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 COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009)

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COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009)   COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 4:31 am

COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines) Davao Expo 2009 held at Apo View Hotel, Davao City on July 2-4, 2009.

What is COMDDAP?

COMDDAP is an association of the country's top information technology businesses. Its primary objective is to promote the sustainable development of the of the country's information technology industry through voluntary collaboration of its member companies. It is the goal of COMDDAP to be able to provide its members general views and updates from different sectors - private and government, and highly regarded individuals to further uplift the morale and knowledge of its organization.

The vision of promoting and elevating the standards of Information technology (IT) in the Philippines fueled a group of prominent computer companies to form the Computer Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines or COMDDAP. Its initial member-companies represent the world's leading makers and providers of computer products, solutions and peripherals.

In 1997, the manufacturing sector - represented by industry leaders Hewlett Packard, Epson and Compaq, among others - was integrated into the COMDDAP membership, making the association a more diverse representation of the IT sector and thus the new name, COMPUTER MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES.

COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Mitit961

Last July2-4, me and my classmates went to Apo view Hotel to witness the IT exhibits and Technology Update Seminars.
We arrived at the area at 1:30 pm and we were given stickers at the entrance that labelled STUDENT which we attached to our IDs. Then we enter the Grand Ballroom area. I don’t know about my colleagues but I was definitely amazed with the whole bunch of computer and technology products displayed there. We were actually supposed to get there early by 1pm to attend the first part of the seminar held inside the conference area of the Main Ballroom of the hotel in which we are scheduled to attend. We were sorry we got late but we were still lucky we can still join the second part of the seminar which would start at 2pm.
The first seminar was about ERIC DMS (Dealer Management System). We arrived late so we didn’t witnessed it.
The second seminar was about HP Thin Client.
Mr. Leonard Zapa was the presenter or speaker in the seminar. He is the Market Developer Manager of the company. About the product THIN CLIENTS is a computing device without a hard drive which displays data and applications from remotely located servers, blade PC's, or Virtual Desktops.

COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 1_602517187l
COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 07thinclient-t5530

THIN CLIENTS OS (Operating Systems):

- Linux
- windowsCE
- WindowsXPe

There were also challenges for Information Technology (IT) Professionals:

- Provide Information Security
- Deployment and Maintenance
- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Advantages of the THIN CLIENTS:

- Enhanced Security
- Easy Manageability
- High Reliability
- Environment Friendly
- Lower-Overall Costs

After the presentation they gave several questions regarding to their presentation. If someone answers the question they gave some tokens like T-Shirt, Flash drive (5 pieces of 2G USB and 1 piece of 8G USB) and 1 piece of mouse in the computer. We're very excited to answer the question for the tokens. After the seminars, we left the room because we want to continue our viewing in the exhibit. We continue collecting flyers or magazines for us to have a references. Because of this event I had gathered some information regarding the technology and other things which is related in our course.
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jealou azucena

jealou azucena

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COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: COMDDAP 2009   COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 8:43 pm


Last July 3-4 2009, we attended the COMDDAP's IT expo held in the Apo View Hotel, Davao City. This the 46th year show of COMDDAP,the giant of all Philippine IT.
With the speed that IT is evolving and becoming ever more pervasive in our everyday lives COMDDAP continues year after year to to step up to the challenges of bringing something new to its market with every show. They showcase the latest IT products and software for computing, imaging, printing, connecting and communications, security, entertainment and lifestyle applications. As a matter of fact, COMDDAP Davao stages the LCD Monitor Shootout, and brings together the top LCD monitor brands in the world in a showdown of their most brilliant features in terms of graphics, photo, and video display.

Also part of its regular event is the Technology
Update series of seminars and workshops, and product demos.

As part of our real world education, we took part in the Technology Update session. The session we attended is the The ERIC Dealer Management Systems, The HP Thin Client, and Retailer Management
System Overview and Open Source For Business Applications.

We arrived at the Apo View Hotel around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. After getting our identification sticker as students we eagerly went to see the exhibits. Exhibitors include the Wordtext Systems. Inc., Trinity Marketing, Tills n' Labels Systems Marketing, Symantec, Smart Communications, Inc., Novell, Ng Khai Development Corp., Neo Manufacturing & Services, Microdata Systems & Management Inc., Metropreneur Trading, McAfee, Glee Electronics, Inc., Foxchit Business Systems, Faire Technologies Inc., Envision LCD Display, Danpro Computer Inking System Co., Cogent Consulting(CCSTC), Chase Technologies Corporation, Canon Marketing Phils. Inc., Autodesk, Astech Pengson Distributors Inc., Asiantech, and Adobe.
After exploring, we went to the function room for the session which has already started.

The Eric Dealer Management System
-presented by Jupiter Systems Inc.

According to the presenter, “The ERIC Dealer Management System is an end to end software solution for automotive dealer operation.” In the session they showed us on how to implement the ERIC DMS as well as it features which are the Costumer Relationship Management (CRM), Vehicles Sales and Administration (VSA), and Service Management (SVA).

