. It does not limit my ability there because I have several ways of resolving problems. So, I do not bother worrying about it. I would rather think of ideas and alternatives.

Lastly, I am a loyal citizen of the country. I was just too young when I said working here will not make me rich. Something and someone made me realize that I was wrong. I will work here because I don’t want to see my city left behind just as how I want myself not to be left behind too. Second, I do not want to leave my family. I want to raise my child / children the way I wanted.

Now, who says I can’t be a technopreneur? Well, you are right! Haha. No, you’re not rather. I have nothing more to say other than “I can be a technopreneur”. It is as simple as that.

Considering the fact that I am an IT student (even just for the sake of having enrolled in a tertiary institution), I am already in to taking the same path that Steve Jobs took. The only thing is that, I do not have the determination to try and succeed.
But if I will be asked to take the same career as his, sure, I will. Nothing is much more interesting to study and explore today than the nature of technology. Yes, there’s this nature. In this career, someone has to abide by or consider the rules and limits of advanced gadgets and equipments.
Steve Jobs’ career is really a tough one for an ordinary student as me. But he inspired me maybe because he used to be a student too. I would love to see myself standing at the same position as his after several years. Maybe I can go not that far. I never even tried to be like Jobs. But, I can succeed like him in my own ways.

Other than that, our professor let us take some self evaluation (personality, intelligence, adversity).

"Personality is the entire mental organization of a human being at any stage of his development. It embraces every phase of human character: intellect, temperament, skill, morality, and every attitude that has beeen built up in the course of one's life." (Warren & Carmichael, 1930, p. 333)

During one of our lecture meetings, we were given the chance to evaluate our personalities or technopreneurial skills by taking a personality traits test. As we had the assessment of the exam, I observed different approaches from my classmates upon seeing the results. One of the several scenarios include:

student1: “pila imu kuha? “
student2: “42 lang man. Kaw?”
s1: “47 ko. Yehey!”
s2: “wow, maypaka. Nang gahut man ka. hehe”
S1: “aw, tinud-anay man to ako answer. Isa nalang unta kulang pra ma above average ko. hihi”
S2: “char, ka pamati pud sa isa oy.” (bisag joke lang gani. hehe)
S1: “dili oy, kalain pud nimu.”
S2: “maninuod. haha”

As shown above, people think differently according to how they understand what others tell or do. Student one may be over the verge of overwhelming assessment so she was not able to attend by the feelings of those who got lower results than her. She was not able to notice that some were still upset with the result of the assessment yet she still keeps on boasting until her friend finally got irritated and threw her a joke which made student one get mad (because she thought that what has been said was really meant by her companion).

In this connection, people are of different personalities. Perhaps, we cannot avoid describing and assessing the personalities of the people who are around us almost everyday. According to what I have read over the Internet, there are fundamental characteristics of personality. These include (a) consistency (the behaviors are of a particular order and regular patterns. People may seem to act the same in any situation and handle them in a similar way), (b) psychological and physiological (it has been said that personality is a sort of psychological construct, but some of the researches show that it is also affected greatly by biological processes and needs), (c) impact behaviors and actions (personality may not be influenced by our response and action within an environment. There are just instances which may trigger us to act differently), (d) multiple expressions (behavior alone does not determine the type of personality we have. It is also evident in the thoughts, feelings, intimate relationships and other social activities).

In a person’s life, personality is very significant. As my classmates and I took a number of personality traits tests, I have observed that I always get the average quotient. There may be some variations of the assessments but the meaning is clear, I am a normal person. Here is what I observed from my reaction upon knowing the result:

I was disappointed. Even though I was contented but I felt insulted or cheated by the people around me. Perhaps, I simply just got to admit that MANY people were better in handling themselves than me.

I was motivated. Since I was able to have maybe the general understanding of my personality, I would like to fill in the weaknesses by the better side of me so as to make the best foundation of my strengths.

I felt happy. It made me more comfortable of myself because it made me aware that, in some ways, I know how to keep a good relationship with others going, such that, I am away from any conflicts, trouble and danger.

I am more confident. I found more reasons why I should not be afraid of facing, interacting and competing even to a crowd of big people. It is because there are no gaps between our capabilities, we just think and act differently.

However, before we took the written evaluation of our personalities, we underwent an interpersonal skills seminar or workshop. In there, we were oriented about the different types of personalities, perceptions and comprehension of people in various common situations. As the discussion went through, it was mentioned that there are three types of personalities a person may have. These include the (a) assertive, (b) passive and (c) aggressive personalities.
I can say that I belong to all of the personalities mentioned above. There are times that I get assertive, passive and also aggressive in some particular situations. But, they said that it is better if I shall assert myself. The problem with being passive is that, (a) you may miss a lot of memorable and fun instances, (b) you may not be able to get what you want, (c) and you may not be able to accomplish your task or work at your optimal performance (char!). Otherwise, being aggressive does not also lead you to a better path. Simply because (a) you tend to hurt other person’s feelings, (b) you will find it hard to gain new friends, (c) you are much closer to conflicts, trouble and danger because you are taking the move at the expense of others. That is why it is really good to be assertive because you do your tasks, you make your decisions and you handle every situation in your own way and not at other people’s risk.
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Exercise 1 (Due on before November 23, 2010, 1pm)
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