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 Platnum jewelry will be the new popular element this year

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PostSubject: Platnum jewelry will be the new popular element this year   Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:46 am

Diamond always shinning like eternal, give people a feeling of adore, we may think that diamond is Magical and unpredictable.diamond lead us to a Infinite reveries world.we always compare [www.myjewellry.com] with love. there are a lot of love legend of diamond, the most famous one is the love story of love gad Venus and Edunisi.It is said that,there was a very hardsome and brave man called Edunisi, all the things were lost their bright when compared with him,he was such attractive, but he never falled in love with anyone.One day, the love story began, Venus come across with our beautiful man Edunisi, she falled in love with him at frist sight,but Edunisi felt no feeling to her. Venus had to use magic to control him, she told him how marvellous of love, how much she loved him, but Edunisi still has no feeling with her, and wanted to get out of her control. Venus used all the ways to love him and at last, she was hurted inside heart, this time, she had bad presage that Edunisi will get in to some trouble, she didn't allow him to go hunting,and tried persuade him let her come together with thim for protection. unfortunately,Edunisi didn't believe her. Something really happened, when Venus arrived,Edunisi already dead which was bite by tiger. Venus's heart was broken, she couldn't help but crying, her tears fall down Edunisi's body and turned in to shinning [www.myjewellry.com] which was so hard that can't be broken.
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Platnum jewelry will be the new popular element this year
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