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 PCB design equipment

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PostSubject: PCB design equipment   Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:30 pm

In the early days of PCBs, the design and layout was undertaken manually using tape that was placed onto a translucent film. These PCB designs were normally four times the required size and they were photographically reduced onto a 1:1 film for the PCB production process.(Professional PCB sample custom website:PCB prototype)
Nowadays the PCB design process has been computerised and there are many PCB CAD systems and PCB software packages that enable the PCB layout and design to be undertaken more efficiently than before. The PCB software varies considerably in price. Budget, or even free software provides the basic functions, whereas the top end packages enable many more facilities to be incorporated into the design. Simulations, complex routing, and many more facilities are available.
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PCB design equipment
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