The HP Thin Client
-presented by Nexus Technologies, Inc.

From the HP Thin Client brochure…“Thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on the network. It provides solution to issues such as desktop replacement costs, network security, supporting application software on diverse hardware, or ensuring your data remains accessible and secure.”

The speaker also mentioned that Thin Client is designed with no hard drive and fan making it less bulky than normal PC system units.

Microsoft Retail Management System
-presented by Nexus Professional Services and Solutions

The next session is the Microsoft Retail Management System. In this session we were given an overview of the Retail Management System, its solutions and key benefits to retail industry. According to the slides that the speaker showed us “RMS is a software for retailers with multi-branch store. The key benefits it provides are:

streamline operations - RMS automatically generate POs
- view inventory status and best-price suppliers
- speed checkouts
- receive shipments and update inventory
- track inventory offline
- share reports

improve profit margins - easily adjust pricing
- identify best selling items
- track ROI from marketing
- eliminate card payment terminal and fees
- increase employee productivity
- up sell and cross-sell your costumers

build customer loyalty - customize receipts and price labels
- reduce out of stock
- accept multiple tenders
- use flexible pricing structures
- tailor marketing to customer preferences
- reprint receipts

manage business not technology - RMS is easy to install and use
- train employees in minutes
- gain insights and make decisions
- tailor POS screens
- manage different inventory types
- add new lanes or stores

In terms of the RMS headquarters or the main office, it can control pricing, purchasing and inventory across stores, view and analyze data company wide, set and monitor policies and procedures for every store.”

Open Source for Business Applications

The last session we attended is the Open Source for Business Applications.
By definition…“Open Source is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to software’s source code. Open Source software is licensed software that meets the Open Source definition.”
Some of the Open Source Technologies mentioned by the presenter during the lecture are Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, GIMPshop, Transmission, LimeWire, VLC, LAMP, Drupal, Joomla,Wordpress,OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Ruby on Rails, PHP Cake, Civi CRM, and Moodle.

Reflection and Learning’s

From the exhibits I get the chance to see the new technologies present in the market.

During our participation in COMDDAP we meet IT people such as programmers, web developers and projects managers and through them I get a little picture of what I’m heading into. (ohhHhh..?)

True, I didn’t really appreciate the importance and beauty of ERIC DMS and Microsoft RMS since I’ am still a student. But I guess the information might still prove useful someday. (hehe…^^)

Perhaps the most exciting and informative session I’ve attended is the Open Source…
Actually that was my first time to meet open source (not heard, but meet…) and I found out that I’m already using some of its software and technology..(VLC, LimeWire, OpenOffice, PHP).

Let me tell you the story…

After meeting open source the presenter showed us a business case and ask two of the audience to analyze it. The task is to estimate the development time for each feature in days of the Anchor website, as well as the estimated total of days of project completion. After assessing the task both representative came up with the analysis that they can finish the project within 30 days. However the presenter told us that using Open Source (Ubuntu) they can finish the task in 16 days.
To accentuate his point the speaker told us the “MAC Analogy…” to explain the advantage of Open Source Technologies from Proprietary Software.

It goes like this… “If you were to buy a macbook from two stores that has the same specs, features and price but the other store can give it to you a day earlier, in which store would you likely buy a macbook?”

Of course, I’d go for the store that can give it to me earlier…who will not? And with that I was amazed and so impressed with open source technology…for a moment I believe it was the solution to whole world…(hehe…)

Just then, a handsome gentleman asked the speaker a question…
“If you were to choose from Open Source Technology and Proprietary Software, which would you use in a mission critical event like the 2010 election?”
The speaker answered that he could not choose between the two because there are many factors to be considered.
So the gentleman asked if he could address the crowd at large. He told us that he is a representative from Microsoft Company and that he is not against open source technology in fact if he were a student himself he would choose to use open source for practicality.

He emphasized that one of the important thing to consider in choosing a software is the level of liability. In the case of mission critical events open source is not the best and only option in all situations, because technically you can’t sue someone when your system fails in open source especially that you get it for free unlike in proprietary software.
And he left us with these words… “Remember that there is no such thing as free in this world. Everything has its own consequence. In Microsoft, you might pay more now but we’ll support you later…while in Open Source you might get it free now but you may pay more later.”
So interesting were his points that it left me thinking…
And that’s the best part of education…when it leaves you thinking.

We returned the next day, July 4 (particularly because of that gentleman…hehe…) but unfortunately I did not attend any seminar because of our interview.

Oh…and did I mention that flash drives and t-shirts are effective motivators?. I applaud HP for that and of course congratulate some of my school mates who win the prizes…hehehe…

Getting the general picture of the real thing is much better than theories alone.

…the first day…
that was GREAT!...^^

jealou azucena lol!
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Joan Rose P. Dandoy

Joan Rose P. Dandoy

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COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: COMDDAP Learnings   COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 EmptySat Oct 17, 2009 5:30 pm

Last July 2-4, 2009, the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines or basically called COMDDAP had conducted an exhibit at the Apo View Hotel, Davao City. The said event was open to public and has free admission.

