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 Adarna, Hernandez,Paniambaan

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hannah rhea hernandez

hannah rhea hernandez

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Adarna, Hernandez,Paniambaan Empty
PostSubject: Adarna, Hernandez,Paniambaan   Adarna, Hernandez,Paniambaan EmptySat Aug 29, 2009 10:48 pm

Energy Saving Software:

Although power management software has been around for years, there's clearly room for improvement, particularly with rising energy prices and environmental awareness.

The software that makes it easy for people to schedule when a PC goes into a low power consumption mode at home or at work.
PCs can consume as much as 10 percent of a home's energy bill and give off as much carbon dioxide as a family car. Even when a PC's screen saver kicks on, the machine can still consume between 100 watts and 250 watts.

We thought that the software doesn't completely shut a computer off but rather moves it to a "suspend" state, which uses less energy. Users can also schedule to shut down the screen and hard drive before going into suspend mode.

We are still discussing the finer points of this software, and so will update you guys when we have finished talking. jejeje
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Adarna, Hernandez,Paniambaan
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