Actually, by the first time I saw the tarpaulin outside the Hotel of Apo View about this COMDDAP event, I don’t have the idea on what it was all about. I did not even give care to read more about this on the tarpaulin being displayed. Until, our facilitator in Management Information System subject had instructed us to attend the one of a kind happening that by chance had conducted free seminars with the latest innovation in the market.

We were advised to registered online for us be able to attend the free seminar that will be administered by the NEXUS Group. A link was provided for our benefit and ease of registration. The registration took only 2-3 minutes to accomplish. When I was registering to the site of the NEXUS Group, I was attracted to the seminar they are offering because it was very parallel in our field of study. I decided to take the entire seminar they are offering for me to update and to gain knowledge on the latest technology on the market.

Honestly, it was my first time to participate in that kind of exhibit, thanks to our facilitator for instructing us to attend that said event.

July 2, 2009 was the date of our visit in the event. Accompanied by my classmate on the same subject, we enjoyed watching the latest technology being displayed. After taking the sticker outside the function room of the hotel for recognition, we hurriedly went inside to see what was going to stun us. As I went in the room, it was like a magical store to me way back to my childhood because of the gadgets that attracted me. Latest cameras were displayed in the corners. Laptops were on the other side. Internet service providers were attracting people by giving freebies. LCD monitors are tangling the eyes because of its fine display.

As far as I could remember, the crowd was mostly occupied by students which I think the course of study is related in either Information Technology or Computer Science from different schools. There was also a number of professional, I think, who watched the exhibit. The people participated in the free demos and free testing of their product. Of course, we, the USEPians, won’t let ourselves be left behind in doing the same thing as the people are performing.

After taking our time exploring flaunt of technology, we went to our main reason of going to the hotel, the free seminar of the NEXUS Group. The demonstrations were located at the back of the function room. Due to the small capacity of room for demonstration, the sits are limited.

It was already pass 1:00 pm when we reach the room. The demonstration about the ERIC Dealer Management System had started. The said demonstration was handled by the Jupiter Systems, Inc of the Nexus Group.
The ERIC Dealer Management System (DMS) is an end-to-end software solution for the automotive dealer operation. ERIC DMS’s range of solutions covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vehicle Sales and Administration (VSA), and Service Management (SVM). It is also supported by a robust back-end system on the parts and supplies inventory, over the counter sales, purchasing and requisite financial modules for financial accounting and reporting. It shows how the implementation of ERIC DMS could help in dealership to have a full visibility of over-all operations.

The presentation ended by 2:10 pm then another presenter had come to change the stage. The next presenter showed us a technology that I had encountered for the first time – the HP thin client.

The thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on a network. It is a client computer or client software in client-server architecture networks which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities, and mainly focuses on conveying input and output between the user and the remote server. In a thin client/server system, the only software that is installed on the thin client is the user interface, certain frequently used applications, and a networked operating system. This software can be loaded from a local drive, the server at boot, or as needed. By simplifying the load on the thin client, it can be a very small, low-powered device giving lower costs to purchase and to operate per seat. The server, or a cluster of servers, has the full weight of all the applications, services, and data. By keeping a few servers busy and many thin clients lightly loaded, users can expect easier system management and lower costs, as well as all the advantages of networked computing: central storage/backup and easier security.
Moreover, the demonstration had captured our attention because of its prepared prizes for a surprise question. If I were right, all ears had been given to the demonstrator just to win the prizes for the certain questions. Overall, the participants of the HP thin client demonstration had fun while gaining information because of the Answer my Questions portion.
Next presenter had tackled about the Retail Management System Overview. They are trying to show how to remedy the existing dilemma of enterprises through their product.

According to the presenter, the Philippine retail industry continues to thrive despite the global financial crisis. Retailers challenged with multi-branch servicing cost need a scalable solution to bring sales to its branches, promote interbrand stock sharing and send sales information to the head office seamlessly. They wanted to show how to have enterprise-class tools to analyze data a fraction of the cost. The need for timely business information will help to improve the bottomline, restore order to multi-branch stores and meet geographical challenges.

After the presentation of the Retail Management System Overview, Open Source for Business Applications followed.

To them, as companies cut IT spending by up to 10 percent, its income generating prospects need not suffer. Open Source development of business applications has proven to lower acquisition costs, and decrease vendor lock-in reliance and obsolescence rate so that even commercial software giants have acknowledged the rise of this technology by allowing interoperability. They aim us to discover how the use of Internet-based Open Source platforms is a viable alternative for developing systems such as corporate, e-commerce, CRM, employment, publishing and collaborative sites.

After giving the whole content about Open Source, their came a discussion about which is reliable software to be used in the election system on 2010. Two parties, Open Source developer and the Commercial software developer, are showing their sides and opinions about which should be used. While in the heat of discussion, one party decided to stop the discussion since they are running out of time and what they are opposing is will always depend on the result of the election on 2010.
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COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009)   COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009) - Page 4 Empty

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COMDDAP 2009 Learnings/Reflections (Due: July 10, 2009)
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